A New Class of TherapiesBased on a New Understanding of How the Immune System Works

The gut is a central organ of the immune system which controls immunity and inflammation through its interactions with microbes in the small intestine

We are developing a new class of oral biologic therapies that engage immune cells in the small intestine to transmit effects throughout the body

Modulation of this “gut-body network" has therapeutic potential in many major diseases


Monoclonal Microbials

  • The small intestine contains about 0.01% of the total gut microbiome, but microbes here are in constant intimate contact with immune cells that send signals to the whole body
  • Monoclonal microbials are single strains of microbes which are selected to drive immune functions for desired therapeutic effects
  • They work by direct interactions with immune cells in the lining of the small intestine, and in preclinical models do not colonize or persist

Our Portfolio

We are advancing multiple monoclonal microbial product candidates into clinical studies across oncology and inflammatory diseases. We currently have three product candidates, EDP1066 and EDP1815 for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and EDP1503 for the treatment of cancer, for which ten clinical readouts are expected during 2019 and 2020. Evelo is also advancing additional candidates through preclinical development in other disease areas.

About our portfolio

Evelo is led by a team with deep experience.

Our leadership team has founded, led and grown transformative platform biotechnology companies. Our team has also developed and commercialized medicines that have impacted many lives.

About our team

Founder and Investors

Evelo was founded by Flagship Pioneering. Flagship VentureLabs’ innovators conceived of and developed Evelo’s foundational inventions, leading to the launch of Evelo Biosciences in 2015. Additional investors in Evelo include GV (the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc.), Celgene, the DDF (Dementia Discovery Fund), Fidelity, Mayo Clinic and Alexandria Real Estate Equities.


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