I abhor violence.

What I want is a divorce.

Please refrain from smoking, while the non-smoking signs are on.

An evening glow often promises good weather.

Why don't you listen?

The semicolon is the most feared punctuation on earth.


You're a very handsome man.

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I've got sore eyes.

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I love ice cream.


Rodney's house was completely covered in snow.

Are we too late for the party?

So what did Skeeter see?

The telephone rang a few minutes later.

He avenged his dead father.

I wouldn't want to work here.

He has a bad fashion sense.

She was alone on Valentine's Day.

Nothing was changed.

She practices as a dentist.

Pradeep never found out the truth about what Lynn did.

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We were just trying to scare you.

He picked up the newspaper and glanced casually over the front page.

Punishment follows swiftly.

I think this word is no longer in use.

He won't do you any harm.

According to the newspaper, it will rain today.

Come here and give me a hug.

She could not hold back her tears.

We have to get you to the hospital.


The Romans are famous for their aqueducts.

I don't know which one to choose.

I believe the actions that he took were right.

I caught her by the hand.

Why is this so important to everybody?

Ahmed's fall resulted in life-threatening injuries.

It feels like I'm about to collapse.

Well, did you have a good weekend?

She wants to stay single forever.

Avery is mesmerized.

I'm going to have a drink with my friends.


Do you realize what time it is? What were you up to at this time of night?

She said with a smile.

Mrs. Crouch, do you have a job?


What an incredible day!

Sid was here this morning.

The snow has disappeared.

That would be embarrassing.

What's the matter with the lights?

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It's not a secret.


The King of Sweden, to whom this part of the country belonged, more than once gave orders to cut down the haunted wood, but there was no one with courage enough to obey his commands.


Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?

Your efforts came to nothing.

Let's work together to do our best.

There are a lot of fish in this lake.

He decided not to press charges.

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You can't do this!

We've made a lot of progress today.

Try out my reins and my heart.

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I'm not saying this to hurt you, but it is the truth.

I gave them some apples.

Maybe we could get together later.

Touch a document.

It was a fluke.

Do you think Murthy will accept my invitation?

It doesn't look like a good place for bargains.

There's something here I want you to see.

Have you seen my green shirt?

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Do you really think this is OK?


You'd better ask Tal if he minds.

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They're not ruining their clothing.

During the bubble, people dreamed of a life of leisure.

God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that.

Figuring a way to make a dollar comes ahead of thinking about how to do the job better.

Brandy was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.

She's very curious.

Malus doesn't know I'm Francis's boyfriend.

He achieved his aim of studying abroad.

A strange sight greeted her eyes.

Written in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.

If you read this sentence three times, a ghost will visit you in your sleep.


We need that money.

I'll ask Cristina to wait.

The message was clear.

Kristin made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

It was such an interesting book that I read it in a day.


I anticipated trouble.

Duke started slighting his studies after he became a member of the football team.

I'll help you if you help me.


All the arguments pointed in the same direction.

Your train leaves from Platform 10.

This is what I'll do.

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Although the film is bad, I will pass well because I'm with friends.


I, too, am worried about them.


The Government's domestic policy was announced.

It's going to rain soon. Look at those black clouds.

It'll work like a charm.

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Who's your favorite family member on your mother's side?

The future of our company is at stake. We have been heavily in the red for the last couple of years.

We turned left at the corner and drove north.

I was late because my car broke down.

I asked him to send us the book.

She texted a friend.

He escaped under cover of the darkness.

I don't think Kit and Kari are ever going to be friends.

Earle's mother died young because she drank and smoked too much.

You must pay the admission fee here.

I am not concerned with this.

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He paid the army wages.

That's a bad assumption.

They went on talking for hours.

Caribou hate mosquitoes.

Particles of dust float in the atmosphere.


Do we have anything else to eat?

Add two to three, and you get five.

Prices seem to be going down.

My name is Francesco.

Mt. Fuji as seen from Suruga Bay is beautiful.

Have you ever changed your password?

I didn't know Norman had a nickname.

I don't think you're fat.

That scholar made a great scientific discovery.

Our troops were constantly harassed by the guerrillas.

This work is my purpose in life.

Is somebody there?

While the Japanese school teaches almost the same subjects that I study in America, five differences stood out for me.

My friends urged me to write my memoirs.

This is not a time for celebration.


Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

It's nothing.

He hit three home runs, scoring eight runs.

You ought not to believe him.

He's almost always in the hospital.

Do you have the internet at home?

That book was written by two people.

Can't you help us?

What are the chances that we'll have a white Christmas?

Carol doesn't seem too worried.

Lorraine is the best player on our team.

A boy was beating the drum.

We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.

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Frances didn't know exactly what he was going to say.

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I hope everyone is OK.

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Don't try to force it.

My watch is not correct.

I'll be at Harris's.

Nathan must choose the second-best policy according to the circumstances.

Her eyes were red from crying.


There's still plenty that needs to be done.

Let's ask a travel agent.

There is a time for all things.

Gas has been found below the sea.

He's a metrosexual.

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We're tidy.

They assumed a victory as their own.

I gave the correct answers to the questions.

Sandeep is trying not to cough.

The experience will do you good.

Thereafter we heard no more from him.

If you don't do your duty, people will look down on you.

Do you really think that Louise can help us?

The labor unions had been threatening the government with a general strike.

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Nature plays an important role in our life.

Lojbanistan borders Esperantujo.

This dictionary isn't useful.

There are no towels in room 15.

Myron showed Case around the city.

Could I use your phone?

I've known Floyd since I was thirteen.