Lloyd went up the attic stairs.

On this day in 1887 appeared in Warsaw a booklet of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof about the "International Language". Its size was modest, its motto ambitious: "For a language to be an international one, is not enough to call it as such." The name of the author was given as "Dr. Esperanto".

I found that there was a little girl sobbing.

Don't breathe a word of it to anyone.


Olaf is going to have to go alone.

The residents of Mumbai are called Mumbaikars.

You explained that well.

What's so special about Marika?

That's why I need to meet her.


The boy lost sight of his mother in the crowd.

Saqib crossed the road without looking both ways.

It probably won't be easy.

We don't have enough time.

I'm very glad to hear the news.

This is where Leith met List for the first time.

The cabin we stayed in didn't have electricity.

Irvin knew Carl was lying to him.

Nils spoke quickly.

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He was destined to become a simultaneous interpreter.

Hwa didn't think what Fritz was wearing was appropriate for the occasion.

If Scotland eventually recovers its stolen independence after over three centuries, I'll get myself dead drunk.


My favorite subject is biology.


He was alone in the darkness - and nobody else.

He came running into the room.

You're just an underling. Know your place!

Get them out of here.

This is the key which I have been looking for.

I'm taller than him.

I remember something.



He was hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.

She lived all her life in that town.

I wasn't as careful as I should've been.

We sacrificed a lot.

I don't know what I should be doing now.

I'm glad you see it that way.

He lost his beloved son.

She must have been a beauty when she was young.

I've never been more bored.

He is always prepared.

This is ludicrous.

I help Taninna almost every day.


Marty isn't a child anymore.

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He bought his daughter a new dress.

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If you act like a child, you will be treated as such.

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You're amusing.

Woody had a bad accident.

I'm sure Dwayne will ask you to the dance.

In case of fire, do not use the lift.

I can't buy it because I have no money.

I want to get out of this town.

When asked what separates American men from European men, Zsa Zsa Gabor replied, "The Atlantic Ocean, darling."

They both looked back at us.

What did Brandon want us to do?

I ruined my clothing.

Several roads are flooded.

I'm trying to spare your feelings.

I count to ten.

You've seen what I can do.

The primary aim of science is to find truth, new truth.


All of us like you very much.

How many years have you been studying judo?

Do you like egg rolls?


She says I need a fresh start.


I never talked to her again.

Hey, don't give up! You can do it!

I wish I could live in a house like this.


This new regulation is wigscratchingly difficult.

Do you believe me?

This is a special day for all of us.

How did Kriton even know about it?

Matti, you've got to help me.

I have made many sacrifices for my country.

You have made the very same mistake again.

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He often shows his anger.

I walked quickly so that I might catch the first train.

Lee is at the back door.

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Her tears gave more credence to the story.

I'll see if Victor wants to come over.

I think we got it under control.

Jack insisted on having a living room to himself.

There was only a faint chance of success.

That's why I'm going.

The scars are barely visible.

They're not going to catch us.

I thought you enjoyed my company.

Your problems are similar to mine.

All of us approved of the plan.


I don't know where the problem is.


I don't want to fight with you.

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I'll tell you only what you need to know.

Did Son seem busy?

My brother doesn't go in for sports.

Can we just skip that?

A friend is always ready to do a favor.

Pull up a chair.

Skeeter's parents only stayed together for the sake of the children.

Lin rose to go.

After three straight late nights at work, I feel like I'm drowning in work.


Rajarshi bet me thirty dollars that I wouldn't eat this.

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We needed Loyd's help.

The doctor told Jurevis not to eat solids for a few days.

Without family and friends, it's a dog's life.

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I intend to see the project through.


I don't want to rock the boat.


Keep this information under your hat.

Can anyone recommend me a good monolingual German dictionary?

That's really neat.


Everything has been good.

He tried to write down everything the teacher said.

In which language do you want to see names of animals?

It's not the same without you.

Keep warm.

I was fascinated with him.

Is the staff meeting held on Monday?

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He wrote three books in as many years.

When did you immigrate to our country?

He came back after many years.

I heard that he could even translate from Ancient Hebrew.

Can you do it or can't you?

Get Ted on it.

You answer questions so well.


Marshall doubts Roberta's story is true.

Echo fell asleep next to his mother dreaming of the bat cave.

I lost interest.

What are you trying to hide?

It isn't worth the risk.


I thought I'd go fishing.

Tell me exactly what happened.

I got a horrible shock when I saw the car accident.


He is no more than a dreamer.

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A baby has no knowledge of good and evil.

That's a depressing thought.

The admission is ten dollars a person.

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I'm practically already grown up.

I think it's about time to go.

Let's postpone dinner.


Playing music to me is like reading a book.


I think Brent likes Gale.

It's no joke! It's really a pain, you see.

Is that so strange?


I think Ed said he'd be staying in Boston for three weeks.


The word that is known to anyone is a greeting.


Why can't vacation last forever?

We have never been richer.

My sister is playing with a doll.

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They still have the nerve to talk.

Do you have your laptop with you?

He used to have bread for breakfast.

The first item on Vince's list of things to take with him on his trip is his mobile phone recharger.

You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.


Theodore looked up at Fletcher.

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I like salmon. I eat it as often as I can.


Andrew expects Randal to come back before lunch.

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I want to make something clear.


My advice was not followed.


The set of real numbers is uncountable.