I want you to know all this.

Walter threw the ball.

Some years ago, the presenter was suspended from appearing on TV for admitting being a marijuana user and denying her crime in an interview.

I've never broken the law.

What are your beliefs?

How do you say "How do you say 'I ate an apple.' in Lojban?" in Lojban?

Saturn's atmosphere has winds which can blow at over 1800 kilometers per hour.


Nothing is more unhealthy than being sick.

Can we expect your cooperation?

Abrams chased Browne.

I've known Jim since we were children.

Keep off the grass!


Somebody has been eating in the meeting room.


The notice could not be made out by the students.

We don't have to have a lot money, but we have enough to buy what we absolutely need.

We were amazed that he had gotten full credit.


What I have to say concerns everyone here.

I cannot understand what he is driving at.

That is correct.

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At least try to come on time.

He forgot to bring clothes.

Could you come up here for a second?

You're the historian.

He failed in the scheme, much to the disappointment of his father.

I make it a rule to study English for 3 hours every day.

He fell in love with her at first sight.

Vicki looks jittery.

Now that's what I'm looking for.


I would like to come to see you.

You are the most meritorious woman of all.

We were looking at the fire burning brightly.

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I only meant it as a joke.

I was unwilling to agree to the proposal, but it seemed that I had no choice.

They want to make it bigger.

Let the revolt begin.

He cooked dinner for her.

The river runs through the town.

Do you believe in astrology?


Sanjay couldn't tell me because he'd promised Ramsey that he wouldn't.

You know that's what's going to happen.

For young people silence is better than talking.

I have the feeling that my French is improving.

Heat is rippling through my body.

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I want you to promise me that.


The building is incapable of repair.


It is necessary that he follow my advice.

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Is Rahul delirious?


I'm going to town for flour and other supplies.

The tumor was removed.

I've got a visual on a possible hostile.

You're a lot taller than Sanity.

No, Anne, don't do that.

I need solid proof.

We're having problems here.

Turn on the rice cooker, please.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!


Just make sure you give this to Vern.

Even Straka was somewhat impressed.

It really is a problem.

Jakob is not a student.

The examples in this dictionary are easy to understand.

This is the first time I've ever told Taninna 'I love you'.

Let's stop wasting time and get on with this work.

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What are you sorry about?

The doctor gave her a sedative.

Jeffrey didn't do the dishes.

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Do you want to hang out at my place?

Would you carry this down to the second floor for me?

I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and others are yellow.

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Everyone waited.

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Don't talk about yourself like that.

He is a seven-year-old boy.

Our dog, which is named John, barks at anybody.

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I don't want to buy anything in this store.

Accept a person's love.

I know Dory wants to make Cindy happy.

I told Pablo I wouldn't allow him to go.

Does the lady speak Turkish?


Whatever happens at all happens as it should.

Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.

Tonight it's your turn.

I'm at a loss for words.

Can the price be discounted?

You've got it.

We have room for thirty people.

I want to wear the same kind of clothes that Leora wears.

Are you still upset?

You didn't say the magic word.

It is inevitable that I go to France someday, I just don't know when.

That shouldn't have been allowed.

Are you having a candlelit dinner with your wife?

Everyone's holding their breath.

She has wine.


That's not your fault.

He spent the night lying on the grass, looking at the stars.

Try not to use too many filler words.

My book is floating about here somewhere but I just can't find it.

His conscience pricked him.

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How many bags do you have?

When I started learning languages, it was hard to assimilate new words and keep a pace to study, but now, after having practiced for several years I do my routine unconsciously. You can't really finish learning a language, ever, but you can reach quite a high fluency. In my case, I learn approximately 3 or 4 languages at the same time and I don't get confused. It's all a matter of practice, accustoming and how well you get used to.

These look nice.

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How long have you been there?

I admire Linley a great deal.

Teresa Jackson is one of our finest litigators.


Sofoklis took out a book, opened it and started reading.

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Small businesses will have to tighten their belts to survive.

We use chopsticks in place of knives and forks.

Even a worm will turn.


My car, such as it is, is at your disposal.

From time to time she looked outside to see whether it was still snowing.

The law is useless if it's too watered down.

Do you know anybody here?

Among modern novels, this is the best.

Santa doesn't read many books.

Claudio isn't very likely to know how to do that.

It's always raining.

But, most smokers try to avoid thinking about these things.

I'm sad.

He cannot afford to buy a car.


The book is on the table.

Could you please tell me what your cell phone number is?

The operation is accompanied by a lot of pain.


How could you tell Alastair didn't like his job?

I can't believe Straka would do that to me.

My wish is that one day all the people in world will go hand in hand.

Do you have any employees who speak French?

I'll look after you.

I could never do that.

I make it a rule to go jogging every morning.

I would like to have another cup of coffee.

I'm a stranger here myself.

You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.

I am not in the least happy.


I think he's tired.

Her fever came down to normal.

"Stanislaw is a bad person." "In what way?"

If the boss says you've got to work overtime, then there's no choice but to do so.

The young man lives in an old house.


I'm the middle child of three.

We want to help you.

Jean wrote the script.

Are there taxis around here?

Let's hope we find something.


The cause hasn't been pinpointed.

I've lived in Boston for three years.

It's bad! Very bad! Horrible!

All three of you are very lucky.

What time do you usually go to bed?

I'm afraid your guess is off the mark.

That's a different story.

She has as many as seven children.

My mother from Malaysia thinks that those three horses are so-so.

Why did the tomato go out with a prune? Because it couldn't find a date.

Lucy looked after my dog.

Try not saying "I don't know" for a day. Instead, give more detailed explanations. It's a habit that might stick.

Earl bought his ticket twenty minutes ago.

They supplied the villagers with food.

I'll tell you why I don't like Spy.

I can hear you, but I can't see you.

Dan gagged Linda and locked her up in a closet.


Naim's distracted.

He will be wondering what we are doing.

He rested his hand on my shoulder.

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I don't know how old that bridge is.


I really appreciate your advice.