That used refrigerator was a real dog.

Do you know what'll happen next?

Lorenzo drove along the river.

Do you enjoy plays, films, and such?


Stand by for my orders.

Don't let him damage the TV.

That's neither a crow nor a raven, but a magpie.

They refused to accept the pay raise.

Taurus said he wasn't going anywhere.


Dan had a great time with Linda.

Do you have any sugar?

She's in Mallorca, sunbathing on the beach.


He's tall, famous, and rich.

A wise leader knows when to listen.

Do we have to get rid of that?

He has no close friends to talk with.

I postponed my trip because of the bad weather.

That's why I don't understand.

Diana didn't know why Roxanne wanted him to leave.


You sure are lazy, aren't you?

At one time I knew chemistry as well as I knew mathematics.

Extreme weather events are affecting energy production and delivery facilities, causing supply disruptions of varying lengths and magnitudes and affecting other infrastructure that depends on energy supply.

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The river has dried up.

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I don't want your gold.

I bought a cactus.

Fritz and Cliff live in a micro-apartment.

I read that report before lunch.

He went to the city to have a good time.

They will trust you.

"Come back!" he shouted.

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With a little elbow grease we'll have this up and running again in no time.


One more drink, please.

Jakob wanted Robin to pretend to be his girlfriend.

It's partly my fault.

The twelve stars on the flag of the European Union do not symbolize the twelve founding members of the union. They symbolize the Twelve Apostles.

Honestly, I really like you.


I doubt Liber really needs to do that.

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I like to learn the ancient language.

He went up the stairs.

I count myself lucky to have such a devoted wife.

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Find out all you can about Nicolette's business.


I knew you'd enjoy that.

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If I had one million yen now, I would buy a car.

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From the center of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe.


I'm not minimizing the consequences.

Gunnar went too far.

The yen is weaker than the dollar.

Will you please hold this edge?

I can't control what happens.


She is a native speaker of Dutch.

Dr. White acted as our interpreter.

This is not going to work.

I'm an atheist.

It's unlikely that replacing the battery will fix the problem.

I don't want Donne's death on my conscience.

These facts are mutually related.

We're still short on cash.

Be careful not to fall.


I didn't know whether to stay here or go to London.


He was so confused that his answer did not make any sense.


She's with me.

A great man has died.

He is a prophetic figure.

Kenneth got sick last weekend.

I'm going to tell you about a strange incident.

I don't want anyone to know about this.

Dana doesn't have a gun.

She's not faking it.

Michael is John's sister.


That will cost thirty euros.

We're on the same team.

There never was a good war nor a bad peace.

Finding his office was easy.

I recovered from my illness.

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This is what you wanted.


Mr Tanaka is a chivalrous man.

We all die sooner or later.

It won't happen unless you make it happen.


You only have to ask for it.

I wish we weren't always so busy.

Everybody speaks well of him.


The light of autumn afternoons colours the landscape in hues of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown.

Amanda washed all the towels.

Let's wait till high tide.

I could hardly wait to hear the news.

He quickly climbed into the tree.

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I don't like this one.

The king will no longer be able to catch us.

Stanly found himself chained to a huge pipe in an abandoned factory.

A mortgage rate of six percent is becoming the current industry average.

I have seen that girl before.

What kind of help can we expect from Edward?

Thank you all very much.

I wouldn't buy one of those even if I had enough money.

Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave on the spot.


Of all languages, what's the most difficult?

When air dries, it makes thirsty and cough.

Ben is very determined.

He killed himself at the age of thirty.

Let's think about serious things.

Don't you dare bail on me.

Can you bring them back to life?


This is the one I meant when I said, 'A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.'

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I just got a little carried away.

Greta is walking to the Embassy.

You look down.

He had something that I didn't have - faith.

Over the last hundred years, there have been twenty-seven recorded deaths from spider bites in Australia.


Please let me deal with this.

You didn't see what I saw.

You're welcome to stay as long as you want.

Don't you feel happy and relaxed?

Have you learned your lesson?

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Sjaak might be a traitor.

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We handle all type of books, both new and old.

Can you walk on stilts?

This material will wear very well.

I got through with my dignity intact.

This will surely add to you appetite.

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Do you want to leave here?


It must have rained during the night.

I will explain the problem to you later.

Personally, I don't think Jeffie has a chance of winning.

Dirk is an FBI informant.

I'm waiting and hoping for Alex to come.


Polly seems to lack energy.

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It's a little personal.


She asked him how to turn on the machine.

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Jacobson walked out into his backyard.

Ralph is used to dealing with this kind of problem.

There's one law for the rich, and another for the poor.

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I'll handle the rest.


They did not assimilate with the natives.

Santa was jealous.

DNA is a complex chemical that makes up a gene.


You've left me no other choice.

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Sean will probably be here all afternoon.


The old building was broken down.

He will assist us in changing the tire.

What's more important?

Carl managed to find a pay phone.

He hid his anguish with a smile.

I'm still not really happy.

I am most grateful to you for such an enjoyable evening.

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Darci stared at Dorian in horror.


You're all very calm.


You need to get back to the office.

Lori had a confused expression on his face.

We need apples, oranges, bread and peanut butter from the supermarket.

I think Rabin was lying to me.

One way to deal with him is to let him think his own way.

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They won't be happy until we're all dead.

We must try to break the deadlock.

Do you think I should apologize to Merril?