My mother's always yelling at me.

What's London really like?

No one I know wears a tie anymore.

I'm 24.

There is no telling what will happen.

We're having lunch here.

Reiner will never find what he's looking for.

You should pay more attention to your health.

I don't know this song.

Put this coat on a hanger.

Do you know which book she wants to read?

Come help me make the salad.

You can do that, can't you?

Marcia ought to have been a cop.

Terrance played a few bars of my favorite waltz.

I've never stopped loving her.

We were lucky to find our keys.

Sekar will call you every day.

Tomas really is amazing.

Greg is wavering.

We've been living here since October.

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You must eat your toast.

The distance from the sun to the earth is about 93 million miles.

Dorothy's friends all laughed at me.

Mohammad decided to take a chance.

I'm hoping to find Rich.


I cannot open this box without breaking it.

By the God of the Hungarians we vow, we vow, that we will be slaves no longer!

I'm sure this won't cost me my job.

The leaders of the Union agitated for higher wages.

We do have one advantage.

I'm not the only one who thinks you're stupid.

Huey wants me to stop talking to Srikanth.

I used my driver's license to identify myself.

He's studying history at college.

I pretended that I didn't care.

Mara and Roberta's marriage lasted three years.

I'm sure glad Gerald is feeling better.

I'm not sure this is a good idea.

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He went shopping at a department store.

It is expected that the tsunami surge will be ten meters or less.

I hope he is not the only one.

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Liza is going to need one.


Dan's vehicle apparently got stuck.

I think Ralph will probably like this movie.

It is interesting to play basketball.

Lex says he is rich.

Donal eats, sleeps and breathes baseball.

Is this new model available on the market?

Mariou didn't like the way Bobby sang.


Right, let's start our work.


Sean got Nhan to help him paint the fence.

You aren't going to tell Hal, are you?

There's only one problem.

She almost said "I don't know".

What's the second most visited city in the world?

If only I can go to the concert!

Everyone shook hands.

It should be added that his remarks had no direct influence on the constituency.

Patrice needs to change his attitude.

Ramon walked out of the room without looking back.

Trent hurt his leg.

Listen, you can hear all the frogs starting to croak outside. At first I found them annoying, but I've gotten used to them now.

Give him a big hand!

Do you think Kanthan has a chance?

Elsa sat in the passenger seat beside Novo.

The doctor gave Felix a sedative.

Why are you here when you should be in school?


It's going to be a little bit of a problem.


Who do you talk to?


Hank noticed Rodger's car parked in front of the library.

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The great majority is for the project.

We'll catch up with you later.

I wish you wouldn't smoke so much.

I am not a big fan of the Hollywood superhero movies.

You can't let us suffer.


Vigorous exercise makes you sweat.

I don't understand why this is happening to me.

Has Stewart left?

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We have a kid.

What should I do with him?

That's all I can tell you right now.


Never choose a new vocation just because you are restless.


I don't work on Monday.

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At school, Granville ignored me and pretended that he didn't know me.

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This book gives us a good idea of economics.

She said that she had seen such and such there.

He was nearly killed after being run over by a car.


Why didn't you tell me that last night?

I am slaughtering a chicken.

Few people get knocked down and run over in the pedestrian precincts which have been created in most city centres.


I'm waiting my turn.

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Joe needs to stay at our place for a few days.

Tell her when you're ready.

It's been stolen.

Werner smiled at me and we began to talk.

Kathryn sat on a bench reading a book.

I have a reason to doubt that.

Leonard was supposed to assist me.

Rod is having trouble dealing with the pain.

Roxana doesn't think it's his fault.

She looked surprised.

How old is your cat?


Did Jared find her?

He smiled and left.

Brooke isn't much younger than me.


Perry said he was going to go back to sleep.


I'm such a coward that I rarely visit the dentist.

I must go and find her.

What you're saying now has nothing to do with the question.

I am not certain what I have in mind myself.

She was the love of his life.

I don't know what's going on around here.

I don't know if it will be fine tomorrow, but if it is fine we'll go on a picnic.

I can't afford to go to the onsen this weekend. I'm broke.

Well, if you put it that way, sure.


I would rather work for any company than waste another year.

The leader governed his country for more than 50 years.

He looks like my father.

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Please place all articles not related to the lesson inside your bag.

She is prudish.

Don't do yourself the disservice of not watching this film.

He was tired from walking round museums.

Just do what I tell you to do.

I wonder if Olaf could help us.

Much money is spent every day.

No, not at all.

Is Ariel reachable?

No matter what I did, Ken wouldn't do what I told him.

I am looking for a part-time job so I can buy a new video camera.

This is an international community.

I've made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life.

I checked her out from the corner of my eye.

This afternoon I feel very tired.


Choose either one or the other.

I broke my right leg.

I want to learn how to fly an airplane.


You are honest to admit your mistake.

Show your own business.

That's very helpful.

Indra reached for his rifle.

We are good parents.

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Now that his father was dead, he owned the store.

We have a house in the country as well as a flat in London.

The couple doesn't fight often these days, but they used to a lot.

This room has a balcony.

The measurements must be precise.

On New Year's Eve, Putin thanked the citizens of the Russian Federation for their willingness to stand for the country's interests.

I've looked all over for Heinrich, but I can't find him.


I need to ask you about him.

We're trying to make that happen.

Which is your stronger language?

One of my favorite tunes was playing on the radio.

No one's getting past us.

He should be apprised of our intentions.

That mountain whose top is covered with snow is the one that we climbed last summer.

I don't even like you.

Colin was nice to all Dewey's friends.

Becky will shoot.

The train is made up of seven cars.

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They are as strong as us.


Will you pay attention, please?


She found herself much alone.


No one knows where Erick is.

It's healthy for your body.

Go there yourself if you like, but I want no part of it.