Federer held his serve to love at two all.

In a sense, life is only a dream.


History is replete with the stories of unappreciated genius.

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I think it must've been Sekar who sent Miki that note.

There's no way I can handle this by myself.

Dan and Linda began to have sex.

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He stayed at the hotel for a long time.


The goats are in the pen.

Has Marcos found his keys yet?

Cats have pointed ears.

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You should get back home.


The tiny birthmark took nothing from her loveliness.

The ticket is valid for a week.

Clark is one of the most talented people I know.


We have a lot of regular customers.


You're wearing short sleeves... aren't you cold?

We've decided to hire him.

Marcos isn't good-looking.

Rabin accused Gunter of theft.

I will certainly never have a son.


If it had not been for the accident, we would have been in time.


You were working yesterday afternoon, weren't you?


I am fond of the cinema.


Marshall can't be missing.

I had romantic ulterior motives.

I am 12 years old and what is this?


Do you like the poem I wrote for you?

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I didn't want to spend any more time alone.

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He's snoring and we're studying.

How many children do you have?

She gave him all of her money.


I was wondering when you'd get back.

There is an acute shortage of water.

Kylo uses his Playstation 3 as a Blu-ray player.


When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a new sense of common purpose. Yes, we can.


I don't know either boy.

I doubt whether he is honest.

I'm from Saudi Arabia.


How far can you drive on a full tank of petrol?

Dawson got good grades in French.

I had to know more.


He has three dependents to support.

I wish I could tell you the reason, but I can't.

We'll bury it.

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Srikanth and I have been friends since high school.

I was really scared and alone.

I asked him to warm up some tea.

I cannot cook as well as my mother does.

Isn't that what Kee wanted?

You can always text Nancy.

Sjaak knows something he's not telling us.


Do you understand me now?

I'm not here if anybody calls.

He put the phone down in haste.

He reported the accident to his insurance company.

He knocked at the door.

I don't think you have all the facts.

She looked as if she hadn't eaten in days.


To the world has come a new idea.

What a nice surprise!

I was advised not to do anything.

They're a great band and deserve the cash.

Kimmo wants me to throw him a birthday party next Monday evening.


Calm down, and everything will be OK in the end.

Izzy has a very stressful job.

He left the house without saying goodbye.

I switched one off.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

Many problems can occur when employees inside the company are compartmentalized and don't communicate with each other.

We haven't seen each other for a long time.

My only trouble is I don't have a close friend.

Elliott is responsible, isn't he?

I want this cat.

Perhaps we need some help.


I'm not sure if I'm in love with her.

Glenn wouldn't really do that, would he?

I really think I should drive.

Welcome to the USA.

Let me stay.

Can I tell Troy about this?

Marc is quite good at his work, you know.


The movie was quite good.

Tharen paused.

Daryl likes to take walks by himself.

No one was hurt.

He left Tokyo for Europe.

They kissed under the moonlight.

You make me happy.

If I had left a little earlier, I would have caught the last train.

Where's the up-escalator?


Here's what I'll do.


Masuo can bend spoons.


His manners were not those of a gentleman.

He made an endeavor to improve the situation.

I'll talk to you about it after lunch.

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I think it will be easy to do the job.


He enjoys eating ice cream.


After I cleaned the window, I could see through it clearly.


I understand Eddy's point.

What's wrong?

I don't want you to worry about me.


I thought you might like to know that Harry isn't planning on coming.

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The glass is broken.

We are wishing from the bottoms of our hearts, that he and everyone passes the admission examination.

In England they have much rain at this time of the year.

Jane is as old as I am.

I'm afraid Suwandi will be arrested.

The victory was dearly won.

How many wives have you had?

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I'd like to confirm the hour of departure.

She kissed me, not him.

Omar reached for a book on the top shelf.

We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry.

Yakitori is similar to shashlik.


He boasts that he can speak six languages.

He's a plain speaker.

The government is not doing its best to solve the housing problem.


I bet Gerard was very happy.

She aims at becoming a teacher.

It is said that he is still alive.

"I'm sorry for these circumstances" has ended up becoming quite a polite expression these days, hasn't it?

Fishing is prohibited here.


Darryl said no one could help him.

How are Jose and the kids?

It is just to remember god when one is prospering.

That can't be good for you.

You don't have to do that if you don't want to.

I have seen an interesting memorial.

The boy isn't as bad as he seemed.

That's so rude.

We got what we asked for.

Today is my friend's birthday.

Their gloves are not in pairs.


She got the short end of the stick.

Bertrand is a keeper.

Here is Sal.


I never for a moment imagined that I'd be singled out for a full body search.

I was born and raised in the Boston area.

Were you able to make it to the station on time to catch the first train this morning?

English is written with a Latin alphabet.

Brendan has decided not to wait.

I went to the park with Heidi yesterday.

I am a monk.

He raised a weapon against me.

Howard swept the floor with the new broom Bret had given him.

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The main product of the farm whence this watermelon came are carrots. That's why its label has a carrot on it.

Ifaw forgot his bag in the shop.

I will follow you until death, Georges!

Maybe we're both mistaken.

My GPS device was stolen.


He hired a new secretary.

Alfred, King of England, was a great scholar as well as a great ruler.

Dance with angels.

The Princess's horse was called Falada, and could speak.

Could you save me a couple of cookies?

Don't be proud that you have such a habit.

Bradley was a cop for 13 years.