Christofer thought that Danny would like this movie.

We are the country of clowns?

I am no more interested in physics than you are.


I bought this three years ago.

When can we eat, I wonder.

I've got to be careful.

She ate nothing but lean meat.

Where is the railway station?

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Julianto has a sprained ankle.


Sorry, we're closed.

We want to see the king.

Dani cut himself shaving.


The price of coffee went down.

Have you ever seen a shark?

A name is sound and mist.

I don't see anything put on reserve for a Martinez.

When we got to the station, the train had already left.

I'll marry you.

Fay motioned for me to sit down.

This broken vase cannot be repaired.

We are going to visit our aunt next Sunday.

I needed to know that you were OK.

Why did I hate to write essays?

We wondered what would happen after Piet showed up.

What'll you give them?

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I don't quite know what to say.

I think we've met before.

They both smiled.


You understand German, right?

Please fasten your seat belts, and kindly refrain from smoking.

She has little knowledge of physics.

This medicine will help you.

I want to get a fix on local culture.


The Voodoo religion is associated with Haiti.

He saw at a glance that his daughter had been crying.

Don and Shankar played a game of Russian roulette.

Vadim always does that for me.

Persian Gulf is an element of historical identity of Iranian People.

Everyone kept talking.

Take the garbage out.


She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe.

My father plays golf every Sunday.

"Whose knives are these?" "They are the butcher's."

His very rough summary does not do justice to the original text and its intellectual sophistication.

Aren't you glad Tyler gave us enough money to buy something to eat?

I don't think it's a wolf.

Ruth will answer all your questions.

Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.

She got happy.

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Saiid is a happy guy who likes his job and feels good about his workplace.

What is going on there now?

I've dreamed of this.


Ben wants dessert.


Why do you want to work here?

I don't know either girl.

They started hours ago, so they ought to have arrived here by now.

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I'll get you a glass of water.

Just keep quiet.

I didn't hear Knut leave.

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.

Kyung thought I might be interested.

Your wife ought to tell you all about it.

I had good discussion with the neighboors

I know Andrea is watching me.

Her texts are concise.

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They're doing their work at a snail's pace!

He's confronted with a difficult problem.

She was devastated.

Emil thought I knew Think.

I like to visit my uncle.

Someone should do something.

We neither moved nor made any noise.


I lost my purse.

I don't want to speak with you.

Syed has got it under control.

Sonny scoffed.

Paola began to carve the turkey.

I want to be involved.

My name is not Kuzey.

It's not a failure.

It happened that the five Kings of Ireland met to determine who should have the head kingship over them, and King Lir of the Hill of the White Field expected surely he would be elected.

I'm taking a leave of absence.

The smell was unpleasant.

I don't care about anyone else.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there.

I'm from Denmark.

Jess is a gifted artist.

Only 514 people have been in space.

I think I'm going to enjoy that.


Everybody tells me their problems.

You have only to put them together.

God bless America.

You have the wrong idea about me.

I need them in my life.


Galileo Galilei is one of the most famous astronomers in history.


Cole will never pay me what he owes me.

He is an ace pitcher.

Is Teriann still living in Boston?


We might as well walk home as try to catch a taxi here.

My advice is for you to go home.

It being Sunday, the supermarket was very crowded.

Before we can file the claim, I need you to sign this.

A person who is born in Spain is a Spaniard.

We'll meet her tomorrow at the station.

The majority was for him.

It's only a small setback.

Do you believe it at all?

I hate coffee.

What kind of little birds are sitting up there on the little wall?

We need you.

This car is too expensive for me to buy.

Do you want to eat something, Laurie?

They are in a scientific laboratory.


I think he's angry.

Julia wrote a lot of poems.

Have I any letters or messages?


What he said was brief and to the point.

Seth is too old to be living on his own.

My sweetheart said it was only a temporary separation.


The robber stood surrounded by ten policemen.


It isn't so cold today.


Morris lives in the middle of nowhere.

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He commented on his unsuccessful business negotiation.

I learned how to drive when I was fifteen years old.

I'm cured.

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Dane prefers having dogs over cats.

Wait for a second chance.

I don't even know what that means.

I am looking for a house.

What they did was break the window.

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The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

I've been up all night thinking about that.

They brought umbrellas.

Don't you ever call her?

We're worried about you.

She understands the risks.

Pass the fare.


We've got a lot of stuff left to do.

She smiles a lot.

I refused it for private reasons.

He is sure to come tomorrow.

I don't know who wrote it.

Why did you lie to her?

The surface of the moon is irregular.

With reference to your request, I will support.

Should I ask him out?


I wonder what she meant by that.


My phone's ringing.

The hikers traced a convoluted route through the mountains.

Timothy wishes Shamim would come over for a visit.

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Manual labor is necessary in this company.

I had no other way of contacting you, so I came here in person.

Look this way.


The snow has just come on.

Here is our answer to your fax message dated April 1st.

We can't ignore Phillip's past.

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She's a powerful witch.

I don't see how it can end well.

He made himself known to me.

Come over later.

Irina has a delicate face with high cheekbones.

I want to visit Cuba before Castro dies.

Who wrote these stories?

Oh, we're too late.

It seems to me that this is too expensive.

In my opinion, the meeting was a success.

I think it's important to tell him the facts.