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I am a photographer, aviator, hobbyist and general technologist living in Northern Virginia with my family. Most of my spare time is consumed with one technology or the other. I have a passion for “ham” (amateur) radio where I have been an FCC licensed operator for 45 years.


More snow; More cold.

Yesterday we had another snow storm roll through this area. The snow didn’t amount to much. We did get more than was predicted which left quite the wintery landscape behind. The above was video taken from my drone while the following is from my Nikon camera using an intervalometer: I’m almost never in a position …


I miss the summer days …  I was looking for a file on my computer and ran into this video. She has blood on her talons so has been clearly successful in her hunting. Behind her is the tall grass while we were harvesting hay. Then I look outside my window between meetings and …


I’m probably best contacted via a blog post or e-mail.

You can reach me at email john at westerman.photo

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