They're eating the apples.

Do Tait and Rod know what to do?

Nobody comes to my country.

Cardboard boxes rip easily.


I really don't remember it.

I work different hours every day.

That boy has black hair.

I'm not used to it, so it's a little tough.

You really should stay.

It's hard to be modest when you are the best.

I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

Bush thinks that God talks to him.

This is the most beautiful ostrich I've ever seen.

Gabriel's not a real person.

He sent me his congratulations by wire.


Why is your immediate reaction always so negative?


Sooner or later, bankruptcy hangs over our heads and we will all die penniless like beggars.

Oleg can't stay here alone.

They have everything under control.

Brodie soon realized that Tyler had stolen all his money.

You may want to get some rest.

Let's build the country with actions and words.

We probably don't have enough time.

Randal plans to stay here until it stops raining.

Very few children draw as well as Lewis can.

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We're quite tired.

Let dinner wait.

Daniele has a lot of courage.

Is there a hotel around here?

Carl stayed up all night. Now he's too tired to work.

Her way of speaking irritates us.

Someone needs to tell her that.

She must love you.

She looks at herself all day in the mirror.


Open your eyes, people!


I used to wash my hair only once a week.

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That's the best name I've ever heard.


February seventh is Northern Territories Day.


I doubt Urs will be surprised.

As I told you before, I had no choice.

I don't care why Kurt did it. I'm just glad he did.

If she is tired, let her go to sleep.

It was for Ramsey and Manjeri.

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Revised just told me.


Tricia says he's not feeling any better.

You didn't tell her, did you?

Have you ever dealt with a problem like this?

She wouldn't go for a walk with him.

Jagath is always trying to boss everyone around.

She lost her balance.

I think I can do better.


They didn't kill him. They just roughed him up a bit as a warning.

When their leader died, they placed his body in a large tomb.

We were having an argument.

One day Terri just up and left.

Giovanni doesn't need to decide that now.

With pleasure, my dear.

The Netherlands is famous for its windmills, tulips, wooden clogs and canals.

Christina's foot was once crushed by a woman wearing high heels in the train.

You look nice in that dress.

We have nothing left to lose.

Is eating cockroaches a bad idea?

It's good that the sun came out.

All the kids lined up to have their faces painted.

I have waited for Wolfgang to love me since March 2010.

They promised.


I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.

I often sing in the shower.

I'm sure he trusts you.

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I understand the premise.

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The meeting will have broken up by the time we arrive.

In North America it is against the law to fail to fasten your seatbelt.

I used to be like Suresh.


Another step, and you'll fall over the cliff.

She is of French birth.

The boss directed his men to finish it quickly.

This stew tastes acrid.

Maureen tiptoed into the bedroom to avoid waking up his wife.

My only distraction is the game of Go.

He put the book on the shelf.

I'm sorry, I don't buzz in people I don't know.

In reply to your request, we offer you an extra discount of 5% on this order.

Argleton is a town in West Lancashire, England which exists only on Google maps.

I've seen a one-legged man.

How did he do it?

This has to be the last one.


Don't play poker with him.

There were some unsavory rumors about him.

There was nothing I could do for Mark.


There were other suggestions.

Christie unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

I tossed and turned all night.


That's the friend to whom I gave the key.

Ready comprehension requires concetration, focusing entirely on one's reading.

They made Ken an offer he couldn't refuse.

"You're so beautiful. What's your name?" "Mind your own business."

Moran told me he doesn't know Phillip very well.

We are candid.

There must be a machine somewhere what creates dozens of sentences about the acts of Jun and Anthony.


What do you think happened here?


I waited outside for Jill.

The cobbler is looking for a new anvil.

What's this street called?


Slartibartfast, don't worry. I'm alright.

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Stay tuned. Dan is coming back after the break.

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You don't have all the information.

We're not in danger.

Are you seriously thinking about giving Mikey your computer?

Hohn saw vending machines everywhere when he visited Japan.

Do you know where your kids are right now?


Dalton is playing darts with Klaudia.

It's not known what or who killed him.

Tony didn't know why.


Attach labels to all the bags.

Where's the cook?

Who is Turkeer?

The athletic meet was put off until next week.

Ravi told me that he didn't see anyone come in.


Professional translators often only translate into their own native language.

I thought we were going to go somewhere.

Liisa decided that Markku had to move out.

Antony walked back into the living room.

We've already done everything we can do.


I couldn't make myself understood in a foreign country.

The best defense is a good offense.

These devices are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

Sergeant said that he and Sofia would probably be a little late.

Where are the plants?

You have no one to blame but yourself.

I'll be 16 next year.

Apart from several windowpanes, there was no major damage.

Scott talked too much and let the secret slip.


There are fifteen people here, counting the guests.

I want you to work harder.

I'll talk with you about that later.

I want blue eyes!

I'll show you around the town.


You're not feeling well, are you?


It doesn't sound like I'll get any rest.

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The moment I walked into the room, I knew something was wrong.

What's up with you?

How did the railway accident at Tokyo Station happen?


I could go with Tracy.


I'll ride with Vistlik.

He came in just as I was going out.

This system of linear equations has infinitely many solutions.

I was wrong to do that.

The never lived in Boston.

Gary came into the room, carrying a bunch of flowers.

He conserves some objects of his childhood, such as kites, toys and notebooks.


That rings a bell.

One is able to see the total parm from the restaurant.

Rusty was disgusted.

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I'm trying to meet a deadline.


We must maintain a constant vigil.

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Was the door open?

We faced pressure like never before.

Konstantinos worked all night long.

Don't let anyone wait in the meeting room.

Andy wasn't unconscious.

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You can't find a pet like that anywhere.