Let's wait until he wakes up.

When she comes here, tell her that I forgot to bring the books.

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Hey, give me a break.

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I already told you everything I know.

Come at eleven without fail.

He will forever live on in our memories.

Eating between meals is bad for the figure.

You need to get them to listen.


Ah, you're a true friend.


You should only believe about half the things Moses says.

It's disconcerting.

Marshall, are you looking at my boobs?

Merat wasn't listening to Mahmoud.

Keep her safe.

Can you believe this is already happening?

Raghu doesn't have to help Bruce.


You have only to wait for her return.


Are you looking for somebody?

Why didn't you even visit Germany?

Do you think I'm crazy?


Stop listening to propaganda.

What are you looking for there?

Scores of people came to the concert.

The trees have begun to bud.

I gave the correct answers to the questions.


Come on in. Take your money and make sure the door is closed after you've left.


He found a ball in the garden.

Is Roberta protecting someone?

Can you zip me up?


Are you Finns or Russians?

Do you think it impossible to finish the task before five?

Tell me about one happy memory you have.

May I quote you?

I had my umbrella blown off by the strong wind.

I'm following Kolkka.

My father works at a factory.

Do you want to tell Ramon or should I?

The table is green.


They passed an uneasy night.

I need friends.

He added that I should come to the party, too.


The result was unexpected.

This is foolish.

We are all so simple at heart that become unfathomable to one another.


Real always said he was lucky.

A man who is poor, but independent of other people, is only dominated by his needs. A man who is rich, but dependent, is subordinate to another person, or to several.

The actor used to have the tailor make his suits.

Do I have to do that?

The ship encountered rough seas.


The school will provide tents for us.


He stayed alone.


I enjoyed this book.

Let him help you.

He likes flamboyant clothes.

Tollefsen was elected.

I received a $300 gift card from Pat for Christmas.

I let my guard down momentarily.

Are you satisfied with the political situation in your country?

Some students are not interested in Japanese history.

This is my old bike.


She has a son everybody loves.

I ran away without saying anything because I didn't want to lose our love.

Could you help me exchange some money?

I'd advise you to mind your own business.

Police used rubber bullets to subdue the rioters.

I think we should all go to Derek's house.

I sent Griff out of the room.

The doll lived for a very long time, being well cared for and loved, but bit by bit, it lost its charm.

Raghu seems to have recovered.


Ofer goes to school by bus.

He's very understanding.

Would you like to go to dinner?

Pascal knows where I work.

Sue asked Novorolsky to teach him some useful phrases in French.

It's getting chilly.

Can you turn that down?


I love Leanne.

Marie said he enjoyed his time in Boston.

It's rather cold.

You look beat.

Choc chip ice cream is my favourite.

She went to Italy with a view to studying music.

At what age do children leave school?


I think it doubtful whether he will keep his word.

So nobody bothered about me.

I'll tell him you came by.

English is the subject I have the best grades in.

He climbed to the very top of the mountain.

During our stay in Nice, I plan to go swimming in the sea.

The watch broke down.

Give me some water.

When will you be back home?


You didn't have to be rude to Edmund.


Vickie can bend spoons with the power of his mind.

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She bade me good-by.

All were satisfied.

We offer low-cost prefabricated houses.

All you care about is money.

It was totally my fault.

He became his great friend.

Let's hear what Wolf has to say.

This was the heart of the matter.

I recognized you as soon as I saw you.

Elizabeth found the article interesting.

He is not such a fool as to believe that story.


I thought I'd be fine.

Sid didn't have Micah's phone number.

Is this you?


It's quite safe.

You've done remarkable things here, Guido.

He is used to walking long distances.

Try another one.

Is there anyone who wants some more pie?

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I loosened my shoelaces.

He concentrated his attention on what she said.

He didn't have time to read.

I'll keep this for future use.

And, speaking of the science of Life, have you got the cucumber sandwiches cut for Lady Bracknell?

I'm not trying to tell you what to do.

I haven't forgiven you.


The money was stolen from his briefcase.

You should talk to me, too.

What have you found out so far?

You will need a key.

I don't like the food at that deli.

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Enough! Now you must die.

I have a bad cold.

His way of speaking intrigues me.


Jakob didn't go for the idea.

Watching television isn't interactive for most people.

Don't cave into their demands.

Stay very still.

Service industries include communication, transportation, distribution, finance and a host of other areas which do not involve production of goods.

Let's worry about something that matters.

Come on out of there.

Mwa has done it enough times.

I saw many people hurrying toward the ball park.

The enemy has demanded our surrender.

Leora watches too much TV.

Mysore slept at our place last night.

I can't remember exactly how to do this.

The cost of living has greatly risen in the past ten years.

As soon as their meeting was over, they set to work.

His work merits the highest praise.

Go pick her up.

I am going to swim in the pool.

I'd like an explanation.

This treaty ensures peace.

Don't generalize about an entire group of people just because you had some bad experiences.

Why are you busy today?

Her mother is arriving by the 9:10 train.

Does Mikael have a good command of French?

Maybe we can change that.

You should pay more attention to your own safety.

Don't bring it up.

It is my belief, that communication is a human right.

I'll tell her later.


She was at a loss for an answer.


People have a tendency to underestimate their future needs.

He told me where to shop.

It is hard to imagine a more efficient way of catching food.

I have to leave.

What's your opinion on that?

I just got the news.

I'll teach Ronald.

As the lion is king of beasts, so is the eagle king of birds.

A boss can never become a true friend.


Where is your brother?