Liza reminded Marcia not to forgot to flush the toilet.

I don't know the traffic regulations here.

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I want to know now.

We decorated it.

My fever won't go away.

He's a very sweet guy.

The guide who took us there was only ten years old.


I won't betray you.


I will not be beholden to special interests.


Many Hindus consider Sanskrit to be the language of the gods.

Attached is my monthly report.

There you see the gate which Mr Jones built.


Are you insured?

I can't open the pressure cooker.

The war on Iraq is a volatile subject of political debate; any wrong word and a heated argument could spark.

Please put it back in its place.

Forgive my laziness.

This is so depressing.

She owns two thousand books.

A great change has come about after the war.

This is familiar.


There are some old houses on this street.


Ah, I have been here before!

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Many readers will get lost if your writing is too prolix.

Each kid had their own room.

John was in such a hurry that he had no time for talking.

Deb's friends all laughed at Michiel.

Sam usually goes to bed before midnight.


Antonella doesn't have any real friends.

The wizened, old sorcerer took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about magic.

Sort of defeats its own purpose.

I don't know whether Dorian believes in God or not.

She dusted off an old lamp.

Let's play volleyball.

Please ring for the servant.

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There is no telling when we will fall ill.

I can't go home without my children.

Grow some balls.


Heidi still remembers Ken's bitter words.

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I trust Dominic's instincts.

Do you worry about us?

Let's try not to lose each other in this fog.

If I tell you how it's done, will you do it?

Where did you send them?

I know more than you do.

My older brother got a position in a big business.


Toufic was asleep in bed, snoring slightly.


No one has succeeded in solving the mystery.

The Russian Ballet was surreal!

We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck!


The restaurant we went to wasn't so expensive.

In another six months you will be able to speak German fluently.

I do not know the exact place that I was born.

You are to get up earlier.

All the meat was bad.

All the dogs are alive.

Cliff has absolute trust in Florian.

Nothing is ever right.

When was the last time you laughed?


Not a word did he speak.

If only I could speak English as fluently as you.

According to her, he won't come.


Two houses were burned down in the fire.

Nici was wearing a bikini that last time I saw her.

We had to walk home in the rain.

Timo predicted Anita would do that.

I want things the way they were.


You'll stay out of it. You hear me?


I'm not good enough for him.


Ginny could still be alive somewhere.


He succeeded to the family business.

He killed time in a coffee shop watching girls pass by.

I am spinning wool.

A good citizen obeys the laws.

Marshall wanted to ask Izzy something, but was afraid to.

We've got to have a better plan.

Please leave.

All my friends are invited here.

Monica and Spy stared at each other angrily.

When did you finish writing the report?

This carpet was a real bargain.


I guess that's true.

Whatever happens, you have to stay calm.

We walked a few minutes and reached the shore.

The recent scandals involving altar boys and religious leaders have undermined the faith people have in the Church.

Do you think Kathryn still has any friends left in Boston?

I want her kept away from here.

The story was adapted for the movie.


I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

Evelyn was robbed while walking late at night.

Fatigue follows a flight to Europe.


We think Tolerant will be OK.

I'm going to take your measurements.

You aren't my mother.

Men rarely talk about their problems.

I'm having dinner now.


I was talking with Christofer.

Kari and Sergeant joined the group.

Why are you only nice to me?

Is the sun up?

What kinds of movies do you like to watch?

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He gathered up his things and left.

I need to find out where we should be.

I don't know what the answer is.

I thought you might be the only person who would listen to me.

Tell her the truth.

Charley is only a couple of years older than Jordan.

Since when do you care about politics?

You don't like me, but you were dating me?

Has anything like this ever happened before?

The hard work begins now.

He had a bit of a cold last night.


Have you finished ordering?

We've got a deal.

I read the book in my second year of high school.


He took a coin out of his pocket.


When should I finish my homework, Mr Jewel?

Barking dogs seldom bite.

Exercise is not in my line.

When was the last time you had lunch out?

Can you fill out this form?

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Let us turn now to the fundamental issue.

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Jesper is willing to help.


Who did Svante bite?

There's something the matter with my car.

Slartibartfast is going to be just fine.

How do I open the hood?

You do like them, don't you?


Ken has an apartment in Boston.

Chris' heart felt so empty and damaged that it couldn't be repaired.

She doesn't do it.


Now my daughter fears me.

Meehan pocketed the keys.

I saw Jim and Gunter taking a walk hand in hand in the park.

Here's your desk.

Patty needs to say something.

Her voice is better.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.


No one can go in there.

I think you're too drunk to drive.

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

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Canada is located in North America.

I thought Dannie was there.

Sarah and I used to be best friends.

You've got an hour.

I wish I'd known that Coleen could speak French.


I got it through my head that my parent's strict rules were for my own benefit.

I didn't know anything about this.

How big a problem is it?

This is difficult for them.

Parents want their children to get a good education.

"What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

Carl offered to help us do that.

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It is said that around midnight is the time when the ghosts come out.

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I am at war with you.

Shane is in detention.

Autumn changed into winter.

It is characteristic of him.

As many as 400 passengers were killed in the crash.

I fell against the radiator.

It is plural.