He often goes without food for days.

Did you guys talk about me while I was gone?

From now on, try harder.

We're curious.

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Poetry is an exploration, a revelation, and an invitation for dialogue.

I'm old enough to be your father.

Collin knows how to manage a company.

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What will this buy me?

You're a romantic.

What do you want to talk to me about?

Nobody gave us a chance.

They gave me a hand to lift the fridge.

Naomi said he could swim at least as well as Kylo.

See you on the plane.

That is exactly what I wanted to buy.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

He's eating lunch now.

Cory tried to fight back his assailant.

Can we talk to you for a moment?

Israel is on a mission.

Ahmet took some money out of the drawer.

I lent Everett the money to pay this month's rent.


I apologized to her for that.

I asked you for an explanation, but the one you gave me is unsatisfactory.

I don't see what we can do.


In those days, there were no radios.

The author of the phrase prefers not to be identified.

Get with the times.

Do you think I like it more than you do?

So what're you saying?


As the train came to a halt, all of the passengers wondered what was happening.

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I enjoyed the music to my heart's content.

The division of the property was a bone of contention between the brothers.

They stayed away from the place.


I will devote my life to the study of history.

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I know a girl whose father is a lawyer.


Lois seemed hurt.

I've been thinking about buying new towels.

Everyone felt sorry for him.

To play tennis is fun.

I've never stolen anything from Kevin.

He behaves very naturally.

The stars seem dim because of the city lights.


That's theirs.


Butterfly is a very nice word.

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Blair didn't feel like eating lunch.

Apparently some people need my blood more than I do.

That's not going to be easy.

Samuel handed the file to Paula.

The course of action is unclear.

I need more butter.

Why did you say no?

We must face the facts.

What do we do with it?

I'm so sorry that I doubted you.

I'm not free to go this afternoon.

This party is great.

I talked to her again.

I think you should pick them.

Hang on a bit until I'm ready.


You can't read Japanese, can you?

The houses caught fire one after another.

There is no sense in speaking ill of him.

Metin is already sound asleep.

A war is an awful thing.

His research bore fruit in the end.



Give me all this money.


Shari's car won't start.

We'll see who finishes first.

There is no more dangerous experiment than that of undertaking to be one thing before a man's face and another behind his back.


Stars emanate gamma rays when they explode.

He demanded that I pay right away.

Are you in a bad mood?

I watch television with my daughter.

It is becoming warmer day by day.

I can't get an answer from Mechael.

You screwed up.

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Let's begin at page 30.

He's always breaking into our conversation.

I don't want her to get into trouble.


It took all weekend for us to paint the garage.

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Let's just be friends.


This is the same car as I have.

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When did your baby start talking?


Don't you want to meet her?

This dictionary contains a lot of information.

Did you see her there?

I must take back the money at all costs.

The two came to the same conclusion.


The teacher granted me permission to go home early.

Germany and Japan were defeated.

I don't think this is Jordan's umbrella.

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His statement is void of sincerity.

They always behave themselves well.

Lori suggested that we should take a ten-minute coffee break.

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He has eyes like emeralds.

When I first visit a country, I always try to share a meal with the people there.

After he left school, he went to London.

You've got a lot of willpower.

He has been barred from the club.

We have to figure out what this all means.

I have the hang of it.

Saumya looked very old.

We have a lot of work to do before that happens.

I have to admit I was worried about it.

I love my cat.

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The injured person wailed with pain after recovering from the anaesthesia.


You aggravated the situation.


I started this topic.


He is a great lover of music.

Why would I do all that?

You need to tell us the truth.

The people fear war.

I was in bed all day long yesterday.

I didn't kill anybody!

I cannot breathe pure air. I live in a large city.

Raif is a little uptight.

This price is reasonable.

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The results weren't very good.

I thought Sanjib would be asleep by now.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Someone could get hurt.

Why can't you just be nice?

Her mother was busy cooking the dinner.

Our hearts are linked.

Mr. Hirayama is a very good teacher.

I wonder how many people are still here.


I'm crazy.

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I'm not good at carpentry.


How did Jochen act?

I think what Susan is doing is amazing.

We need to take that bus.

My mother wouldn't stop crying.

I cannot explain it to you now.

Who cooks for you?

You're carrying this too far.

I'm not sure my parents would want me to give you that.

She needs answers.

First of all, we have to plant all these seeds.

He is still not back from the mountains.

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Mott doesn't like classical music.

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That's wrong.

She is going to have kittens next month.

Everything is ready now for the party.


He is doing very well at school.

He is naturally clever.

I start speaking.

You are pulling my leg.

Martin seemed very tired, didn't he?


I hear from him every now and then.

I don't teach them to swim.

Is this one the bus for Oxford?

It's too late to re-negotiate terms.

Hilda doesn't really care about me.


I live to eat.


Michael and Dana have gone swimming together a number of times.

If the film is on at your place, do go and see it.

Daddy used to say that time is money.


Which highway leads to the football stadium?