The police officer flashed his badge.

He is satisfied with the result.

Did you catch the first train?

I don't eat supper because I want to lose some weight.

Florian didn't respond to my latest letter.

She wants but doesn't need it.


The notorious expression of the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

The sunglasses made him look like an undercover policeman.

They always complain about their superiors.

Have you ever changed your clothes?

This road will lead you to the airport.

Do as you're told.

He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.


Everyone waited.

I'm going to Boston next spring.

Give me something to write with.

Magnus said he really did want to be here today.

Seven days of Saturday is all that I need.


You aren't ready for this.

Tickets are $30 for adults and children are free.

Dan swiftly grabbed the pitbull by the neck and threw it off the roof.

Magnus is just being diplomatic, isn't he?

He looked like he was going to start crying again.


Your room is a pigsty.

The ignored most of Anne's advice.

I don't know what the reason is for his sudden success.

What'll you tell Nick?

No doubt. He's a warmonger.

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Is there something else on your mind?


He is what is called a walking encyclopedia.

He disclaimed all responsibility for the accident.

My best friend dances beautifully.


Amedeo plans to major in biology.


Nobody likes you.

All the villagers went out into the hills to look for a missing cat.

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

I am going to study Icelandic at the University of Iceland next autumn.

Today is Thursday.

It doesn't take Miriam long to take a shower.

Lievaart said he isn't buying it.

She is denying herself sweets because of her diet.

The car is red.

Please ask Earl to call me before 2:30.

Peter's very tall. He takes after his father.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Mysore did a splendid job.

It cost him 3000 yen to have his hair cut.

An ardent affection for the human race makes enthusiastic characters eager to produce alteration in laws and governments prematurely.

I'm going to really miss Kate.

I can understand everything she's saying.

Did Hsi tell you why he wasn't here?

Sorry, I'm not interested.

Iron is a very useful metal.

I'll complain if I want to.

She crumbled a biscuit.

I want to be with you whenever I can.

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Once upon a time everything was better.


The old lady had a cane.

Wait until the crowd scatters.

This is an option to consider.

It's way too cold to swim.

Brad walked into the house, carrying a coat.

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Benjamin is reliable.

Your method is better.

What makes you so sure?


To wherever the wind may take us.


I saw wolves in the Appennines.

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I assume that was Ben's wife.

Hirotoshi tried to hit Pantelis.

Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.

I was surprised by how well Donne could speak French.

The motor does not function properly.


Jayesh is willing to lend us three thousand dollars.

I wanted to talk to you about what happened.

My friend bought the second-best bicycle in the shop.

I wonder how we're going to get this done in time.

I'll see if I can help.

Lou didn't even know Syed had left.

Suffering shared is half as painful.

I'm going to meet Mr Yamada at the Sakura Hotel tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Jeff leaned down to listen.

There is a little money in the bag.

He always remained poor.


Exploring and populating the newly discovered continent happened over the course of a couple of centuries.


Alf can make anybody laugh.

This desk is mine.

That's his business.

I have long been sorrowing lamenting for your woes.

I thought you lived with him.


Rathnakumar doesn't tell stories very well.


They were scared to do it.


Camping is impossible where there is no water.


We can see the whole city from here.

Well then, it becomes a matter of urgent concern to the lurkers of this mailing list whether the guilty party confesses or not.

We are speaking on behalf of the young people of Australia.

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Up to now he had made nine humanoid robots but they were all demonstration models.


I saw you hide it under your bed.

The teacher became a soldier.

I went to his place straight away.


She's never been in love before.

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Joyce has been shot in the leg.

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You did say that.

You don't look very well. You had better not go to work today.

We're losers.


I'm trying to get my children back.

Are you sure you don't want to play tennis this afternoon?

We're all like Seymour.

Kory was taken aback when Jos told him she was pregnant with twins.

I'd have said no.

You are not allowed to leave here.

Do you have a wife?

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The road curves to the left around the building.

He hailed a cruising taxi.

I'm not sure I can contact Walt.


What made you ask Jean-Pierre that?


How do you feel about Mac?

Who have you got so far?

I would not understand.


I'm concerned for Brandi's safety.

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Pantelis was the last person to see Marion alive.


How am I close to you?

Your parents are back together.

Why don't you and Giovanni do it?

This book belongs to you. It is not mine.

It rained for hours and hours.

We'll catch Win.

His answer was not favorable.

Math sucks.

I need a few more days.


I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?

Are you going to sleep?

The man began to take off his hat, glasses and mask.


I'm epileptic.

Ha ha, I just dreamt that I won five million RMB.

During the war, they lived in the countryside.

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It's a pleasure to finally meet.

Many people aren't glad about the current situation of the world.

The scandal ruined his career.

I didn't want Pierce to help me.

I was thinking about going to Boston next month.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the animals are out.

Peter is on the road.

Are you enjoying the holidays?

I think that guy looks like Tammy.

Sanford just told me he was getting divorced.

Mah tried to win Marty's heart.

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Knut passed away in 2013.

Let's hear Stephan's explanation first.

Somebody is playing the piano.

What do you mean, you can't help me?

Don't forget rule no. 72.

I'm ready if you are.

Greek is difficult to learn.


In the heat of the argument, Patrick struck John.

Whip cream, sugar, and vanilla extract in a bowl until soft peaks form, 3 to 4 minutes.

The rules of grammar and spelling have to be broken in order for a language to evolve.

The plane will land in an hour.

I am trying to make it out.


Take the bus.


Turn your face this way.