The doctor says she suffers from rheumatism.

I still have so many questions to ask you.

He made many excuses for being late.


Our problems are nothing compared to his.

You've accomplished nothing.

I spent the weekend with him.

"What was that?" "Nothing."

Trey isn't much younger than me.

Just being together is enough for me.

Senator Allen Jackson advised the President of the plot to assassinate him.

She worked at the cost of her health.

He was foolish to agree to the plan.

Joshua is a terrific all-around athlete.

This was unexpected.

It was the first time I'd walked along the Mogami River.

I've never seen a whale that big.

The headline is somewhat misleading.

I should've thought of it sooner.

I hope you and Morton won't be too disappointed.

You won't get anything by shouting.

People ask me that all the time.

Would you like to run your own business?

I'm under suspicion, too.

The doctor is taking care of Courtney.

Adrian is talking to Kevin now.

I didn't think I'd get there in time.


You should try to be more like Rudy.

I thought I had seen Nora somewhere before.

Dan said he had no recollection of mugging Linda.

I have a ten-year old son.

I was enjoying it.


Most people are afraid to set high goal for fear of not achieving it.


I'm not sharing this with Marlena.

Clay had his car stolen early last week.

He is not an American, but he loves America.

Woman would be more charming if one could fall into her arms without falling into her hands.

They hate Bucky.

Dan didn't even notice that Linda was gone.

What have they been doing?


I thought Herman could handle the job if I gave him a chance.


It won't work without the final piece.

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What's the story with Jack?


Varda said Kylo was here.

No one approved the proposal.

I can't stand being laughed at in public.


He has hired a private detective.

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You will learn your lessons only in so far as you are willing to keep studying them.

The poet gave the girl a rose.

She almost said "I don't know".

I need to pick out a Purim costume.

There's something I'm not clear about.

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I need to study many languages.


Please don't tell me you've hired Paul.

By the way, where do you live?

I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.

Where did you pluck them?

A button has come off my raincoat.

Do you have any idea where Kimberly might've gone?

Richard did not resist.

He prided himself on his punctuality.

I washed the dishes.

Dirk has never been in a car like the one Moe owns.

Ernie said he'd never tried water skiing.

The engine is overheating.

Micky wanted Martyn to go away and leave him in peace.

Do you like strawberries?

He gave her a warning against driving too fast.


We live on what we take from the woods.

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I think Gretchen stole my bicycle.

He was never officially charged with spying.

I'll tell him where I went.

My parents came to see me off at the airport.

When I'm in traffic, I try to find the fastest moving lane.


I can't seem to get my breath.


The station is almost empty during what would normally be the afternoon rush.

Say frankly what, in your own eyes, is right.

I cannot help laughing at my folly.

I'm pretty sure that Suwandi didn't do that.

Even Dwarfs Started Small is a 1970 film by German director Werner Herzog.

The sky was full of stars.

I need to know what happened at school today.

The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

This isn't a private beach.

I tried to convince him.

Julian said that it was a mistake and that she would not do it again.

What left me perplexed is that the answer was so simple and nobody could guess it.

Caleb couldn't get to sleep because he had drunk too much coffee after supper.


I could hardly make out the traffic lights.

You should've taken it.

Utterly different from Sorrel was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.


He is my brother, not father.

Lenny and Sofoklis probably don't know each other.

If you feel threatened, don't hesitate in coming to my house.

Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

My father may be sleeping.

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I know how much you love Miki.

He's got a boy-next-door look about him.

I wish I had been kind to her then.

What's the plan, then?

Marshall has always hated me.

Wild weather is forecast for our region today.

How soon can I get to Tokyo?

I don't see any fun in it.

Micky is in town for the weekend.

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I think it better for us to adopt his plan.

That would be a shame.

It was my brother that made the mistake.


Markus has to share a room with his brother.

Vincenzo may have talked to Saify this afternoon.

When, through constant practice, man becomes able to reach efficient mental concentration, then, wherever one is, one can always transcend one's environment with one's mind and rely on the Eternal.

Do you want to end up like them?

You know that two nations are at war about a few acres of snow somewhere around Canada, and that they are spending on this beautiful war more than the whole of Canada is worth.

I told Alain I didn't want to go.

As long as they're not doing it in public, let 'em go for it.

They wouldn't give me a refund.

I don't know what to say to Lynn.

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I have a wife and three children.


I have some questions I'd like to ask you.

I'm one of the lucky ones.

Living nativity scenes are popular in Southern Italy.

The white horse is taller than the black one.

The group was made up of four young men.

He can play a flute.

They slept a little in the room.

I'm in no hurry to do it.

I was in excellent spirits.

Margaret handed in a blank test paper.

Get out here, fast! The guards are coming.

Many people use cash machines to withdraw money.

Do I look worried?

Manolis says he intends to play golf with us this afternoon.

Sandeep put his keys on the dining table.

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Please help yourself to the desserts.

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The purpose of the meeting is to make a plan for a new product prior to the Product Development Meeting in January.


The bus driver was not impressed when Pilar pulled out a $50 note to pay his fare.


I can tell you're angry.

"Do you want to buy them?" "Yes."

In summer meat easily goes bad; you must keep it in the refrigerator.

Why didn't you just give Henry the money he asked for?

They raised me.

I had no choice but to accept.

So you can't help me?

This is a nice place, but i don't want to live here.

It's impossible to find parking around here.

Jones has a blog.

We're all cowards.

Rajesh is too old for you.

One day in July, we went to the sea.

Krzysztof can't get enough of it.

My dad saves some of his wages every week.


He got me wrong.

I'm so sorry about it.

Ice salt is used to melt snow.


Could you wake me up at eight in the morning?

She hinted that she would like him to leave.

Oh, buddy, what I need is a strong stimulus, in the most hedonistic meaning of the word.


Thank you for your interest in our company.


As I don't have the money, it'll just be a short trip.

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Croatia is called "Hrvatska" in Croatian.

I'll have to go and see what I can do.

My boss is so stupid!


Ariel is such a malingerer that you can't count on him to get anything done, no matter what promises he makes.

Let's go home, please.

What do you want to buy for Christina?

I'll handle the rest.

Should you wish to take my application further, I would be happy to come for interview.