You got what you wanted, didn't you?

Lord can afford to eat at expensive restaurants every day.

I'm never going to talk to Bea again.

Tell them we're here.


I would like to arrive.

It's hard to know what to do.

He had an unfriendly attitude.


Publication of this month's issue will probably be delayed one week.


Would you mind lending me your car?

I want Stewart to decide.

How does that make sense?


The new boxer outboxed the champion.

Oranges signify a happy love while lemons symbolize an unrequited one.

We still have to turn the hay and chop wood.

Have you understood everything?

Dan's psychological warfare techniques never worked with Linda.

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The work had been completed before I arrived.


Golf is very popular in Japan.

Hope you've enjoyed your bath!

I'm not completing your assignments.


You must know them very well.

The problem with our plan is not so much the cost as it is the time required.

I really like that.


He illustrated the problem with an example.

Why is Yvonne doing that?

Lorien will be back tomorrow afternoon.

Sid says it's urgent that he speak with you.

Steen lives here.

That rumor spread quickly.

You have a good sense of humor.

Frances will probably buy his mother some flowers for Mother's Day.

I'm going to meet a certain student.

When do you plan to leave for Japan?

Melinda is already in Boston.

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Anything new today?

Every sentence that starts with "I'm not racist, but" is likely to be very racist indeed.

Everyone must learn on their own in the end.

After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

Dan is still missing.


How can I get to the stadium?


Who am I going to eat lunch with?

Tandy is here somewhere.

I need you to help me.

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If I scold you, it is not that I am angry.


He crept out of the room very carefully to avoid waking her up.

There's room for improvement.

I asked for some time off.

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I can see why Dieter doesn't want to go.

Edgar was sitting alone in his room.

Izzy made it look so easy.

Kimberly will never be able to keep this a secret.

Just a minute. I'll see if I can find it in this book.

We can play with the language.

Lum is hardly moving.

We need to reorganize it in order to strengthen our business activities.

Ping said that Dale was drunk.

This is the book I've been looking for.

Go ahead!

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He is off duty today.

What do they need?

That's a real possibility.

Suyog doesn't know how to tie his shoes.

Jwahar is leaving for three months.


Morton says that he's going to read the report this afternoon.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.

I have a foreign object in my left ear.

The roof was torn off due to the strong winds.

I saw the ship sink in the sea.

The phone doesn't work right now.

I got tired.


I must speak to you in private.

She's so beautiful.

She's the assistant manager.


Tell him when you've got it in sight.

I'll pass a very fun, stressful and exhausting Saturday evening!

Wendell is celebrating his thirtieth birthday.

Parliamentary activity has become a political tug of war between the ruling and opposition parties over the issue.

I learned a valuable lesson.

Pedro has a motorcycle and loves to ride it.

I know you probably don't want to hear this.


Only one stack had a real bill on top.

You can't possibly be serious.

Isn't that irritating?

What would you recommend we eat?

Were you talking to me?

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Tokyo is the most expensive town in the world.


That's terribly expensive!

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Nicolas doesn't really expect to win, does he?

Every team was defeated without exception.

She tried to hide her tears.

Can I be of any assistance to you?

I like the color green.

You shouldn't forget that.

Eugene found something hidden behind the dresser.

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Stephe, is that really you?

In Esperanto, green symbolizes hope.

The use of bright colors is one of the features of his paintings.

How much food do we have left?

You're local, right?

"I don't think that's a good idea." "Nonsense! What could possibly go wrong?"

I know none of them.


Children begin school at the age of six.

Maybe we can talk sometime.

Erik was on the jury that convicted Tareq.

Ann won't try to stop you.

You might want to save some cake for Reinhard.

Are you helping Spudboy?

I'll see if Roland is up.


Do we have one like it?

He was convicted of murder.

Organize what you have found.


It's not all that bad.

You should've left him alone.

We learn a lot while traveling.

I ran after him with a pile of papers that he'd left behind.

I have a surprise for her.

You become wiser if you travel.

I don't want to be alone again.

Do you remember talking to them?

I want to know how William died.

Israel was impressed.

Did Kuldip actually tell you that?

I fell asleep in class.

We're wasting our time.

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They won't accept the gifts.

The bullet entered above the knee.

What's your name?

I guess I shouldn't have done that.

I get the picture now.

You were totally right.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Look at me in the eyes.

I apologize for him.

Confinement can drive you insane.

Do any of you know Donnie?

You've been very good.

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.


Are you the new nanny?


Let him carry it.

Our breath has sufficed only this far.

And like many small towns in England, it has quite a long history.

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Let's have a drink first.

Did you argue with your boyfriend again? Well, they say that the more you argue, the closer you are.

Do you really think that I'm going to let you do that?

I'd say you did just fine.

I'm not really mad at Christofer.

Personally, I think it would be a mistake to hire Maarten.

I'll call you as soon as I know.


Daniele looked mystified.

At last a good idea struck me.

The papers say that there was a big fire in Nagoya.


I asked them to call you.

I'm at a truck stop.

Here's your check.


It looked cheap.

Cindie tried his best to help Cathryn.

I waited for her.

Let's get everything fixed here and now.

I have a bad toothache.

I sat before the mirror and wept bitterly.

Blair did that because he had to.

Don't forget about us!

My pet dog was seriously ill.


Chip doesn't want to hurt Pia.

Huashi will quit.

The pencil which writes well is mine.