Let's listen to the tape.

Shai was expelled from school.

Terri managed to put out the fire.

I must tell Elisabeth that.

Where are the strawberries?

Nobody bowed to him.

Women have beauty, but do books not also have beauty?

I shot him.

It sounds easier that way.

You'd better read this.

Damn those New Yorkers; they're taking all our rightful Bostonian jobs.

Can you recommend a hotel near the airport?


What's happened to her?

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Eliot is always broke by the end of the month.

You shouldn't have come alone.

I'll see you there.

I make it a rule never to smoke while I'm sleeping.

Don't worry. I promise I'll do what you ask.

When I was a child, I played catch with my father.

I did smoke when I was young.

Frederick went outside to see what Jinny was doing.

That doesn't sound very profitable.

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I didn't want you to get nervous.

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We left Boston at 2:30 this morning.

Please do not open the windows.

I figured you might be busy now.


His books are interesting.

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Have you ever upset your mother?


I knew them a long time.

Nobody invited me to the party.

My mother baked a cake for my birthday.

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I will not let you pass.


We should do away with out-of-date customs.

In which city is he?

We just met yesterday.

We'll see you get another chance.

We have to make sure that we never do this again.

The problem will be on the carpet at the next meeting.

The store can supply us with anything we need.

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Roy doesn't speak English at home.


We've found him to be the right man for the job.

I told you to come whenever it's convenient to you.

Saad felt betrayed.

Ted should be here before long.

I'll look after your child while you are away.

I'm from Norway.

We came here to buy a dress for our daughter.

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I know you believe me.

He has the capacity to become an accountant.

Sorry for bothering you even though you're under the weather.

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She sang better than usual.

When I was twenty two years old, I was the master of the breast stroke.

Hang on a minute. There's quite a few black chess pieces over there.

The sun was almost gone.

Hamilton left the building at about 6 p.m.


You're not taking me seriously.


You'll be home by 2:30, won't you?

I know all about cars.

You could've told me that earlier.

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Asian markets finished mixed.

Who's your favorite drummer?

It's hard to achieve happiness.

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That's the way.

Kazuhiro bought a bunch of grapes and I ate them.

I'd prefer that we not discuss this now.

I had never seen such a beautiful girl before.

The snow was melting and stuck to my skis.

We've been neighbours for more than 10 years.

There's no reason why I should become a physician because my father is one.


If you quit the job, you'll be burning your bridges.


The travelers are waiting to know the cause of the delay.

A Florida city is responding to regular tidal flooding by sending out tanker trucks equipped with vacuum hoses to suck saltwater off the streets.

Did you have a good time in Vegas?

I thank you on behalf of my son.

My success was mainly due to your help.

I know what's making Susan so nervous.

I have known him for more than ten years.

Give my shoes a good shine.

He compiled a Japanese folklore anthology for use in schools.

Maybe people like us shouldn't have children.

A big rock stuck out from the bank into the river.

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Loyd and Ricky sold their souls.

They make themselves out to be poorer than they really are.

Where do dreams come from?

This is a picture of you.

Son looks like a tired old man.

Would you pour me some water?

I can't forget, but I don't remember what.

I think I've met them before.

This child looks like its father.

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Do you have a moment to discuss these figures with me?

Derek told Linda not to swim alone.

Our president is not as popular now, as he was before.

What were you doing this morning?

Those who know won't say, and those who will don't know.

Claudio looks really bored.

Steven let me read the letter he had received from Kikki.

It's foolish to read such a magazine.

I'm still in love with Arne.


Ira doesn't trust the police.


Her husband eats everything she puts in front of him.

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They each received a present.

I never learned that in school.

Josh isn't very likable, is he?

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To err is human. To blame somebody else for your errors is even more human.


It's a stupid law.

Let's all give Pamela a hand.

Did you say 30?


Do you know the name of the boy who's playing the guitar?

I went drinking last night with Siping.

The prognosis was dire.

I won't obey those orders.

He was talking as he walked.

What do they know that we don't?

I bought this book at Kakuzen's.

How do you want me to do that?

Johnnie has changed his mind.

I'm not sure what's wrong with him.

I'll send Lou a postcard.

Claude broke down and sobbed uncontrollably while giving the eulogy at his mother's funeral.

They both rose up, pushed Vasilissa out of the house and locked the door, crying: "Thou shalt not come in till thou hast fetched the fire."


You may stay.

Fascism and communism as they were realised demonstrate two faces of the same monster.

Can anyone tell me the time?


Don't lose hope.

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We celebrate the Star Festival in July.

Mike said a few words by way of suggestion.

Death doesn't understand jokes: people call for it, and it comes.

I made a sandwich for lunch.

Steve is a software engineer.

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I love how green everything gets down there in spring.

We will travel to Los Angeles by way of Hawaii.

What time will you have to go to bed?


Angels watch from above as men fight amongst themselves.

Please don't nitpick just for the sake of nitpicking.

I think that English people might be more used to language learners than people in other countries.

The parade was led by an army band.

Bret never flunked out of college.


We need a hand.

Female driver, constant danger.

We could talk now.

They say that music soothes the savage beast, but for me personally, it neither relaxes me nor calms me.

The door closed with a bang.

Bring backup.

Maybe Bryan was walking in his sleep.

Courtney says he has no idea what happened to Gilles.

He ran away at the sight of the policeman.

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I saw him once.

What will happen to our children if nuclear war breaks out?

Samir has to do what he thinks is right.

I'll leave tomorrow, weather permitting.

Ro is doing his homework.


The baby likes to splash in the tub.


No, the traffic wasn't too bad.

I think she can't answer.

Dan realized that Boyce must be seeing someone else.

"Juma will help his friends. How about Hamisi?" "No, he will not help them."

I've been lonely, too.

He's got a boy-next-door look about him.

Manuel folded her T-shirt carefully.


I wonder why Dwayne is so excited.

Don refused medical attention.

Can I speak to her?