I could hardly get a wink of sleep last night.

I promise I'll be back in time for the meeting.

Jennie was relieved to see Laurianne.

He would like to take part in the contest.

You don't sleep much, do you?


Tell us where you work.

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I was right behind them.

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Lou took a long drink of water.

It is important for me.

Getting Sho to show up on time doesn't seem to be a problem.

He went to Hawaii to do some sightseeing.

Happy Midsummer!

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I did the best I could.

I have a friend whose father is a teacher.

Liz's been out of work for half a year.

I just tried to stay focused.

It was so hot I took my coat off.

Les buried himself under his blanket and went to sleep.

They held a dinner for the new president.


You can't hide from me.

Amy's feelings were not reciprocated.

He is a thorough-going egoist.

I can't explain everything now.

I am already forgetting my grandmother's face.


That's a really good idea.


Dan received a call from the hospital.

The Turks held siege over the Castle of Eger for a long time.

She was in the Americas last month.

She went to the back of the line.

We did everything for them.

You did your best.

They guarantee this clock for a year.


Duncan didn't want to rely on anyone else.

Gideon didn't have any money, so he couldn't buy any food.

The timing was impeccable.

The fact that I usually go to bed after three in the morning shows that, with all my heart, I live in London's timezone.

The company president was indicted for paying kickbacks.

There's less to do in this job than the last one.

It's a girls' night at the disco bar.


She lied and I don't like liars.

He has not more than a hundred novels.

It's a full-time job.

I want to see what's on the other side.

While reading a book, I fell asleep.

Who broke the plate?

Let's go and take a look.

But for your steady support, my mission would have resulted in failure.

I've started smoking again.


We need to be honest.


Malaclypse was extremely nervous.

We like to look feminine.

Is there a lot of flowers in this garden?

We've got a little emergency.

You're part of this.

Billie proposed to me.

I think we'd better buy more food.

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I don't feel comfortable posing in the nude.

I accepted a present from his sister.

Well, have you decided?

It feels good to be back in Boston.

Can I give you a bit of advice?

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Skip can't have been all that surprised.

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I'm not going to let you boss me around.

She is a chatterbox.

A dog runs.

He works every day save Sundays.

Japan is to the east of China.


I received an email notification of his upcoming party.

Micheal didn't help anybody.

I can't understand the meaning.


Do you have any books in French?

His action was animated by jealousy.

You are acting like a three-year-old child.


Thinking about it still makes me angry.


Would you mind holding your tongue for a while?

By the year 2020, the population of our city will have doubled.

I'm holding you personally responsible for getting us in trouble with the police.

He is a member of the parish committee.

I'm a baker.


May happiness and joy come to you as you celebrate this joyous day.

Dad, Nicolette hit me!

He kept us waiting for a long time.


Language is one of man's most important inventions.

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The next Shinkansen train leaves at just nine o'clock.

When he was young, he was a hard worker.

I have downloaded a videogame.


I will bring back a lot of food.


Have you a carriage here?

I think Shatter is still living in Boston.

Mt. Fuji is covered with snow in the winter.

You understand, don't you?

Sheila finished in last place.

June never woke up.

He never goes out fishing without taking his son.

Thanks for coming back.

Do you think Jun will do the right thing?

I don't think you heard me.

Our world is getting smaller and smaller.

That question naturally invited discussion.

Two sodas for the children and one coffee, please.

I cannot bring my car. There is no parking.

I want him beaten up.

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We don't like this house.


All men are fallible.

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David is very active.

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Dave bought a lottery ticket.


There is no knowing what will happen next.

Do you know how to contact me?

Margot opened the box and peeked inside.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

He has been in Tokyo for a year.


Do you dance?

We're looking for him.

Did you know that Pravin and Brad were dating?

He is a childhood friend.

You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Svante was afraid.

We can see a church over there.


How could you know this was going to happen?

My grandmother had an operation in Germany.

Wes can put away the equipment.

What's that called?

What's left to talk about?

John Dalton was the creator of the atomic theory.

No one can determine the amount of money we waste in a year.

She doesn't have any evil thoughts.

Yoga can help lower stress.


I just needed more room.

He was tired from his long walk.

Please do it as soon as possible.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Don't move unless I tell you.

The doctor she visited is famous.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong here.

They're cannibals.

Leads put sugar in his coffee.


She did the homework herself.

I bought this book in Boston last month.

I'm not a good person.

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Was I supposed to do that?

I don't know all the details yet.

This would never have happened if Manuel hadn't been here.

No smoking in the theater.

Gretchen goes to school with Kory.

Rudolph couldn't go with us.

Heinz rubbed the stone that the good fairy had given him, whereupon he turned into a squirrel and could escape to freedom through the bars of the prison window with ease.

Is there anything you can do to help me with that?

Talking of traffic accidents, I saw one last year.

The restaurant doesn't do lunch.

He's now a college student.

She's wearing sunglasses.

Wherever you go, I will follow.

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Look, I have to go.

I hung my coat in the hall closet.

I'll carry as much as I can.

You really hurt him.

My most grievous fault.

A boy risked death to protest.

Kerri is happy again.

She gazed with wide eyes.

Dani is making a cup of tea.

Let's talk about what we're going to do about it.

The man's body temperature is higher than normal.

No one should have to put up with this.

I couldn't tell anyone.