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Big, small or in-between, with state-of-the-art equipment and some of the most talented metal workers in the industry it is hard to find a project we cannot handle.



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Stricklin Mixers and Blenders are a North Texas manufacturer of custom food processing equipment: ribbon blenders, cookers and specialty tanks.

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Baldwin Metals is a custom metal fabrication company based in Dallas, Texas. Our doors have been open since 1962 and during this time we have had the pleasure of serving a broad range of organizations in various industries. As a custom metal fabrictor every job we build is unique and tailor made to our customers specifications with quantity ranging from a single prototype  to small and medium sized manufacturing runs. Among our many finished products we commonly build metal cones, rolled clyinders, pipes, or angle and provide machining work, tig and mig welding, as well as heavy plate fabrication. If you are new to Baldwin Metals we welcome a phone call to explore how we might be able to help you or feel free to stop by for a shop tour and see for yourself.

Salesman Position Open

Salesman w/ estimating experience in a metal fabricating job shop.  We work with metal that ranges in thickness from 30 ga. to 3" plate.

  • Cad and computer estimating a plus.
  • We offer competitive salary, paid vacation, paid health insurance,
  • 401 plan and yearly bonus.
  • Smokers need not apply.
  • If you voted for Obama in 2012, do not apply, as you failed the IQ test.

Baldwin Metals Videos

High Definition Plasma Cutter

Baldwin Metals plasma cutter video

Laser Cutter

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If you have visited Dallas, it is likely you have seen one of our custom metal signs. Our signs range from simple and elegant designs to large and complex architectural masterpieces.
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Many top architects in the area rely on Baldwin Metals to help them build the designs their minds can create. Many of our favorite architectural work range from custom metal stair cases, pedestrian walkways and unique design elements.

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The mainstay of Baldwin Metals, our specialty fabrication projects have traveled to outer space, been utilized under the ocean and everywhere in between. If you have a project that exceeds the normal range of manufacturing call us, as we can likely help.

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At Baldwin Metals we are very fortunate to work with some extraordinarily talented members of the art community. Working cooperatively we are able assist them in completing some of the larger or more complex metal components to their pieces which can be seen throughout the metroplex.