I'm resilient.

I pretended I didn't understand.

I suppose I can ask him.

I'm not blaming her.

Some test questions are unfair to gorillas.

In my opinion, he suffers from prostate problems.

Those met his third wife at a gym.

Lukas wanted to know more about Ellen's family.

You're being too kind to me.

Kay gave an evasive answer.

I feel like I can tell you anything.

This teenage pop star has been described as androgynous.

Casey is mopping the kitchen floor.

You wouldn't do that, would you?


Everything had happened so quickly.

The vote has been doctored.

He assumed a new identity.

The paper is very white but the snow is whiter.

The task assigned to him was to do marketing research.

"That's not so!" "It certainly is so."

The curtains were drawn slowly.

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Why does Anderson always have money problems?


They live in Belfast.

I have orders.

No one was fired.

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We used to know all the neighbors by name.

Cross out any words that you do not wish the examiner to read.

For kosher meat I go to the butcher of my choice.

I'll go get cleaned up.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

Aren't you glad you're rich?

Sundar reached for the telephone.

I was quoting Lucifer.

Download Shtooka Recorder and get familiar with it. You will be using it to record the sentences. It's a very useful program.

I told you Spyros would love it.

This might be Jill's handwriting.

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This orange is delicious.

It seems to be his statement.

He looks happy.

Give me another cup of coffee.

Rupert gave a low moan.

I'd like you to meet with him.

I had to cancel that order because we didn't have enough money to pay for it.

What was that you said a minute ago?

I'm the last sane man in the world.

We are looking for volunteers.

This is the shortest route to Paris.


He did his job.

Thanks for letting me sleep here last night.

To see them sitting together, you'd take them for twins.

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Skef should be home any moment.

Bart knew Masanao had a boyfriend.

I haven't seen Tanya since he's come back from Boston.

The American imperialism won't survive the end of this century.

I think I'll go and get Barbara.

I need to find out where Irfan is right now.

I spoke to him about it on the telephone.

Donna is jealous of Kevyn's friends.

The new governor has never held office before.

He took a taxi to the station.

A fine dessert finished the meal.

The stick is sticky.

I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

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I have a little announcement to make.

Your go.

Let us try it.

I am looking for a good hotel.

Those present rose as one man and walked out.


If I were free, I would accept his invitation.


Fifteen times five equals seventy-five.

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What does the doctor want me to eat?

Hurf is very good at sports.

Carol and I were both wrong.

I have been long willing to say this.

Do you know the name of the boy standing over there?


Who knows this guy?


I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

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No one would blame you if you left right now.


Jorge had to cut the class in order to meet us.

Let's see if we can get this door open.

Executive departments and agencies should use innovative tools, methods, and systems to cooperate among themselves, across all levels of Government, and with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals in the private sector.

Wake him up.

In what kind of situations would you do that?

Is that from them?

She set a new Japanese record in the 100 meter dash.

I knew Butler didn't care about Thad.

I doubt Mwa is really a doctor.

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I'll stay there till six o'clock.

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They gave him a chance to escape.

Do you see a mountain of gold?

I work in a travel agency.

I wish Israel would spend more time at home.

I just wanted to teach you a lesson.

I wonder when Sid is going to get here.

I like the red ones on the shelf.


Don't worry. I promise I'll do what you ask.

I feel kind of frustrated.

The number of students in this class is limited to 15.

Your situation is analogous to mine.

I wish to be alone for a couple of hours.


It wasn't much of a plan.

The show starts at 2:30.

What did you bring for us?

He got up at eight in the morning.

Respect is the foundation of life.

How often do you study French?

Donal must've had a key.

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You do trust me, don't you?

I wasn't very fluent in French back then.

Don't bother to deny it.

I know it's none of my business.

Please tell Mahmoud I'm sorry.

Put all your waste paper in this basket.

I don't have a drinking problem.

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Tim is really embarrassed.

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We gave it to the man.

I've tried everything I know.

You're the same age as my girlfriend.

That ought to help.

Production has already begun.


What did you get from me?

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How could Corey do such a thing?


Who cares about bad manners?

You're gay.

I cannot stand the cold.

Part didn't even look at the report that Ragnar gave him.

The man wants to know the truth.

We use public transportation.

Brush your teeth after every meal.

Her face turned pale.

I told them what was going on.

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It's not what I expected.

Why did Kenton want to talk to Lindsay?

I asked Lord out.


She achieved the goal of winning the prize.


Alejandro whipped out his cellphone to take a picture.

I want to pretend it never happened.

I don't want to disturb Po.

How much do we have to pay?

You're right on time.

Your hands need to be washed.

You are wearing your socks inside out.


Aurora Borealis or the "northern lights" occurs 80 to 160km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth, when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.


The natives have to defend their land against invaders.

He frowns on his wife's wasting money.

I came pretty close to dying.

Where's your date tonight?

Don't think you won't take the punishment for what you did.

I left her in charge.

I don't think Tai can hear me.

I see a man between the trees.

You're my sweetie.


I learned French from a Canadian.

Often a change in syntax makes it easier to understand a sentence.

Her tears accounted for what had happened.


Donn would never steal anything.

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The eye is sensitive to light.

This is the second article in the series about plugin infrastructures.

This will go down in history as the greatest event that has ever taken place.

I still couldn't believe it.

I wrote it myself.

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Kathryn Jackson is a very influential man.


The thin man paused in the shade with his knees a little bent.

He's leaning on a cane.

It doesn't look like Walter believes us.