Triantaphyllos asked me if he could hold my hand.


I consider myself a clever man.

Ralf has never served on a jury.

When is your flight?

I'm lucky.

This cloth is sold by the yard.

Armies invaded and conquered the enemy territory.

He fought against racial discrimination.

They'll be asleep.

This is Matt's dog.

Contact my assistant if you have any questions.

Please change this for a blue one.

Honor your elders.

I'm not dating her.

I know all the details.

Woody was kind enough to tell me the truth.

I think maybe I have the wrong number.

It's very important to him.

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Look, I'm being serious.

We have no insurance.

I think it's highly unlikely that Mats was not aware that he wouldn't be allowed to enter the museum without his parents.

I can't stop thinking about the stolen money.

My mother carefully opened the door.

Paola hates secrets.

Have there been any changes?

The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.

We just got started.


I know that what I did was really stupid.

About thirty people have registered.

I'm sorry I didn't come by last night.

He is no better than a beggar.

We lived right down the road from Alf.

I wonder what they've been keeping secret.

Do you belong to the baseball club?

Hwa fell hard for Louis.

I got a bang out of her party.

I'll wait until October.

Is it love?

June isn't taking any chances.

My eyes are dazzled by the sun.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in World War II.

Dorian looked like a truck driver.

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He often quotes the Bible.

I've got business with him.

You should follow Jin's example.

My birthday is October 20th.

You've got everything you need.

Love is beyond reason.

Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine are halogens.

Everyone has their own burdens.

The Sun regularly publishes articles covering state government.

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Your car shouldn't be parked here.

I can't do this without you, Jussi.

Vickie said he'd be back before the end of the week.

The following words are called pronouns and are used as the subject of a sentence. They represent a person or a thing.

He hurt his ear while he was shaving himself.


My coach said, "Failure teaches success".

Is that the way to answer?

You like rain, don't you?

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Put your hand up when I call your name.

I don't want to take the chance.

Time has come to admit that hard work and hope are no substitute for actual knowledge.

They left me in charge.

"My goodness, Jennifer! You look completely tired out!" "I didn't sleep a wink. Vladislav snored again like a champion."


I'll buy her a drink.


It's dark, so watch your step.

She went to the station to see him off.

Amedeo is married with three children.

That was last year.

I'm interfering.

Don't let him intimidate you.

Do not do this.

I have not had anything to eat since this morning.

The band paraded the streets.


Each person paid a thousand dollars.


Who's that cute girl I saw you with at the mall?


Who calls the shots?

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I've never had to do anything like this before.

Love is above money. The latter can't give as much happiness as the former.

Grab it, Andries.


Video sites like YouTube are chock-full of clickbait titles such as "FATHER MARRIES DAUGHTER!?" or "MOST TERRIFYING GAME EVER!?".

Are you sure this is it?

Don't look for the way, just remove the obstacles.

Did you understand what Elaine was trying to say?

I cried while reading this book.


Can somebody get him a drink?


Bill will take you on at tennis.

What have I just written?

What kind of shots did they give you?


And after a long time the boy came back again.


Belinda, are you all right honey?

Mother had a large lung hemorrhage and died.

Assemble all of the leaders of my army.


This looks awesome!

They could lead.

Don't pour hot water into the glass or it will crack.


I asked Leigh what happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

This is a great moment.

That which is no longer visible is easily forgotten.


I'm stuck in a traffic jam.

He bribed that politician with a great deal of money.

The work was done with great haste.

It's the cops!

He isn't going to be forgotten in any case.

I will come on Wednesday evening unless I hear from you to the contrary.

I'm thinking of going to Boston next month.

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He's talking to himself.

She continued to talk coolly.

Thank you for the lead.

I like mixing coffee and cocoa.

I'd just like to give you a little history about our project.


When you have a minute, could I talk to you?


You won't believe where Ginny and Jean-Pierre went for their honeymoon.

Harv has a hole in his sock.

The bread is brown.


Is that a bird?

Lyndon stopped shivering.

I spent time with Gail in Boston.

I have a lot of work I have to do.

We've been married three years.

Why don't you mind your own business?

I know you're scared.

I teach French to college kids.

The day we arrived was a holiday.


On the whole, the pomato plants are growing well this year.

The boy loves this beautiful girl.

We walked along the beach.

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She wants to buy her boyfriend a present.


Ramiro went to a medieval music festival.

All you have to do is to join us.

I was going to write to you, but I started doing other things and forgot.

Boldly, she asked me the question.

Is this camera for sale?

Olson spent all night worrying about what might happen.

Isn't that so?

He wore a morning coat.

You'll end up in the hospital.

Everyone here is afraid of him.

He acted like he didn't know me.


Arthur got a letter from Marvin today.

I highly doubt it.

We dance well.

That was a brilliant idea.

I have never fed my dog a banana.

I'd leave.

It must be hard for you.


See you the week after next week.

Lievaart wants to end this.

Do you want to see the plans?

It was childish of him to behave like that.

Floyd doesn't want to take on any more work.

The household was already awake at 6 in the morning.

May I take a snapshot of you?

Do you think I should go to Boston?

I heard you don't eat meat.

We have to kill them before they lay eggs.

How much do you owe me?

He was dealt a deadly blow.

I've made the change I was advised to make.


I have a few friends in Boston.


Although he's young, he has a grey beard.

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I'm afraid of you.

He turned his thoughts toward home.

I don't have a TV at my place.


Hienz likes singing.