She went to Paris for the purpose of seeing her aunt.

All of a sudden, a fire broke out in the movie theater.


He fell from the roof head over heels.

That camera over there is mine.

It's the gold standard.


The story was too pat and I got rather suspicious.


I can't do anything else.

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How's the patient feeling this morning?


Just ignore Saad.

With whom do you live?

I'm well today.


That was all I could afford.

My mother is crazy.

It's all the same to me.

He feels uneasy.

We have already learned English.


I'll stay here and help him.

There is little automobile traffic on this road.

Gale was absent from the meeting.


There is no point in having a fitting room without a mirror.

He can't have said that.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

He went to Paris for the first time.

Let's party!

Every day I planned my revenge.

Love doesn't die.


I want to see that happen.

He ran so he would get there on time.

Alf said that he doesn't like this color.

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Would you prefer to go to the zoo or go to a movie?


I thought I was being helpful.

It's the only thing I can do.

They don't have a choice.

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Del started talking to Tran as soon as the door closed.

I am recruiting drivers.

I accused him unfairly.


There are not many countries in the world that abound in natural resources.

Juliet helped me fix my watch.

We need supplies.

Are you ready for tomorrow?

I'd like to see the doctor.

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I don't want to break up with you.

Gypsy needed the cash.

I found it hard to close the door.

You must take care driving.

Kathleen took a nap for thirty minutes.


Janice asked me to go to Boston with him next weekend.

A politician should serve the people.

Walt is completely crazy.

I inherited it from my parents.

You can read where you were, but you can't write where you'll be.

I hear you bought a new car.

Things change very slowly here.


I may be away for a couple of days.

The Amazon is the second longest river in the world after the Nile.

Don't you ever let me hear you talking to your mother like that again.

The back door is open.

I feel like having a cup of tea.

It's important that she hears this.

I know her quite well.

I'll tell him you're ready.

Jinchao just confessed.

The car crashed into the truck.

Isaac said you'd know what to do.

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I like your necklace.

Do we have to watch this?

Boil chestnuts for at least 15 minutes.

These are people

Which part of Boston are you going to?

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You're free to live your life the way you want.

There is a knife here.

Have you ever taught French to anyone?

You won't like Melinda.

Spain walked rings around their opponents. The French looked sluggish.

You can use my car as long as you drive it carefully.

The town has altered a lot in the last two years.


As far as I know, no one has ever done it.

He teaches his friends English.

I can't lift my right arm.

Look in there.

Kari has been singing that same song all morning.

It sounds like her.

Urs told Pria to be home by 2:30.

Do I turn left at the first stoplight?

I recommend giving it to them straight, don't waffle your way around the subject.


Trust me.


Do you know where she bought herself a cat?


I forgot to write my name on the exam.


Since Denis had a little free time, he decided to go swimming.

I thought Duncan would panic.

Let's go see a movie.

It isn't safe for us to remain in this area.

We didn't get far.

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The stars twinkled above her.

I have no likes and dislikes about food.

The man is drinking coffee.

Written, as it is, in easy English, the book is easy to read.

I'll call on you one of these days.

I just want to know one thing.

Mr White is in charge of our class.


I don't see him a whole lot.

Ernest isn't what he was three years ago.

From the hill, we could see all the buildings in the city.


The rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.


I think Debi is having fun.

Do you go to school on foot every day?

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda contributed much to the renewal of the ancient language and to its adaptation to the everyday needs of the modern world.

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I'll go with you tomorrow.

However, a suitable level of stress is actually a necessary thing for your body's health.

The earth revolves on its axis.


I'll be thirsty.


Eighties' fashion does not resemble that of the nineties.


How did he manage to do that?


Only immediate family members attended Matti and Pamela's wedding.

There's no risk.

That's a big blow.

Do you think we're stupid?

The money will be enough to carry me to Hong Kong.


I dreamed about you last night.

Emmett is wearing a wind jacket.

It is actually true that the less money you have, the less you worry.

The fool laments that which he has lost and values not that which he still has.

Her elder daughter is married.

Today, the thought occurred to me that it wouldn't be possible to give you class tomorrow.

This situation seemed hopeless.

I dragged the heavy baggage to the airport.

I'm glad you were right.

What time will you get to the station?

We've sent the invitations yesterday.


Lyndon is quite a bit older than Pia.

I don't require assistance.

He is the greatest statesman that ever lived.


Is there somebody you want to call?

What would Suzanne have done in my place?

Describe him.

Samir usually says "Pardon my French" whenever he swears.

Gunnar kisses his child a hundred times a day.


Do you really want to talk to me?

That could take years.

I must go and find him.

He did a rough drawing to show me the way to the station.

Ima didn't want to leave.

After a stressful day at work, he went home in a bad mood.

Sharan and Valeria value their privacy.

If that happens, you'll be the first to be notified.

It could take weeks before we get this done.

I want to eat a mango.

Each time, when she had let a suitor out of the door, she would soothe her anger and hatred by beating her stepdaughter.

I want to hear more.

You need to wash your hands before a meal.

Masanobu told me he didn't take French in high school.

That disgraceful effort won't be forgotten quickly.

I thought Lanny would want to know about that.

Finding one's way around Nagoya is very simple. All you do is look at the signs.

I was sleepy.

Micheal adored his mother.

It would be romantic.

I think I can figure it out.

We'll have to try it again.

I wonder if I should answer his letter.

I don't want to play with them.

Sit here.

You can't go yet.

Can you at least try?