The Americans rejected the offer.

Indra is coming for a visit.

I didn't go there.

"I have a manuscript in my pocket," Doctor James Mortimer said.


I thought you liked it here.


Sally told me he usually eats breakfast at seven.


My mother has gone to the beauty shop.

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The default value is zero.

I can't make heads or tails of this assignment.

She is as beautiful as a rose.

He gave her a book.

That was all Chinese to me.

If he is not ill, he will come.

I was a student at that time.

We'll send Chris a card.

Her mother is arriving by the 9:10 train.


I want to wish you the best.

I know Lois's widow.

I have two brothers and one sister.

As a rule, he arrives at the office about eight-thirty in morning.

We have to hurry.


Although he had many toys, his greed made him want more.

Rees would be a good choice.

I'm not going to eat that much.

Please say something.

It occurred to me that my watch might be broken.

They used to buy Nike shoes.

I, too, am worried about her.


Apetizers are small dishes served before a meal.

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My mom taught me how to do it.


We must get there before him.

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We stayed at my aunt's during the vacation.

How much did you bet her?

Ask Shahid how he's feeling.

Are you saying that for real?

Roger is furious at what Rhonda did.

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When John was fourteen he was apprenticed to the trade of carpenter.


Where did you tell Alison you went to school?

He can't endure my selfishness any more.

A complete intransitive verb takes neither complement nor object.


The committee were discussing the problem.

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They held their sides with laughter at his joke.


Why did you take a cab?

I got really hungry.

Mark visited Boston.


Does your brother like ice skating?

You can't see them today.

The demand was summarily rejected.

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Dan talked to Linda on the phone repeatedly.


They have taken her away.

Klaudia is going through a very difficult time.

It's harder than it looks.

I gained three pounds.

A liter of milk contains about thirty grams of protein.


Adrian wants you back, you know.

Tell me where you were last night.

Werner Herzog makes outstanding documentaries and feature films.


Hirotoshi doesn't care whether Cliff stays or goes.

Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the greatest sopranos of the world.

This car is mine.

There are more clouds today than yesterday.

What exactly did you see?


How did you guys meet?

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That Italian author is little known in Japan.

It sure is tight.

The father doesn't beat his son.


Nobody paid any attention.

"Sridharan will translate French into English for free." "That's good to know."

All of this is stressing me out.


Matt is in charge.

Griff didn't call me back.

You were sick.

We were jealous.

I lend money.


Life is really tough sometimes.

Watch your step when you get on the train.

They didn't have to speak about our school.

Having heard it so many times, I can recite the poem by heart now.

The dog chased the rabbit.


You wake up lying on the rocky floor of a dark cave. A little light filters down from above. You can just make out a couple of openings leading away from the cave. What do you do now?

Kimmo heard Gregg was in the hospital.

He has little confidence in himself.

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We're all created equal.

It was relatively quiet.

Once upon a time they used to travel by a diligence.


She bought this pen at that store.


We must think over the issues carefully.

You're very resourceful.

If you are capable of doing good for someone then do not hold back.


No one has ever complained about that.


It's easy to call us and we are in distress, but continue to pray after the crisis is more like ensuring that helps promising to adhere to the spirit of good achievements

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She didn't turn up after all.


Edgar said I needed to put on some sunscreen.


Did you buy this for her?

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

We have been here for three days.


The boss is going to get mad at me.

Celia came to class in his pajamas.

Your secret's safe.

He made an endeavor to improve the situation.

All that is solid melts into air.


I am very sad that he has died.

She was careful not to break the glasses.

Dennis told me to wash my face.

The course of action is unclear.

He was such a bright boy others admired him.

Many admire him.

Ostriches are incapable of flight.

Admission will be free.

We're expecting.

I like your idea.

I'm going to change and I'll be back.


Pratapwant sat alone at a table near the window.


They captured the great Belgian port of Antwerp.

We're supposed to stay under the radar.

I go to a restaurant once in a blue moon.

Such thing can't be true.

This is just another day.

They made the goal.

Off it went.

Clark doesn't need to apologize. He did nothing wrong.

Is Debi aware of what he did?

No swimming unless a lifeguard is present!

It's incomprehensible.

Fred is slurring his words. I think he's drunk quite a lot.

When they go low, we go high.

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I want to make a local call, number 20-36-48.

I'm willing to pay you a lot of money to do that.

We're ready for that.


Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

If I had wanted it, I would've asked for it.

I'm repeating it to you so that you remember.

It's so annoying!

The odds are even that our team will win the game.

Tell Pierce to quit doing that.

Collin bought a webcam.


No one has the right to tell me what kinds of clothes I can wear.

I hear you got married again.

I'm asking you as a friend.

He told me that she will not tell him what happened to me on the day he saw me talking about the story about the girl who got killed.

You need Bus Number Five.

You look like him.

We're out of coffee.


Todd put his pistol under his pillow.

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Rupert expects the worst.


I bet I can do better than him.

You just take the rough with the smooth.

Are you all completely crazy?

She caught sight of the tautology that she was looking for in a crowd of other, equally useless and potentially dangerous, tautologies.

The ice in the Arctic Sea is disappearing.


The notorious rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

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I thought Claude might ask Raanan to the dance.

Sean Connery started balding at the age of 21.

Marlena left his children.