4D Massage System

Based on Rokol’s 4D massage system, the DOMINUS armchair develops innovative 4D massage technology with a full-body massage including the seat area


Tense point detection

The armchair uses a bionic scanning system that detects the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and provides a deeper massage with adjustable massage points for users up to 2m tall.

Our Clients

John & Trina

We are both very happy with our new massage chair which was delivered to our door with no extra cost which is 75k from dublin to our home and spent the time explaining the workings of the chair. We would highly recommend this company and their product, and also very good after sales service which is very important.


Owner of 3152227622
We saw the ads on the internet, went ahead and tested in their showroom. Client service is top notch. Had a great time while there. The chair is comfortable and gives a great massage focusing on different parts of the body. It’s like it knows where i need to be massaged. Very satisfied by everything.


Owner of 812-731-3218
Excellent client service, thank you!


Owner of 6514149846
Excellent chiar, love it! It is a WONDERFUL chair and is a gift for myself. I enjoy it and get a 30 minutes massage everyday, since my back problem seems to be out of control. Superfast delivery!