Chagrin Falls High School Pilot Online Program


Available courses

  • The global media and entertainment industry is complex,
    expansive, and rapidly evolving. Within it, two exciting, highly
    creative, and increasingly lucrative fields have emerged that
    are capturing the hearts and minds of millions: interactive
    application and video game creation.
    The Unity Curricular Framework was envisioned, designed, and
    developed by the education team within Unity Technologies. The
    goal of the Curricular Framework is to help education providers
    produce future professionals who possess the knowledge, skills,
    and abilities to enter and advance these amazing fields. It is
    the result of intense research and collaboration by numerous,
    distinguished authors. It is also a “living, breathing” document,
    with future updates and revisions already planned.

    Self enrollment: Unity Editor and Engine
  • Financial Literacy

    Self enrollment: Financial Literacy - Fall 2017
  • Business Principles

    Self enrollment: Business Principles - Fall 2017