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I agree we're taking a risk.

In the end the bill was forced into being withdrawn.

He told me that he was hungry.


Phiroze lit the stove.

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Rudolph was there with his girlfriend.

I plan to check to see if what he said was true or not.

Who is going to pick up the tab for this?

Byron was the last person I expected to see there.

She has problems at school.

You have to put more coal in the stove.

I want some of those.

This isn't your fight.

We won't win.

Time is the thing that keeps everything from happening at once.

Vic was there for me.

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I wonder what that means.

I know I probably won't win.

I think you'll want to see this.

I want to go out with her.

I'll live in the city.


He drinks only for the sake of getting drunk.

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I've been doing research over the last few days about how I might make money from the project, but I think all my options will require a severe shift in the way I live, which is a tricky thing.


You said that already.

Generally speaking, distance runners are less flexible than sprinters.

I think we are much better off than we used to be.

It wasn't easy.

Please keep my place in this line.

Marvin is going to need these.

As far as I'm concerned, she's a complete stranger.

This plant has some burned leaves.

I've been writing a lot.


I played right field.


That must have been socially awkward.

Nhan is unlikely to come by himself.

Brodie couldn't identify what was wrong.

Not all horses were born equal. A few were born to win.

Suffering from terminal cancer, he was thrown out of a certain veteran hospital in New York three times because he adamantly rejected blood transfusions.


They wouldn't have done anything.

I never told you it was going to be easy.

Your face is familiar, but I can't recall your name.

Damone asked me to wake him up at six-thirty.

That's what we do.

Roberto kissed Dominick on the cheek.

I underestimated you, Butler.

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I didn't believe her.

I will go to New York next week.

You're not a horrible person.


I would never have guessed that you could buy butter for such a low price.

I want everybody to be respectful.

But he really wanted a son.


Going to live abroad is a major decision.

I spent last Sunday reading novels.

I could not study at home.


Pia and Willie both remained fairly calm.

I've been way busier than expected.

Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty.

What you have said applies only to single women.

We are going to rent a car by the hour.


How long have you known Judy?


Who did Syd marry?

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I'm a thief, I'll go back when I've taken the stuff. Report me and I'll stab you.

Sylvan is taking a nap.

I heard Juliet speak French yesterday for the first time.

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He seems like he's got a few screws loose.

She had the kindness to help me.

This is the final straw.

Canada is located in North America.

What position does Werner play?

Conditioning is fine for animals, but people need more advanced lessons.

I never drink wine.

That was my second guess.

Do you know why she's jealous of me?

I was just on my way.

So, I was right?

I don't have to wear glasses any more.

Will you swim with her?


Where is the duty-free shop?

That shouldn't be all that difficult.

I caught the ball with one hand.

I was gonna go shopping tomorrow, but I really can't be bothered.

Don't you forget that.

Japanese tourists abroad are big spenders.

Seven children died in a fire in Brooklyn.


I am an English teacher.

I will go when they come back here.

Helen did not raise his head.

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I don't know what you expect me to do.

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Not a ray of light could reach the closet.

Thou wilt come to the brawling stream, not falsely named.

Chris has absolutely no idea what he's supposed to do.

There are some beautiful roses in the vase.

I never expected to be kidnapped.

We're lifeguards.

It occurred to me that he must have lost the money.

I never should've broken up with Hwa.

Be at the train station at eleven sharp.

I want to become a teacher of Japanese.

Are you a criminal?

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I'll tell her you're here.

They don't do it.

I eat here every day.

There's nothing to stop us now.

Is there a shop here?

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I told her what I know.

I'm tougher than I look.

Children have a tendency to become rebellious.

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I hope to own my own house someday.


He is not good at making friends and always keeps to himself.

I looked but saw nothing.

Hal refused to answer List's questions.

Srivatsan was a pretty good singer when he was young.

The cold air revived her.

Religion played an important role during the Middle Ages.

Sridhar has something important to say.


Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?

Grant was told to go home.

Mu shu pork is my speciality.

You're insane.

It is the role of a student to study.

It doesn't seem to work.

Is she here yet?

Tigger couldn't understand why Rafik was acting so strangely.

We'll try to get there early enough to help you set things up.

Kyu did the best he could do.

Price realized that he was drowning.

She's now a college student.

Don't let that worry you.


Keep it down, guys.

Please tell Radek he needs to be here by 2:30.

This happens every day.


Timothy staggered into the room, carrying a bottle of beer.


She relented.

What time did you go to sleep this morning?

Stay cool.

Marty said that he was thirsty.

My bed is large, and ghosts come and sleep on it during the day.

He pointed out that the former was inferior to the latter in some respects.

He always shows cowardice.

Carpenters cut wood.

When will she leave for Athens?

Shut up, or I'll knock you out.

Sofia really improved this week.

Do you sell French newspapers?

I like the color blue.


Did you recognize your old classmate?

I'm not over thirty years old.

They said it was exactly what the president wanted.

I thought you said Brent would never hurt Sanand.

Jochen is in a meeting right now.

The store is also open at night.

For fuck's sake, where did I put my goddamn house keys?


How did you acquire all this wealth?


She trusts him.

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I want to be an artist.

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Our talk about the sexuality of flies could offend some people.


Jerome wriggled his toes.

Which would you rather do, go to the cinema or stay at home?

I'm actually a little afraid.

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The dog is faithful to its master.

On his way home, Jeany met a man who he thought was an American.

What is most important in life differs from person to person.

I am a German architect.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I don't have much energy today.