The Numbers stack up

Think not what you pay your accountant, but what your accountant pays back to you

Time and again we come across businessess that are structured with no imagination or thought. That costs...

... and when you work with us we guarantee that we can immediately save your business significant amounts in tax and compliance costs. 

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Key Staff

Staff at Lynch Phibbs have both broad and detailed experience and a full team of in-house experts that they work with. We like to empower them to work in close coorporation with our clients to offer a full accounting service. 

John Phibbs: 09 366 6009 - 
Founder and director. John has experience in managing finance for large corporates and is a specialist in tax acconting.

Anthony Verklei: 09 366 6007  -
Anthony has worked extensively in the financial services of large New Zealand corporates. 

Michelle Thompson: 09 366 6008 -
Michelle has been with Lynch Phibbs for well over 10 years and looks after our small to medium businesses. 


People we work with

  • Graphic Designers

    Web Developers

    Law Firms

    PR Companies

    Financial Institutions

  • Professional Services

  • Building Companies

    Property Management

    Property Ownership


    Maintenance Companies

  • Property and Construction

  • Automotive

    IT and Computing

    Property Services






  • Service

  • Family Trusts

    Charitable Trusts


    Charity Compliance

    Community Services Organizations

  • Charity and Not for Profit

  • Hopitals

    Doctors and Dentists


    Healthcare Organizations


  • Healthcare and Medical

  • Internet Service Providers

    Cell Phone Companies


  • Communication and Technology

  • Hotels


    Travel Agents


    Restaurant Chains

  • Hotel and

  • Retail Stores

    Shopping Centres

    Online Stores


  • Retail

  • This sector is wide and varied. Lynch Phibbs operates on many different levels in this sector, taking a global approach.

  • Some Other thing


Consistently our clients have been able to build on their sound financial planning and hinge their success on the accounting information that our team provides.

No business can operate without that information.

About Us

Lynch Phibbs was incoporated in 1996 with offices in Newmarket. Our own growth was based on our philosophy of honesty, support and attention to detail. We empower our staff to provide our clients with detailed financial infomation allowing them to make sound financial desisions and therefore enabling them to plan ahead and lead of their own business with supreme confidence. 


Call us today to ensure that all financial aspects of your success are well managed: 09 366 6009.