You can use a cushion that you already have in your home, buy the cushion in a plain color or, make it. To paint your case you can use stamps, stencils, draw letters or numbers or make geometric figures. You can also use carpenter’s tape to create your custom design and paint with different colors of acrylics. Let your imagination fly!

An old sweater or T-shirt can be the opportunity to renew your cushions. You will only have to take a sweater that fits the measurements of the cushion, or buy a cushion wide enough to avoid seams in the corners. Now just cut the neck and arms of your garment, to get a square mold – making sure to leave the seams on the sides. Use the contact glue to close one side of the sweater, put it inside out and insert the cushion, folding the fabric of the edge that remains open.

Start by choosing the fabric and the design. Cut small triangles using a patterned fabric and then a long strip of another fabric that you like. You will need to make several triangles to get a pennant. Now take thread and needle and sew the triangles to the strip you have cut previously. You can also glue them with contact glue. Once the previous step is completed, sew the pennant ribbon vertically on the cushion and that’s it! You already have your craft made.

Customize the covers of your cushions in a simple, practical and fast way.

A cozy atmosphere for the living room with creative covers and edding textile markers Is a modern and avant-garde living room incompatible with a cozy and familiar atmosphere? Of course not! It does not matter if they appear on the sofa, on a futon, or in a corner of the room: soft and soft cushions always represent an affectionate invitation to relax.
Recline on a pillow, snuggle up between the cushions of the sofa or sit quietly on the pillows are those everyday pleasures on which the true happiness of the home rises. And if you are one of those who are not afraid to be creative and original in the domestic sphere, you can use the wide variety of edding textile markers to decorate your cushions and pillows in a simple way. We show you how to do it.
Do you know what it is that you need for a unique and beautiful decoration? Just ideas to create smart motifs and attractive themes, covers for edding cushions and textile markers, available in two tip widths and more than twenty different colors.
For the heart that we offer as a motif, a small piece of cloth with the pattern (remember that you can choose another drawing, the one you like the most)
Templates for letters. In some cases, you may also find the edding 4600 pen textile marker helpful: you have it available in a wide variety of colors

Many times when we want to renew the image of our home we forget elements that allow us to give a special touch to the new environment created. The same applies to decorative cushions. We can change furniture, paint walls of another color, place heavy furniture in different places, and we still do not notice a significant difference in the interior of the home. Well simply knowing how to decorate with cushions we can achieve a different image change without having to make other excessive modifications. Using cushions in home decoration also gives us great versatility, since they can be exchanged with great simplicity. We can use the same cushions on the sofa, in the bed, in a piece of furniture that we have in the hall or in any other place, since they are easy to move.

Another fairly common place where we can use a decorative cushion is on the bed, specifically resting on the sleeping pillow.

Here we must not be afraid to use several cushions mixing designs and colors, since we can obtain pleasant environments. In addition we can also take the opportunity to change the pillowcase and stand out along with the rest of the elements.

The typical furniture where you can place a cushion or several are: on a hall that we have in the hall, a shelf with few books, the desk of our children or even on a small table that we have in the room.