The horizon of many people is a circle with a radius of zero - and they call it their point of view.

Eric is eager to go to Boston.

Just do only what Tarmi tells you.

You can't force Terry to do that.


Would you care for drinks?

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I asked Nate where he had gone.


Do you have any evidence?

Nobody ever talks about it.

I still believe the Internet is not a place for children.


Many people left.

Say nothing to no one about anything.

Can you give me a ride to the office on Wednesday?

Julia's backyard is full of junk he's picked up at garage sales.

I saw you crying.


Tell Casper what he should do.

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The has only been here three days.

Do you eat rice in your country?

He says I speak too fast, but this is how we speak Portuguese.

I left my tennis racket on the train.

She dressed up and left for the party.

I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Plastic never arrived.

Was last month November?

My father fell ill because he worked too hard.

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Yumi speaks very good English.

I don't want to go out on a limb.

Sorrel adopted our method of bookkeeping.


This restaurant only accepts cash.

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We were somewhere else.

Maybe it was just a fluke.

A brown dwarf is a celestial object, in which fusion occurs, but that is not massive enough to fuse hydrogen.

Even though Rainer didn't win the race, he doesn't seem too disappointed.

I met a friend of Rebecca's this morning.

The water pressure caused the pipe to burst.

Lester threw a stone into the pond.

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It sounds like they're going to Kashgar.

The pride of New York are its museums.

You're good at this.

Money cannot pay for the loss of happiness.

He's the most handsome man I've ever met.


We've got to be careful.

Kanthan and Laurel are kissing.

There's a better explanation.

Are you in favor of the proposal?

The mother gives an apple to her sons.

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Don't squirm, the doctor told patient before sticking a scary-looking needle into his arm.

Way to go!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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You're only pretending to study, aren't you?

How are the others?

He was established as Foreign minister.

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He likes football a lot.

I just don't feel safe here anymore.

That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.


The moon's so bright.

Now I don't feel like watching television.

My parents don't like my girlfriend. They think that she's not good enough for me.

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Naomi ordered a strawberry shake.

Will we ever see you again?

The event starts at 11pm.

Time is the most precious thing in the world.

We're banking on you to provide all the money we need.

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Did you pay for everything?

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We've got to call her.

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I'm glad you could come. Please make yourself at home.

You're playing with me, aren't you Patricia?

Samuel says he usually buys a new car every three years.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcasted live on TV last night.

We'll be waiting for you.

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Need he run so fast?

Her anger gave way to sorrow.

Toki Pona is a simple communication system.

It's important to get the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio right in a compost heap.

Omar has been putting on weight recently.


I think it sounds lovely.


The was supposed to be here yesterday.


It's in the public domain.


Manolis has his eyes closed and is pretending to be asleep.

Sixty new museums opened.

They live nearby.

He who does not see anything strange has never looked a lobster in the eyes.

I lost myself in your universe.


Compared to his brother, he's not so wise.


Bill asked whether Clayton knew what she was supposed to do.

We need answers.

One morning, she unexpectedly met him on the street.


I'm proud to have you on our team.

Anne sat down and read the paper.

I want to congratulate you on your graduation.


I think he really believes it.

Jane will never forget this past year. Neither will we.

The law prohibits minors from smoking.

What Shyam said made Leif cry.

When I was a kid, I was all thumbs.

I haven't seen her recently.

The notice was put on the front page.

It's so quiet.

Sergeant makes jokes about everything.

I was the one who gave that to Lea.

He died a beggar.

Nobody could say no to Ning.

He asked her where she lived.

You'll burn your hands if you don't use a potholder or oven mitts!

I can give you something for your pain.

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Piercarlo wants you to take us to school.

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I hope there's no more red tape.

It is not sufficient to describe the differences in attitude between these two ethnic groups.

That's not the first time you've told me that.

Christie is sleeping in his car.

Do you have doubts?

I shot Graham.

I live in Shymkent.

Keith shifted his hat.

Does anybody here know how to set up a web server?


Go to the hospital, the two of you.

Actually, yes.

They never give up.

Any object that gets too close to a black hole will be pulled inside it.

Marek warned Wendi not to go out at night alone.

May you enjoy good health.

I haven't broken a Christmas ornament in years.


I'm mad at him.


I don't have to listen to you.

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I keep a journal.


Perform an experiment in creating a country from scratch.

I thought I warned you about that.

It isn't totally exact.

It may be helpful.

Is that what she wants?

Clare never did anything Edmond had to forgive him for.

I know her very well.

I have a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow.

Stay on this side of the yellow line.

Matti Jackson has released a new album.

Kevan shoved the bowl toward Elliot.

When she was a student, she went to the disco only once.

Change trains at Tokyo Station.

I do my English homework in Latin, my Latin in Economics, and my Economics before school.

I want to be cautious.


Who won the prize?

You make me nervous.

He could swim free in the lake.

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I cannot solve this problem.

Dan promised Linda more.

Your view of reality is too materialistic.


I knew them better than you did.

What should I do today?

This truck has a flat tire.


Why are you so uptight?

Fletcher isn't to be trifled with.

Don't give it to Ruth. Give it to Elijah.

Are you sure you don't need any help?

Hello. May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please?

Which house did you live in before?

Florian is good-hearted.

Visitors to the zoo are not allowed to feed the animals.

Benson wore a white jacket.


That's what I like about him.

You've been waiting all morning.

I now understand that the woman I thought was a nurse is a doctor.