He wasn't expecting to see you.

David can't trick me.

I hear you're good at French.

Jos is reading a novel by Sidney Sheldon now.

I needed to see you.

He knew how to drive horses tandem.

There is no reason why I shouldn't do it.

Emmett is a waiter.

I wonder how Blake is taking it.

I will be working all day tomorrow.

Gail doesn't have much time for volunteer work.

He almost pooped his pants when he saw that spider.

From what time to what time is your office open?

Rupert sleeps on his back.

She is a young student.

The police looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of Mott.


Aimee's in the bathroom now.

I'm baking a cake for Norbert's birthday.

Wait for me in the car.

Hunger urged him to steal.

I could use some support right now.


Did you see the way she was looking at you?


Many young people in the country long to live in the city.

I want to talk to you outside.

Clyde Tombaugh also discovered several star clusters, a comet and more than a hundred asteroids.


I cannot leave home even for a moment.

We should head south.

It's a celebration.

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The man wanted to call his father.

I saw Laurianne just this morning.

I hope that I can do that.


She allowed him to go alone.

What was Margie singing?

In the cultures of certain peoples, a marked feeling of superiority has developed, so much so that it makes them capable of completely dehumanizing other peoples, to the point that that any kind of torture, rape, or mass murder seems acceptable to them.

What I don't take, another will - the world has always been that way.

Its long neck resembles that of a horse.

I cannot tell which is the right side of this paper.

Why are you out here?

I was going to have cake for dessert, but I changed my mind.

Stanley is trying to contact you.

Women are physically weaker than men.

Actually, I simply read the Russian sentence with a Hebrew mind, and it's clear.

Let's make a big circle.

He tries to keep abreast of his classmates.

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Go straight ahead and you will find it. You can't miss it.

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How is it you use the numbers of Arabic?

I stood all the way.

And now I'm trouble because of you!


I knew that guy wasn't one of us.

Do it right.

My mother put a large vase on the shelf.

This city is 1,600 meters above sea level.

Mobiles are so convenient that one can hardly imagine what life would be without them.


Tandy certainly sounds like he comes from a rich family.

Math is fun.

The gate opened all by itself.

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I would like a chocolate ice cream.

After so many dates, they finally kissed.

We're sure we can do that.


That's your chance, Fritz. Take it!

Tommy is interested in many things.

Why are we lying to Revised?

I have a friend I correspond with.


Thank you for inviting me to the party.

Vincenzo and Jelske are the same height.

I think I know him.

I wonder who took it.

She must be over eighty.

Don't waste your money.

Do dolphins really sleep with one eye open?

Had I known his address, I would have written to him.

Heinrich and Dawson look familiar.

Let's go ask him.

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What shall I begin with?

We have to forget it ever happened.

My writing is better than my speaking.

I wish Rodent hadn't told Kaj that I didn't like her.

I know quite a few people who don't eat meat.


Nelken gave me a pen.

I need to help him.

I'm still not sure I can be there.

This is a watch made in Japan.

There are four bedrooms in my house.

I'm going to Paris in the fall.

She stood at the door, her hair blown by the wind.

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Yours is a very strange story.

For your sake, father, I would cut the devil himself into small bits, or even become a devil myself.

Your book is upside down.

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There are a variety of films which delve into such themes.

I can make it.

Bernie seems a little drunk.


It's a very gloomy day.

Imagine yourself in her place.

He's not the same man he used to be.

It would mean so much to us if you stayed here.

The warm sunlight is full upon the green wheat field.

This medicine is good for a cold.

I decided to learn Esperanto today.

I'm a novice at programming, but I learn quickly.

The baby caught sight of my ballpoint pen and reached out for it.

You must be freezing.

That's what you get for giving your heart to someone who never deserved it.

There'll be a new moon next week.

The floor is very slippery.


We were all astonished to hear the news.

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A South African man and his brother helped to start a software company; when the company was bought out, he owned seven percent of the common shares and made a large capital gain on the sale.

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You don't know his city.


Cathy can speak French and German.

When did Konstantinos say Curt was coming?

Thanks! I'll see you soon!

You should be true to your friends.

Markku was twenty-two and certain that he was the next Einstein.

Bobby should've told Ray the truth in the first place.

Sundar stepped back.


Get dressed.


In all likelihood, they'll be away for a week.

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Were you speeding?


Debbie is quite fussy.


I wonder which one I should choose.

This loan will carry very heavy interest.

I got over that.


Tyler invited me personally.

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It rained for three days on end.


I forgot the key to my room.

Justin used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.

I hate these new boots.


Who said you can swagger around like that just because you're one year ahead of me?


The room is dark.

Irving said that shouldn't be a problem.

The children made a giant snowman.


Smoking is not a habit; it's an addiction.

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Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

Our advice is that the company invest in new equipment.

You are truly an antidote for my melancholy.

I hope this isn't a dream.

We caught sight of a ship in the distance.


You also teach her English?

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"Tomorrow your wish will come true." "And what is it?" "Tomorrow you will cease to be a Marionette and will become a real boy."

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Sarah knew that Shirley was right.

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We sent Pravin a copy.

I filled one.

"Do you want something to eat?" "Sorry, I just ate."


There's just not enough time.


Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.

It's nice and warm.

I feel much better now.

As a matter of fact, you are absolutely right.

The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.

By postponing what you have to do, you run the risk of never being able to do it.

Is there anybody who knows first aid?

Now get out of my room.

That isn't what I want to see.


The surgeon operated on her for lung cancer.


They're on pins and needles.

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The rich have many friends.

How can I say that in your language?

What do you think has happened?