It came out in yesterday's Sankei.

The Earth is a small but beautiful planet.

I'm practising judo.

She is persistent though she doesn't look so.

I've read the first page.

That's the most important thing to remember.

I like your cat, but she doesn't like me.

I would like to give you a piece of advice.

We don't know what dark matter is made of.

Is Ira serious about this?

I don't know why the management submitted to the striker's demands so easily.

He examined the spare parts one after another.

What do they do here?

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Can't we just ask her to leave?


Do you want to live in Germany?

Do you believe in eternal life?

You're a strange girl.

It took me several days to balance the company books.

Gordon should be punished.

Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

See, that's going to be a problem for me.

Is this happening today?

This is the person they say stole the car.


His study absorbs him.

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My older brother wants to study abroad.

Please correct my sentences.

Everybody leave.

The girls gathered flowers in the meadow.

What language do they speak in Mexico?

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It makes little difference whether you go today or tomorrow.

Who's going to believe them?

Shari told me that he was very hungry.

Someone will see us!

The jury hasn't yet made a decision.

Industrial emissions cause air pollution.

Kylo's got something we want.

With my telescope I can see Jupiter and six of its moons.

Randolph and Erick were both shocked by what John did.

Stay the hell away from me!

That would be extraordinary.

Who runs the fastest of the three?

The fire burnt down four houses in the east of the city.

Helen was kidnapped by pirates.

Please make sure you get to the station on time.

Could you clear the table, please?

Let's just leave it at that.


Tokyo is supposed to be a very safe city.

I bought several audiotapes of folk songs.

In your eyes, I am already dead.

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Since when do you care about that?

Olivier doesn't look like either of his parents.

You want a piece of me? Come on!

Thank you very much for the consideration you will give to our request.

He wrong-footed his opponent.

Are you her friend?

My arms went numb.

Did Roy hit you?

Shutoku had never seen a moose until he moved to Alaska.


We've been very lucky.


She supports the Democratic Party.

Tor didn't even have the decency to ask me first.

It's warm today so you can swim in the sea.


Tell Pat I love him.

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We should obey the law.

Are you joking or are you serious?

Dirk is with him.

Arthur and Jin aren't talking about you. They're talking about someone else.

You can go home now if you like.

I wish I had enough money to buy a house like that.

Waitress! Another basket of pork dumplings, please.

The mail is delivered every day.

Deer were once the main game.

It's not a game.

Whatever you may say, you won't be believed.

The boy has learned to read.

His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.

I want to keep playing.

I've got business with Darren.

Spencer can do it all.

She tried to take down every word the teacher said.

I will write Judy a letter.

Fire is dangerous.

Malcolm doesn't carry much cash.

I have always been very passionate about food.

There were no jobs.

Tuan never visited Masanobu.


I am sorry to cancel the appointment at the last minute.

I'm filling in for Brad.

Isn't that important?

Gene was fired for a good reason.

She took a lot of baggage with her.

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Police are searching for an erratic driver believed to be involved in a fatal hit and run.

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We aren't happy to see them.


Do you know where we are?

I've been waiting for you for three hours!

I was born on 23 March 1969 in Barcelona.


Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

She watched the birds intently and joyfully.

Taro, dinner is ready.

To tell you the truth, I lost your pen.

There's a fountain in front of the station.


We will deliver the products within 30 days after the date of Purchase Order.

Will you go to Tokyo by bus?

I've written a lot of stories.

I really enjoyed the way Daniel played the drums in Katatonia.

My favorite soccer player is Shinji Ono.


We had words again last night.

I am taller.

Toerless pulled a knife out of his pocket.

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Chris didn't have a car.

I would like to change money.

I still haven't eaten since yesterday.


I would like to buy this watch, but unfortunately it's just too expensive.

Let's go talk in the other room.

We need you to work late tonight.

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I made it myself.

Matthew always makes me laugh.

It's only a slight cold.

I don't want to fall behind my class.

She is buying food.

Samir and Allen look so happy.

All of their children were born in Malaysia.


We have to decide today.

Please leave right away.

They went rock climbing.

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Everybody likes French fries.

It was Mahmoud who came first.

His salary is low so he has to do odd jobs.

The electricity is off at the moment.

She is good at swimming.

We learn from our mistakes.

He is quick at addition.

Why would I help her?

I'm sure Sugih is disappointed.


Why go to all this trouble?

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Barney kissed his kids goodbye.


Those shoes are hers.

Claudia is holding a baby in his arms.

This town was named after my great grandfather.

Deborah owns a blue car.

Who'll handle this problem?

Is it close to the capital?

The nuances of a language may seem arbitrary to someone learning the language, but to a native speaker, they make perfect sense.

Have you ever had a narrow escape?

I will buy you a new word processor.

She can say that again!

All the Parisians have gone outdoors.

I told them not to come here.

Climate change is a global problem.

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Gerard is a crusader.

Why's Claudia still doing that?

You cannot be too careful when you drive a car.

My friend seems serious to me.

Vaughn did warn you.

I'll try my best today, too.

Conchita Wurst's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 sparked controversy in Austria.

It is bad manners to make noises at table.

She is a reliable person.


Stop in anytime.

I didn't want that.

He had no difficulty in explaining the mystery.

I told her to sit down and to drink a glass of water.

Have you heard from her?

There are two (female) cats sleeping on the bed.

I want you to remember this moment.


The pizza will be here in five minutes.

I went back to my seat.

I gave Thomas milk and cookies.

Alain doesn't care what I'm doing.

You seem to like fruit.