Where did you decide to go?

Are you getting married?

Only one of the boys looked tired.

I'd like to hear from her.

We had to put off the meeting.

I'll see you two later.


We'd better go in there and get Pete.


The game excited lots of people.

I saw that report.

I want to get off at the next stop.

Make love, not war.

I've been patient all week.

He's very likely to be late.

I cut off the head and the arms and the legs.

I don't have any money left.

There's no beer here.

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If you tell your teacher you lost your homework, she won't believe you.

Pandora talked about Dawn.

What didn't you like about us?

You're a good partner.

I've got a friend who works for the New York Times.

We couldn't stay together.

Someone's humming.

Roderick was indecisive.

This is by no means easy reading.

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Billy saved three hundred dollars.


Everybody stayed together.

Where were you sitting?

My brother is watching TV.

The others don't want Stephan here.

Remove the lamp from the table.

How exactly would that work?

Her dress was a prodigious pair of self-willed shoes, that never wanted to go where her feet went; blue stockings; a printed gown of many colors, and the most hideous pattern procurable for money; and a white apron.


Jonathan stopped reading for a moment.

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The outcries of the angels go unheard by ordinary human ears.

I read few books last week.

I guess it's decided.

Does the lady speak Turkish?

I remember posting this letter.


His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.

You're a nerd.

She made a good speech.


I hate to waste time on such a wild idea.

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Do you miss them?


You may think that you are outsmarting the competition authorities but, in reality, you are doing harm to the consumer.

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Cory is really unhappy, isn't he?

Maria is always making hasty decisions, forgetting about the consequences.

That man is mulatto.

The syntax of Python scripts is very simple.

I do not opine that Hinduism is like a messianic complex.

Susie sometimes visits her father's office.

I suppose I should congratulate you.


The Confederate leaders refused to accept defeat.

I know it's my fault.

Masanao jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.

What I wist I told to you.

I don't want her to get upset.


My aunt suffers from osteoporosis.


He was standing behind the door.

I didn't want you to hate me.

Dan decorated the walls of his room with racist symbols.

I spent a one month holiday in Japan and it was wonderful.

Stay in there.

Hey, I got you a beer.

He deals with my company.

He lacks moral sense.

I don't like the way he speaks.

Everyone laughed, including Rudolf.

It's not my fault that I hate them all.

Allow yourself to make mistakes.

I never claimed I was perfect.

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I'm not a snob.

The nurse has very gentle hands.

Nate knew where Pravin usually went shopping.


It is absolutely impossible to do so.


Which one of them was it?


Make a hole in the bone with a drill.

He won a prize in the spelling competition.

There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

We're talking about him.

It's too late for that now.

We need to hire someone with a little more experience.

He is captain of the football team.

I am ashamed to say that the job is not finished.

You'll suffer because of that.

I felt pretty bad.

I need you to sign these papers.


I think that this is a sunny spot.

Let some fresh air in.

George was the high sport of the evening.

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All my efforts were in vain.

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Where is my sentence?

How long was I in there?

Carl started his company three years ago.

Now isn't the time to start worrying.

In Southern China, the qipao is also known as "changshan".

How about a walk on the beach?

Jared made a terrifying threat against Matthew.

Be more careful. You often leave out some letter or other.

Let me check the system here.

You're just pulling my leg.

I can't help but feel like I've forgotten something.

It's a great conversation starter.

Her constant complaints frustrated him deeply.


She boiled the eggs.

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The man said something to the driver in a weak voice.

I saw her blink.

Masanobu was attacked by a wolf.

You should go home now.

We got many grapes.

Some songs come from Scotland.

We'll wait for him.


Let's get out of the rain.


You almost didn't get offered the job.

The three men fought as long as possible.

I can't tell who will arrive first.


Don't do anything until I come.

There can be a contextualization during interviews.

I want to use these.

Can I try doing it once more?

He is a young man passionate for good design, games, software, art and people.

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How long have you been teaching English?

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The fire started in Dan's room.

I'll be late today.

Did you recognize your old classmate?

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Vehicle waiting will be prosecuted without warning

The new President is well spoken of.

Because there's pollution in the cities.

This is the first time I've ever written a letter in French.

The reason he refused your offer is obvious.


Please be careful not to forget to lock the door when you go out.

When I was a child, I would often call on him on Sunday.

The standard Australian English accent comes from the South-eastern part of England.

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Instead of cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

We have a door between our offices.

Can you really learn a language in a month?

I cut class.

Tovah didn't have his cell phone with him, so he couldn't call Pete to tell her he'd be late.


I think we should've discussed this.

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Even beautiful people have problems.

I guess that's final.

How do you say that in German?


She's not at home now.

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Olivier is a graduate student.

I'm very good at problem solving.

She's far more responsible than you ever were.


I wouldn't want to bother you.

She is a psychic.

Did you make any friends?

Did you make your speech off-the-cuff?

My grandfather passed away three years ago.

Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?

I don't often have a chance to speak French with a native speaker.

She came into the room with her hat on.

I don't want to do anything.


I left him behind.

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We don't want to go down that road, do we?

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Nobody can keep us apart now.

That wouldn't help me.

How long will you be in Korea?