I'm not allowed to go there.

You'll feel better in the morning.


If you don't know where you're going, you'll certainly get there.

I am much obliged to you.

The economy is in a slight depression.

Ernest was off duty at the time.

It was hard for him to hide the pride he felt after his success.

He is considered to be a highly qualified employee.

How do you calculate the length of the circumference? I've forgotten.

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Was he in the army?

Mwa had a beard when he was in college.

I want you back today.

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I love you the most.

We're sympathetic.

He has a weak will.

He did both at the same time.

What happened to the others?


He is an acrobat.

He is given to drink.

I just forgot about it.

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The train for Birmingham leaves from platform 3.

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They took a two week vacation on Phuket island in southern Thailand through a travel agency.


I think I can solve this problem without help.

My memory failed me. I just couldn't remember his name.

We haven't had any complaints so far.

How about some milk?

The Milennium Development Goals aim to reduce hunger, poverty and disease.


Will you be home next weekend?


It took Tai thirty minutes to get there.

We need emergency assistance.

I think Taurus did that intentionally.

The need to learn makes us better people.

You have no idea how hard I've had to work to do this.


Half the pool was cordoned off for use by lap swimmers.

He's a drag queen.

I should go with you.


I have no quarrel with Tuna.

Teenagers long for the approval of their peers.

I'm going to wash my carriage.

Two roundtrip tickets to Osaka, please.

Maurice's boss demands a lot of work.

It is said that treasure is buried in this area.

Raul used to be a soldier.


In the movie, "The Good Earth", the American actress Agnes Moorehead played the part of a Chinese woman, which would be criticized today as representing cultural appropriation.

Tell her what you told me.

Why do you suspect me?

Now, help me with this.

Surprisingly enough, Markku turned out to be a thief.

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I asked who he was.

Griff made the children laugh.

Kieran's feelings were hurt.

Admitting what he says, I still cannot agree with him.

Why does she hate me?

The thought makes me shudder.

Most of the suspects have been arrested.

Calvin and I have never been photographed together.

He was amused at my joke.

What contemporary authors do you like?

If I don't drink a swig of water, I can't swallow these tablets.


Fold up the map.


To talk shop is fun.

You always have a choice.

He warned me that I would fail.


Peter seems adventurous.


Tammy made breakfast.

He's bound to be late.

He dashed out in confusion.

The ceiling is leaking.

Joseph has changed quite a lot.

She seemed very nice.

That can't be allowed.


Sharon couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Since no one knew me there, I told them my name was Roy.

I don't think Ramanan is a loser.

Jones was proud.

We stayed in Boston over Christmas.

It's all dark outside.

Why does that name sound familiar?

Paul pulled an MP3 player out of his bag.

Not only did they ignore the protest, they also lied to the press.

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I think I'm really not any good at French.

Who would risk doing that?

The price is very high.

You must absolutely not lick the floor.

Don't you hate that?

Norman shivered slightly.

Violence is the last refuge of incompetence.

I wish I could buy that guitar.

I didn't anticipate that question.

It said in the newspapers that it was a crime of passion.

It's nothing impressive. It's just a bit part in that play.

I spoke to my daughter.

I have never thought of that.

He looks like my father.

The table and the bed stood in their former places.

They said they're happy.

Naoto has been electrocuted.

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It's not you, it's me!


Franklin won't let me anywhere near Jane.


Chris and I'll always be friends.


It's drizzling out in the garden.

If you do this, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

I don't think they would've done anything.


The steamer is now out of sight.

It's windy today, isn't it?

She loves trying new things.

If you feel like crying, you should cry to your heart's content.

People might notice.

I would've let him do it.

She made her first appearance as a musician.

Bulgarian is similar to Russian.

He wanted proof.

He started washing his car.

Marc's embarrassed.

They left without me.

Who's running this place?


Tait pointed to a sign on the wall.

He went on reading the book as if nothing had happened.

I'd like you to take another look at this.

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Let Denis do her job.

She is blinded by love.

You were told to lay off.


Promise me you won't tell him.


You have to fill out this form.

How about dining out tonight?

The remedy is in the poison.

I've been trying to reach you for three days.

Take the one you like best, whichever it is.

My brother is a vet.

We knew you'd be upset.

I think this is for you.

She is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such.

I'll go and check on her.

It is nothing that a little persistence and ingenuity can't overcome.

Marie said that he had been busy.

Do they hate me?

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Her parents didn't approve of her relationship with him.

Is that Hurf's coat?

Why don't you just let me go?


You did good.


I am no more interested in physics than you are.

You have nice skin.

The children were sliding on the ice.

Maybe you should do what Jisheng told you to do.

You're not Canadian.

I can speak English.

We can't just act as if nothing has happened.

They cast furtive glances at one another.

The two children prepared to be bored.


The horse and buggy is now definitely out of date.

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Are you going out tomorrow?

I got a little revenge on him.

The cock and the other birds awaken me in the morning.

He thought her very charming.

The doctor will be back before long.

You are not allowed to go into that room.

I'm on a par with him in mental faculties.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Frederic will know where to go.

I'm with Arlene now.

What team do you support?

We just want to take them home.

There are desks in the room.

You seem to know me, but I don't know you.

What's the next station?

The president doesn't see anybody.

Let's stop this argument.