I go to school every morning.

I don't like her touching you.

They braved the snow storm.

I am going on.

Who could've broken the fishbowl?

Casper won't stay.


We are influenced both by environment and by heredity.

If I may speak from my own experience, the more difficult the problem is the more essential that becomes.

She did not agree to the proposal.

You have solved that well!

A bad cold confined her to her bed.

He knows nothing about politics.

I always hated dodgeball, especially after the ball hit me in the face.

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It was nice talking to you.

Miltos didn't show up for work on Monday.

She kissed me like anything.


If you'd prefer a room closer to the Convention Center, please contact us.


This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

Why don't we take you there?

He blushed when the girls whistled at him in the street.


As to the source of this statement, I know nothing.

People called him a philosopher.

Will you look after the children?

Today, the dinosaurs disappeared.

Are you making them sandwiches?

King jumped out of the bus while it was still running.

Can it be replaced?

You don't want that, do you?

This room is very cold.


Each day is better than the last. This day especially.

I think that Lori is an honest man.

My father used to smoke, but now he doesn't.

The wind feels great today.

I will never write again in English.

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Ole thought that there was a good chance that it was Tracy who had stolen the painting.


Because of the hot sun, they were tired.

It'll be hot.

We just cleaned the restroom.


I'll call back soon.

I didn't give you a choice.

Tatoeba Project is our virtual home.

What's the purpose of a life of pilgrimage?

We tend to make mistakes.

Fish gotta swim.

I tried vinegar bath once or twice, I don't remember.

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I pay 30 euros for every visit to the dentist.


Play us a tune.

Barton arrived just in the nick of time.

The construction of the hospital is about to end.

I'd like to clean up my house before parents come back.

She has a vivid imagination.

The sun shines during the day; the moon during the night.

Have you started learning English?


I don't know anything about cricket.

I will not speak French with you again.

There's someone I'm in (unrequited) love with, but that person is busy now and I don't get replies to my emails.

Did you discuss any of the issues on our list?

Do you know Thierry's plans?

You had better throw away leftovers.

Dan wished to become a famous poet.

We need to meet with him.

Open the panel.


Where do they do that?

I'm in charge of shopping.

The proof is irrefutable.

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One thing that won't change is our price.

It came on to rain toward evening.

Edgar didn't have the courage to pull the trigger.

Jacques has known Panzer since childhood.

If I did what you're suggesting, I'd be fired.

Inside the prism, violet light slows down more than red light.

Change the channel, please; that music is unbearable.

She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; let us solace ourselves with loves.


I don't think Rahul got much sleep last night.

How far is it to your house?

It was impossible for him to take the picture in the dark.

After the first letter the other came easily.

You need to attach your photo to the application form.

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Nhan doesn't seem busy.

Without water one cannot live.

I'll call Ole in a few minutes.

Romain didn't seem that happy.

They were the nightmare of the elderly.

Martin had a skiing accident.

I wanted to learn Esperanto, because it interested me very much.

I won't forget any of you.

Water is 800 times heavier than air.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Micah can't help but be impressed by Jonathan's courage.

If they won't listen to reason, we'll have to resort to force.

Muslims bury their dead in graves.


The map's legend shows what each symbol stands for.

Moran is a horrible person.

Nowadays parents treat their children more as equals than they used to and the child is given more freedom to make his or her own decisions in life.

Studies have shown that the less people eat, the longer they live.

Just stay out of my life.

You guys don't think they'd beat Maria up, do you?

We rode a boat to the island.

No made a U-turn.

I haven't been in contact with Mr. Smith recently.

Here's a list of our demands.

We have written a book.

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I can't fix the seat.

We are not made for each other.

Japanese shogi corresponds to chess.

Now it's my turn.

At the time, I thought it was a mistake.


The taxi driver refused to take us to that part of town.

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I thought Moran wouldn't want to go with us.

What would you do in my place?

How long have you been waiting?

I won't put you on the spot.

Eventually, Clifford will realize that he needs help.


Eduardo is probably doing the right thing.

Where in Japan did you grow up?

I caught the flu.

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A few minutes' walk brought me to the shore.


It looks like it'll rain today, too.

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Everybody loves his country.

"Where is your report card?" "I already gave it to you."

Pradeep rewrote it.

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The more I think, the less I understand.

Could you show me this bag?

Can you account for your whereabouts on the night of the murder?


That isn't the case in Japan.


The next morning he found a handwritten letter in the letterbox.

He didn't say anything as to whether he was going to pay in cash or by check.

What does he buy at the supermarket?

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Why should I give them money?

Don't you see George?

The barber gave him a haircut.

I just left him.

In this semester, students study and apply statistical sampling techniques.

I haven't quite made up my mind.

Strangely enough, I didn't feel any pain at all.

It's a parody.

My profession is my passion.

That's all we needed!

Could you explain why?

I cannot take a rest at the office. I don't want the manager to see me.

With his camera, Hein captured a tornado in action.

Give me your money or else I'll beat you up.

This is by far the best seafood restaurant in this area.

May I borrow your radio?

I don't accept it.

Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.

Laurie drank the cola.

I don't like the texture of raisins.

I know Sedat's widow.

The meeting has already begun.

I want you to sing the song.

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He becomes a university student this year.

The reality keeps changing.

Please go ahead of me, because I have something to do.

I'm fine.

Mommy, where's my booger?

Try a new hat on.

He had an intense hatred of his teacher.


I think it should've been discussed.

Try to convince them to help us.

Will you do me the honor of dining with me?


Looks like you didn't study much for the test.


These presents are really bulky.

Two of a trade seldom agree.

What did you and Jimmy do yesterday?

Alastair can't remember his kindergarten teacher's name.

Read chapter four by Friday.