I often feel like just going over there.

Don't you have more to say?

Please don't forget the receipt.

The sea is calm.

Turn up the volume.


He did not really want to fight at all.


Julian asked Tyler to water the flowers in his garden while he was gone.

I grew up here in Boston.

There is a chance that he will pass the exam.

Both nocebo and placebo effects are presumably psychogenic.

It was a big help for me.

You're a two-faced, conniving git.

It is not too much to say that he is a genius.

Christopher is saving up money so he can go to Australia.

They called the dog Cookie.

I'm pretty sure she likes me.

You do not look for love; you find it.

They did not support one group or the other.

He's never drunk any wine.


When and where shall we meet?

Do you think we can get there in time?

Someone stole my passport.

You can change that if you want.

I said I would help you.

As the train was crowded, I kept standing all the way to Kyoto.

I just want to help.

This stone is twice as heavy as that one.

This is a letter of Ryo's in his own handwriting.

He asked me to go to a movie with him.

Jaime asked Miek to take back what she said.


I know what I like.

What happened to the Jag?

Mac denied taking drugs.

Those griefs give most pain that are seen to be self-chosen.

Leads has been working for us for three years.

Caroline became a well known soprano and began to sing professionally.

That hurts! Stop it!

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Who will succeed to your father's business?


I never called Niels back.

The roof was damaged by the storm.

She has some money of her own.

The musical was far from being a success.

They talked for hours at cross purposes.

Emily and Melanie are English.

He is to stay here for a fortnight.

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The number of people on Facebook is greater than the population of the United States.

What are your kids doing?

It's wrong to tell lies.

Their department needs some direction from the boss.

Seeing me, the dog wagged its tail.


I've been waiting here for him since this morning.

That is not a good idea.

Keep in touch!

I'd like to live in Australia.

How was your weekend?

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Japan does a lot of trade with the USA.

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The last straw breaks the camel's back.


I'll be back in October.


To be human we must transcend our animal nature.

What you said about Keith isn't true.

My book is here.

That's all I've been able to find out so far.

How do you feel about what happened tonight?

Why would we want to help them?

I forgot to turn off the gas!

Philip is not good at talking about his emotions.

I didn't know where they were.

Poor girl. She called me about ten times last night.

I don't know if we can do that without Annie's permission.

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We should hire him.


What did you want to talk to Shaw about?

I don't feel like speaking French today.

That would be to defeat the object.

That's not your hat, is it?

They set forth on the return journey early in the morning.


I just want to sleep for a few hours.

What fruit juices do you have?

Nobody's seen us.

My sister, a university student, won first prize in the speech contest.

We rested there for a week.

Smoking does much harm but no good.

She's eating for two.

How do you draw so well? I've never been able to do that.

The letter is being written at this very minute.

Yuck! Who'd buy this?

Jobs are less secure and people must work harder to keep them.

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I did find something.

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Being an only child, he was the sole inheritor.

I need to make sure your leg isn't broken.

God has blessed me with riches.

We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

Jun stumbled down the road.

Kindly clear the table after your meal.

The treaty was not a success.

I dashed out just after breakfast.

Please take good care of yourself.


All people can become friends, even if their languages and customs are different.


That changed things.


He went to the barber shop.

On this hot summer day, Sanity wore a midriff-baring T-shirt.

Their marriage has been strained lately because of financial problems.


Isn't it good to have friends?

It'll be fine this afternoon.

Turkeer always wanted to visit Stacey, but he never had the chance.


Who planned that trip?

I know what I'd like to believe.

Are you often grumpy?

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In this line of work, if you make a grim face the customers won't come.

He doesn't have the necessary skills for that task.

Never mind that. After all up till now he's stuffed himself on huge profit selling high brand-name goods of no real worth. From now on he can just try his best at honest trade.

Jerry is the bean counter for our company.

You are on the air!

I paid the check.

We didn't notice.


Good show!

Have you ever got pregnant?

I didn't realize the difference between them.


Every child took to the new teacher.

He was sent on a special mission to Europe.

There will be an investigation.


The last volume is missing from this set.

She's not the woman she was before she got married.

Hilda and Rakhal are waiting at the park entrance.

We have to figure out whether we have enough money to do that.

What an honor to be included in your profile photo!

How well she cooks!

What did the doctor say?


I happen to agree with him.

Theodore was stabbed in the back.

I remember meeting her somewhere.

I'm still training him.

Brodie doesn't want to eat lunch now.


If every user added twenty a day to Tatoeba, it might be possible to reach one million sentences by Christmas.

I'm here looking for them.

Very noisy, this boy.

Nigel didn't look like a doctor.

I'm a nurse.

He often quotes Milton.

Allan is upstairs talking to Amarth now.

Ritchey was OK with it.

How will I find it?

I told you, but you didn't pay attention.

Lawrence was holding a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

I'll be in Boston on business next week.

He said that Interlingua would be a practical language.

We were just in time for the last train.

Beef is more expensive than chicken.

Does my card work here?

He was kind enough to show me the way.

We underestimated the enemy.

I was going to call her.


Hartmann helped me out of a jam.


If possible, this weekend.


All I have is one book.

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I missed the departmental meeting because I was sick.


Samir has been spending a lot of money on clothes.

Under normal circumstances, I'd agree to do that.

It may hurt.


I'd like a cup of tea, please.

Pilar was given orders.

The priest blessed the congregation.

His parents are older than mine.

They're very close friends.

It's eleven and he's not coming.

She's on a roll.