What've you been doing all morning?

The radio is broken.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late.

Mike visited our principal, Mr. Ogaki.

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I waited for my husband till after midnight.

No one told me this was going to happen.

I tried to help Dorian.

And the people? What will they say?

Do you know any good German movies?


I'm hiding from them.

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I'd like to ask you about a patient you treated.


I had a difficult delivery last time.


It's so grey out there that I can't see the mountains on the other side of the valley.


Please give this to us.

Where has Marco been?

You run into Japanese tourists everywhere.

Many thousands on both sides had been wounded.

Did Lana leave Wade or did she leave him?

On his bicycle he can dodge through traffic with amazing speed.

The girl sitting over there is Nancy.

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Heinz loved his sister.

Bush thinks that God talks to him.

I feel my age.


Don't let your mother know that.

Hirofumi is good at his job.

We're popular.


Vincenzo just got a promotion.

He was amused at your suggestion.

Before going to work in Paris I must freshen up on my French.

Kari spent no more money than was necessary.

It might be fun.


Do you still write music?

Man... you are one twisted fuck.

I hope they form an alliance that will endure.


I have been acquainted with her for more than 20 years.

I would die for Hirotoshi.

Kinch pretended not to look.

We found the boy fast asleep.

It's quiet in the suburbs...


Don't take your mask off.

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I don't think I can afford this.

I keep it in the attic.

I'm going to go find a doctor.

If you have something to say, it's better if you open your mouth and say it.

You should look up that word.

I'm not talking to you, I am talking to the monkey.

Don't tell me Kitty didn't tell you.

My wife suggested to me that I take her on the trip.

I thought I'd ask Mats for help.

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Coffee is one of this country's most important products.

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He often worried his mother.

Nothing grew there besides wild lavender.

I felt out of place in the expensive restaurant.


I had to cancel the meeting.

Darin told Karl to shut up.

He is skating.

We've been making music from even before we began writing.

Lenny knows how to have fun.

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Remember to mail this letter.

Stop being nosy.

I hate guys like that.

The pilot worries that takeoff, which is scheduled to occur in an hour, will be delayed due to fog.

Study these sentences.


Nothing comes amiss to him.

Christophe was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

I dedicate this triumph to my friends.

In Soviet times, each government made propaganda.

Shutoku, can you stay still for five minutes?


You should look after the children from time to time.

Where should we eat tonight?

No, not really.

They have five different kinds of horses on their farm.

I don't think I belong here.

This is Mr. Pedro.

Dion will never forgive those who abused him as a child.

Let's build a fire.

I have to wake Kimmo up.


About two miles farther on, the road bent to the right.

Can I drive you home?

Everyone needs to find their own path.

She immediately blushes in his presence.

This fake news story was shared over a million times on Facebook.


What did I ever do to them?

I have to think about the possiblities.

Be sure to drop in to see us tomorrow evening.

He can't run very fast.

Distinguishing Truth from everything else is a theme filling many pages in the history of philosophy.

Mahmud abhors being idle.

She despises Jan.

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Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way.

They accused him of having stolen the bike.

Orange juice, and two eggs over easy.

Now ten dollars buys less than five dollars did three years ago.

I never wanted this.

You're good, aren't you?

A bad wife turns her husband into a shipwreck.


Do you accept traveler's checks?


Mick doesn't like any kind of spicy food.

It's a very strange case.

Should we wait?

My watch keeps very good time.

The storm let up.

I don't want to seem pushy.

Some people say that the theory of evolution is "only" a theory but a scientific theory is something that has been proven to be true.

Do you like this design?

I'm a little bummed.


He is not very fast at making friends.

Words once uttered cannot be recalled.

We'll get it fixed.

Petr and Seenu didn't get along very well.

My father is a good man.

It is becoming important for us to know how to use a computer.

You're going to need an alibi.

This generous offer may be a mere pose.

Micky doesn't want Jinny to touch him.

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He is shopping in a jewelry store.

Randall asked Elaine to buy him a ticket.

There was a shortage of fuel.

There are some technical difficulties.

I remember that Lenin listened to theremin in 1920 (but of course I wasn't there in person at that time).

I have visited Sapporo several times on business.

I've heard that joke before.

We'll leave it to him.

Why didn't you say something earlier?


We're early.

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Catherine told me I was wrong.


He's such a shameless jerk.

Those pajamas are too big for you.

I've always been fast.

I'm really anxious to know what my parents are going to give me for my birthday.

I'm going upstairs to change.


No, Private Jackson, in this army we don't allow unlisted serial numbers.

In my second year of employment, I work for an IT firm.

Honestly, Jared, I can't remember.

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What have you found?

I need to get home.

I was impatient for the game to start.

Lynne lives in a slum.

She gets 5% of my gains.

I wish we could ask him.

Dwight tried to get me to help him.

I've had enough to eat already.

Murray will share.

Do you have any day tours?

I wonder why the bus is late.

You look tired. You ought to rest for an hour or two.

You're going to pay for this!


They took advantage of the stock price increase to raise the idea of building a new factory.

Don't you want me to keep it?

They seemed to think so.

You're a funny guy.

I said I was fine.

This train is bound for Zhongshan Park.

Srinivas didn't act like a normal boy.

I seem to have done something wrong.

Devon will be so proud.

I thought he held something back from us.

I'm Thai.

I can't bear this hurt anymore.

I need him to vouch for me.


Rajiv suggested that I paint my room a light blue.

Father spoke about how important school will be for finding a job when I am older.

Morton doesn't have any choice.

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Did you drink some milk today?


Have I embarrassed you?