Lynne wishes for his son to inherit his estate.

Ernie knew something strange was going on.

What kind of pet do you want?

In my family, the one who gets up earliest is my mother.

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You're supposed to come home straight after school. You know that.

Micky could've been a little more helpful.

I'll go on living without you.


Three years have passed since he died.

It's no big deal, you know.

How late did you stay at the party last night?


I like the girl I met yesterday afternoon very much.

You ought to have seen it.

Are you happy with your weight?


Bjorne lowered his voice and told Hillary that he loved her.

Is that as fast as you can go?

He acquitted himself well.

Cris described the problem in detail.

I saw you making eyes at Mr Nagashima.

Sekar won the thumb-wrestling competition.

They said that.

Oftentimes things don't happen as we'd imagined them.

No animal can exist without plants.

She accused him of having stolen the bike.

The problem is Saiid.

I was talking about something else.

How do you know this isn't real?

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We won't hear from him.


I can do it right now if you want me to.


Martyn and Wes aren't related.

Nearly all Japanese have dark hair.

My friend almost went abroad.

I got the chance of a lifetime, and I took it.

Did you understand it?

I don't want him to see it.

I must speak to Triantaphyllos.

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It'll happen tonight.


The policeman asked the girls if that car was theirs.


She was cool toward me today.

Hostilities commenced.

What does Vistlik suggest?

This hat cost ten dollars.

It was a purchase which he could not possibly afford.

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I'm reading a book.

Let me tell you how Kelly and Tricia met.

What a pity it is that you can't come!

His poor dog is still alive.

Derek will be back shortly.

Bertrand is crouched on the floor, writhing in pain.

Judith is in the copilot seat.

Ahmed has been running around the office like a chicken with its head cut off.

I go to church on Sundays.


What he said cannot be true.

I think that they will be late.

Sergio wanted a tattoo that meant "Love and Fidelity", but it really means "Stupid Foreigner" in Chinese.

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In Japan, I often ate okonomiyaki.


That's not good for business.

I speak Irish fluently, but don't use it very often.

They need some direction.

I've seen them all.

Revelation cannot be applied to the relating of facts by the persons who saw them done, nor to the relating or recording of any discourse or conversation by those who heard it.

Tell me where you put my car keys.

I didn't remember this!

He must be worked upon so that his feeling may be made to change.

Roderick is also a vegetarian.

By 1949 Einstein was in failing health. His health was so bad that when offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 he had to decline it.

The Lake Van is the greatest lake of Turkey.


What did you miss?

Kate's dog is white.

What surprised me most was that she didn't like candy.


When will you complete the preparations?

I am not going to betray you.

I'm feeling kind of strange.

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I am the youngest of five children.


Something's wrong with No.

Marian watched the sled dog race.

I'm glad you could make it, Edgar.

Nothing will excuse such an act.

Why don't you tell her?

Don't you think we ought to wait?

Ned brought each of us a gift.


Darcy said nothing at all.

They can't afford to be late.

Why did ancient Egyptians love jewels so much?

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I'm not upset.

In making a decision, I rely not on logic but on instinct.

She told him that she believed in astrology.

What he lacked in wit, he made up for in energy.

Why didn't somebody tell them?

Amir had some really painful memories.

The game is rigged.

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At night, Olof could see the stars through the window next to her bed.

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"You're another" is a hallowed rejoinder to playground taunts.

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I entered my daughter in a girl's school.

Stanly became best friends with Murat.

He gets a good salary.


He was engaged in biological research.


I had my fingers caught in the door.

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I didn't buy that book.

Reiner and Rabin have gone out for lunch.

Next time, don't drop it.

You can choose whatever you like.

I was a slave to the people, and today I am freeing myself for eternal life.

I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy.

You can have this room all to yourself.

If I had known that she didn't know, I wouldn't have said anything.

Now, there's something you don't see every day.

We're torn between going to a hot spring and going skiing.

Sit down and close your eyes.

Anita said that he didn't want to ever see Wolfgang again.

I don't think that would cost very much.

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.

You can give me the details later.


It was canceled.

Patrick works for me now.

Soohong intends to play tennis every day during his summer vacation.

Let's talk about basketball.

How many countries does the Euphrates river cross?


I'm applying for a job.

I have no horse.

Gypsy was in a real muddle over his holiday plans.

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It's unlikely she's as stupid as you think.

The deer ran for its life.

Smoking or nonsmoking?

I can see that he is content.

Sergio is prettier and makes better grades than Alice.

I'm following their every move.

I can't understand the meaning of this word.

You and I seem to be the only people here.

I'm sure Hector will be here.

What do you think it was?

There are no good arguments for the bad persons.


The door remained closed before her.


Hey, do you know it's my birthday today?

The fog is getting thicker.

We'd better finish up this project before the eleventh hour.


John was busy preparing for his trip.

I doubt that he's a lawyer.

Manolis confessed to the police that he was the murderer.


I used to debate the problem with her.

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He was accused of theft.


No matter what he says, don't trust him.


Sally tells me you're a doctor.

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I can appreciate what you've been through.


They have not learnt that they must obey their superiors and respect them.

I want to make sure we get there on time.

Don't try to understand this.

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Let us leave it at that!

Why not let them help you?

I got your letter.


Nikolai shut herself up in the room, with all the windows closed.


The large chain store created a new branch.


Valeria and Ragnar are both wearing black.

Studies have been conducted on people who habitually consume sugar.

I can't leave my family.


I have a bad headache today.

I've had a difficult time after Hon was abruptly torn from me.

No one I know likes Cathryn anymore.