He's about to leave.

He is suffering from toothache.

We'd like a deposit of $50.

I'll put it somewhere safe.

It's good for your health to walk every day.

That concludes our business.

She regarded me suspiciously.


Grennan found the translation of Leopardi very difficult.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

He always keeps his room clean.

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It bothers me a lot.

That isn't true.

The sixth prime minister of Malaysia is Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak.

I don't know how to contact you.

I couldn't find what you asked for.

I'll never work for you.

You need to be a team player.


Sundar asked Guillermo a question she didn't want to answer.

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Ro fooled us all.

They fought for their homeland.

Knute still has a chance to win.

She was born in a small village.

My name is on the door.

Eat all the food on your plate because there are starving children in the world.

You should've told me that yesterday.

What happened to Hume?

Children should only speak when they're spoken to.

We used that.

That's not okay.

Anything oral is fine by me.

Karl took everything.

Let's invite Bonnie over for dinner.

He is really a nitpicker.

What are you doing for dinner?

Is she reliable?

To take the cursor to the next line or to execute a command or operation, press the return key.

These words touched Pinocchio's heart.


Dani put off his departure till Sunday.

That was the only way we could defend ourselves against all this terrible shooting.

Winston talked to Skeeter yesterday.


Sedovic is the best worker in our company.

That doesn't make any sense to me.

Mario got out of the hospital yesterday.

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Randy sent Shari a letter.

People really are stupid sometimes.

Saqib was leaning against the church wall.

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The only one who can solve this problem is you.

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This can't be the truth.


You should take it off.

Chip is more scared of Jisheng than she is of him.

Don't feed wild animals.


Calvin is now attending a conference in Boston.

With so many good English sentences already in the database, I really wish you would consider translating them into Russian, rather than polluting our database with bad English sentences, in other words, posting shit.

You can bleach and dye your hair at home.

You can tell what a person is like by looking at his friends.

He is a very careful driver.


Her cat climbed off my bed.

Celia bought a new swivel chair to go with his new computer desk.

The train roared through the tunnel.

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Has anybody here been to Boston?

I took care of Carol.

You sound surprised.


Save a human. Eat a cannibal.

It is widely suspected that Swamy's country is secretly developing nuclear weapons.

Do you have some wine?

He went out of his way to find the house for me.

HP can only be restored with a golden apple.

His question challenged us to think.

I don't know when Ross left.

I like when she sends me postcards.

I always leave the window open while I sleep.

I've always been creative.

They will be safe with me.

I'm not ashamed of my behavior, even though I know I should be.

You had better not climb such high mountains in winter.

I phone him every day.

Jerry clearly had a lot on his mind.

The will was declared void by the court.

Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

At 10 o'clock yesterday, there were hundreds of people outside.

I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Don't get on this train.

Rick went there last summer.

Vicky was supposed to go to Boston.

I know these guys.

You must not indulge in drinking.


Tell her how you're feeling.

I have a little money now.

A man called Slim was killed in the accident.

Malcolm played with his dog.

What wrong did you receive from me, that you are now scheming against me?

The trip was really fun.

Get your ass in here!

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Who do you think the author of this novel is?

How do I know when my car needs an oil change?

I hope you don't mind.


Is it stranger to dream about a bow or about a rainbow?

I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

All happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

If I knew his address, I could write to him.

Koko herself cannot use spoken language, but she loves to listen to people's conversations.

We both know you don't belong here.

We must take measures to prevent traffic accidents.


I don't have time to help you today.


She loves me more than him and she loves me more than he.

Janos and I rarely agree on anything.

The project requires lots of money.

Until the end of the week.

Either he doesn't know how to wash the dishes or he is just lazy.


How do you know the same thing won't happen again?

"Mum, how big is a brown dwarf actually?" "Brown dwarfs are about as big as Jupiter but have many times its mass."

Take an aspirin.


What does that mean, anyway?

I'm quite a normal guy who has many hobbies, maybe too many.

They became friends in elementary school.

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I have no jewels to sell.


He never listens to the teacher.


I made it for you. Do you like it?

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He had the old machine fixed.

It was in 1912 that the Titanic sank during her first voyage.

Don't forget to post this letter.

I'm putting my ass in a sling for you.

They were shocked.


Polyglots are sexier.

He is very talented musically, able to play at least 5 instruments.

You bake in your kitchen.


I've never met Merton.

I felt like crying.

This will be his car.

You ought to trust me.

I suggest you let Patrick handle this.

I visit him every other day.

I don't think I could stand it.

I did nothing illegal.

One day, a cat showed up at my front door.


Do you think something went wrong?


Raja went out to his car.

I'll only be staying a few days.

What did you do in there?


Alison won't help you.

There are a few points where you are mistaken.

My wish has finally come true.


I think Phill was out of line.


"Excuse me, do you speak English?" "Yes. A little."

He is likely to arrive soon.

My little sister can read books well now.


He cleaned out his saving on betting.

When will you depart for Moscow?

French is definitely not a difficult language.

You've got a lot of nerve.

Where were you the night the factory burned down?


We're one baton short for the relay.


What happened belongs to the past.

Paula was very attached to the golf clubs that his father had given him.

Sometimes I use the scissors as a can opener.

Will newspapers be able to survive?

We've got to call him.

We've been here three days.

Tammy keeps the books.

If only I could call her right now to tell her how much I love her.

I have few books.

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The millionaire began life as a poor boy.