How do you know you are getting a fair price?

Shopping for a diamond can be a confusing and intimidating process. That's where we come in. For the first time ever, TruCarat is bringing transparency to the jewelry industry. Using our patented TruCarat Estimator we instantly calculate the fair market value of the diamond you are seeking.

We then connect you with our affiliated jewelers in your area so you can see the diamond in person before you buy. This is the future of diamond buying. And it's free.


Never buy a diamond without seeing it in person first

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, you wouldn't buy a house without inspecting it -- you should never buy a diamond without looking at it with your own eyes first. Using TruCarat to assist you when shopping for a diamond combines the convenience of shopping online with the comfort of working face to face with a trusted jeweler in your area.

TruCarat has partnered with thousands of like-minded diamond dealers and retail jewelry stores around the country. All of TruCarat Certified Dealer's are commited to truth and transparency in every aspect of how they treat you as a customer. When you find a diamond that's right for you, at the right price, you are able to go in and see it that same day. No mailing. No waiting.


The public has spent over $1 billion dollars on diamonds with inflated prices

Buying a diamond is one of the biggest purchases a person will make. Unfortunately, uninformed customers can get burned in the process if they don't know it's true value.

TruCarat has developed proprietory technology to determine a diamond's value going well beyond "the 4 C's", allowing you to know if the diamond you are seeking is being sold at the fair market price. This is a game changer.

At TruCarat we feel that buying a diamond should be a transparent, stress-free and enjoyable experience.
Now it is.