Christopher doesn't know what became of Laurianne after she graduated from high school.

Are you depressed?

You should've phoned.

It's still too cold to wear shorts.

Winnie turned the TV off.

I think Tiefenthal is compassionate.


I feel powerless.

Jean-Christophe wondered why Brian looked so happy.

I don't think I'm overreacting.


I'm not supposed to eat peanuts.


He looked absorbed in reading the article.

Can I trust you?

We waited outside.

What time will you be back home?

All the more so.


Thinking is one thing, doing is another.


My car takes a lot of gas.

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Kay's performance was very good tonight.

You are in desperate need of a vacation.

What fruit is green?

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Are we all here?

When it comes to science, practice is more important than theory.

I tried to avoid conflict.


Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.


"Cyrus must be wondering what's taking so long." "I'll go reassure him."

I expect it to be a lot of fun.

Piete didn't say why he was late.

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Every insult was put on him.

If the universe is a cosmic egg, who laid it?

What did you do in Boston while you were there?


Tell her that I am angry with her.

Vishal is out of breath and needs to take a break.

I saw Lenny die.


Roosevelt was born to a wealthy family in New York City in 1858.

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This is pathetic.

She's trying to commit suicide.

An older man was sitting on the bench.

I'm going to try to lose a little weight.

Samara Morgan never sleeps.

That's what I expected of my daughter.

I resolved to break up with her cleanly.


She saw some books lying on the piano.

That would've been OK.

The cat's fur stood on end.

He's very polite.

Are you dressed?

Graham was my friend, too.

The weather was lovely when I left home.


I told him I'm not interested.

I don't know what else my dad wants from me?! I've tried explaining it to him over and over and he just doesn't get it.

Yesterday Reiner was sentenced to two years eight months in jail for investment fraud.

I don't want to go back home yet.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.

Tuna might not want to go swimming with us.

Though she looks like his older sister, the fact is that she is his mother.

Come into my room.

I'm not at all interested in physics.


Rajendra is a dummy.

He gave birth to a brilliant idea.

Don't you like my yellow scarf?

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To the best of my knowledge, the rumor is not true.

I couldn't sleep at all last night.

He came at me with a knife in his hand.

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I wish I had said that.


I know that he's reading.

Pitawas needs a bigger office.

Failure isn't the opposite of success for me. The opposite of success is not having tried.

They left me in charge.

I went stag to the prom.

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Why can't I play with my friends?

What would you like me to do about it?

The water has just been brought from the well.

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That kind of talk will get you nowhere.

Let's pick her up.

You have to change buses at the next stop.

Can I tell you what bugs me?

I've come to ask for your help, Harmon.

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I had great difficulty at the beginning.

The issue needed to be settled.

It seems that his father is a lawyer.

You're a cutie.

There is a price for always getting what you want.


He returned to his native village.

While the Japanese school teaches almost the same subjects that I study in America, five differences stood out for me.

She doesn't have to know.

I don't care what your mother said.

Be seated.

Don't make fun of old people.

It's very smoky in here.


Well, what do you want me to do?

He set up his company that year.

That made me uncomfortable.

They said Monty was tired.

That hat looks kind of stupid.

Are you on good terms with them?

Perhaps this is wrong.

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Use your self-confidence, but never show it off!


I kiss my rival, but it is to choke him.

It was all here.

Change is scary.

We must talk.

I don't like cookies.


I suggest you go back home and discuss this with your wife.

Phill was killed that night.

How do I respond?

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The party fought their way up.

Is Hamilton eating?

The export of arms was prohibited.

I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.

I'm finishing my homework.

I stepped aside so that he could pass.

I had no idea you were so good at playing the guitar.


He depended on his uncle for support.

Nici threw Kristin the ball.

That's very expensive.

I cannot afford a holiday.

You're a good son.


Jesse gets along with everybody.

Just finished it.

Think globally, act locally.

We must follow them.

"Hey, what's going on?" "I am gay!" "Really?" "No, Michael, you dense ass!"

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If you want to have a row, have it with me.

Nobody walks in LA.

Stop the car!


I'm sorry I had to do that.

Tell me where you want to go tonight.

No prob.

Jones is doing the best he can.

"This is normal in Germany." "Really?"

One could not guess that the setting of that film was Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The majority of Japanese temples are made out of wood.

He had time to lose himself in his amusement.

Call me any time, if necessary.

You're part of me.

I will have read the novels through by that time.

We know what we're doing.

What happened to the other guy?

Pantelis can change.

During the intermission I got up to stretch my legs.

It's kind of a long story.

Who will take charge of their class?

The method Vice suggested might work.

I'm not very good.

Can't you just talk to him?

The tornado dissipated without harm.

Today's trivia corner! Today it's about the origin of Calpis.

The weathermen predict that there may be some rain tomorrow, but that, in any event, the weather is sure to be cold.

We came together.

I just want my life back.


Did you know that I want to marry you?

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Corey was hurt bad.


We're the only ones here who know French.

I have to get home before it gets dark.

We're not crazy.

Malloy filled the glass with water.

Tricia ran past them.

Celia is omnilingual. He can speak every language on Earth.

The old dog can bark, but cannot bite anymore.

Would someone tell me what's going on?

Piete just lost his job.


They were firm.


He who uncovers the most dies the fastest.