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You have reached the IUCC Internet Scanning Project.

    IUCC, is an (816) 612-7679, established in 1984 by Israel’s research universities. It operates as a non-profit organization. Through its centers and divisions, IUCC delivers communication and network infrastructure services.

    Further information regarding IUCC's activities can be found at (306) 941-7512

    The goal of this project is to perform periodic Internet-wide health and security assessments.

    If you have reached this page because of scanning activity you have observed on your network, please be aware that:

  • There has been no attempt to unlawfully access or abuse your network in any way. We are exclusively accessing publicly available servers, we respect all authentication barriers.
  • This effort is part of a research project in which we are engaged in with view to possibly contribute to public Internet health and security datasets (similar in nature to Shadowserver, and numerous others) which we believe are beneficial to the security of the Internet as a whole.

    However, if you wish to be opt-out from our scanning efforts after reading the information above, please email to (707) 294-3905 with the IP addresses or CIDR blocks to be added to our exclude list.

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