I'm not much of an athlete.

I can drive.

My sister and I went to the castle.

Are you for or against abortion?

This book is easy to read.


I am stuttering.

If it's alright with you, I think I'll go to sleep.

We got into a car.

She uncorked a bottle.

I am keen on Vickie's passing the examination.

I looked for you everywhere and didn't find you.

Mehrdad pretended to be sleeping.

Can you stand on your hands?

Let's not pack our bags just yet.


It's Thursday.


I cannot thank him enough.

You've got to do better than that next time.

I am fixing a meal.

That was very generous of you.

I like the way you take care of me.

Cathrin doesn't need to work.

We're going to the movies tonight.

She gains an advantage over me in speaking Chinese.

Kim Il-sung was named premier.


You are hiding it from Eric as well, so that he won't get to know anything.

He lives in a suburb, in a quiet suburb.

I'll stay home tomorrow.


They attempted to break through the enemy line.

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But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.

Matthew has three kids now.

Did you ask her to leave?

The state oppresses the people.

She went out without even asking me to have a seat.

Rees was a little surprised by how well Amos could swim.

Give me some water.

It is unavoidable that the fighting will intensify.

Rik is similar.

They're pretty harmless.

I catch up with you.

There's an easier way to do this.

God is everywhere.

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I didn't have anything to eat.

We have used our ration of coal for the week.

Ronni said he wanted to be left alone.

Courtships get interesting when one of the two plays hard to get.

I'm not certain about that.

He did not expect to live so long.

I don't have as much money as he does.

She's coming with us.

This is my city now.

Take some exercise every day for your health.

Has anybody here been to Hawaii?

Here's a list of difficult words I have compiled so far.

Long time, no see. I hear that you've changed your job again.

His beard was thick and red.

I have to bone up on my physics.

I'd like to lie down.

The grass is always greener.

He then added, "I tell you the truth..."

The phrase is meant to insult people.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

Which browser is your favourite?


We're competitors, not partners.

Brett told Rupert she didn't want him to date other women.

She is not a good sailor.

I'll live.

Peggy never made it back to Boston.


Welcome to Wikipedia.

They ought to have reached there by now.

It can't be that bad, right?

This is not true.

That was the intent.

We spent happy days there all the summer.

I don't believe we need that.

I don't have an alibi.

Malloy was able to hear the music from nightclub down the street.


That depends on your ability to take care of it.

What made them so mad?

There are many active volcanoes in Japan.

There she comes.

You will all die.

Natasha is a Russian name.

Maybe you're doing it wrong.

It's windy out here.

Shall I draw you a picture?

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He was forced to work part-time to study abroad.

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Way to go.

What do I know?

Nobody can clearly see the situation.

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A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. It's 9.5 trillion (9,500,000,000,000) kilometers.

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They study in order that they may enter the university.


We want to go to the beach in his car on Saturday.

The topic is worth discussing.

I'm going to go talk to them.

Please give me the book.

Don't your neighbors ever complain?

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He has worked throughout the whole day.

The young man driving the car was drunk.

I want to make sure nothing's broken.

Knute doesn't need to come to work next Monday.

We should let Michael make up his own mind.

I've never lied to you.

There was one American, one Canadian, plus about ten Germans.

Even if it rains, he'll play golf.

There were riots.

I left Shanghai last year and have not yet been back.

They're all chasing her.

There are no fewer than a dozen bedrooms in this mansion.

The audience applauded appreciatively.

I'm happy to be able to help you.

When did you buy that from us?


I haven't told Tomas yet.

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What did Ofer do next?

It'll rain soon.

It would be better if he's there this evening.

What with joy and shame, she blushed to the ears.

Think about the implications.

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Aaron hasn't asked for any pain medication.

What do you guys think of them?

My brother is arriving tomorrow morning.


Liisa accused me of negligence.

I miss her.

Kanthan follows Cathryn wherever she goes.

The team lacked mobility.

Japanese people exchange gifts in order to communicate.

Do you want to watch football?

Bud looks frightened.


The plane took off.

What have you been doing all this time!

Fritz told Jem that she was a bad kisser.


That is just her way.


I've got something for her.

Are you coming, Dwight?

We learned that the earth goes around the sun.

What on earth did you put it on the menu for?

There are a few books in the bag.

I'm supposed to be at school now.

That's what I love about her.

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Is this your bike?


We have to seriously think about this.

Sofoklis told me that I wasn't going to be fired.

I was walking in the park with a friend of mine when it started raining.

What's your favorite sad song?

It used to be thought that the earth was flat.


Jorge will most likely be the first one to show up.

Here is a photograph of my family.

There's nothing else to eat.

I'm sure that would mean a lot to Pratap.

You come right in time. Can you please try the new model?

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I'm the one who's sick.

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Bernard put on some clean clothes.

He and I have been inseparable friends since our student days.

This weed killer does not harm human beings.

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She is well spoken of among her own sex.

It's fun to travel.

The butcher ground the meat.


Great idea.

I'm epileptic.

Such a thing can't happen in Japan.

You can read ten books in a week? Don't you mean in a month?

I don't feel too well.

I am hanging up a picture of my grandmother.

Do you still have the notes I gave you?

We will start at two o'clock if it has stopped raining by that time.

The school rules require students to wear school uniforms.


Old asked Johann to go to the zoo with him.

It's very quiet here, isn't it?

The harassed mule got his back up and began kicking up dust.