I do not believe that she can speak Hebrew.

He played a key role in the movement.


Go screw yourself!

That tie suits you very well.

The volcano rumbled.

Our house started to shake.

Seymour has a thing for Clara.


In spring it becomes warmer and warmer.

It's been a bad week for me.

My dad keeps on telling bad jokes like: "Are you fed up of going to Fedup's?".


Kayvan heard Shannon scream.

You opened up my eyes to what it's like when everything is right.

Put it out of your mind.


He taught them how to sail ships.

They're not important.

He made me shiver.

This is a nice spot.

I've had enough of this.

What did you tell Naomi about us?

You're not suggesting I had anything to do with that, are you?

She was at a loss for words.

The cat closes her eyes and drinks milk, but the world can see nonetheless.

You should respect the rules your parents set for you.

I don't think it means anything.

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I think it's time for me to speak up.

You won't believe the view from here.

She likes to wear dark colours.

We discussed the matter with each other.

Maria came down from the seventh floor.

What's the fastest way to get downtown?

Of course, a license is needed to operate a crane.

I still have things left to do.

Their job is to add examples to the dictionary.

Vice quickly closed the door.

You should investigate the fact from a medical viewpoint.

Mark seems like a very capable man.

Ricardo is unkempt.


Tolerant reads the Washington Post every day.

Let's come back to the base.

Why doesn't he sit with me anymore?

Ramesh must be around thirty.

Piotr could refuse.

I have difficulty in understanding him.

Elsa is awfully calm.

You should make notes.

I cannot assemble this engine. I have no experience.

Did you see him go out?

There must be a way to arrive at a diplomatic solution.


Jinny knows something's wrong.

Dylan finished his coffee and went off to work.

I want things the way they were.

I'll let you in on a little secret.

Carol threw a pillow at me.

Did Marika understand Japanese?

Dion's computer died on him.


The store is open from nine to six.

The letter was written in the Queen's own hand.

Joseph told Tahsin to lie.

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The play began exactly on time.

What's in the basket?

Maybe it was a convincing argument after all.

You're talking to yourself and about yourself. It's called "projection."

Hats are coming into fashion.

Darrell and Calvin grew up in Boston.

The FBI thwarted an assassination attempt against Mayor Matt Brown.

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We closed the door.

That's all she has.

He's like a brother to me.

You were my best friend.

I knew I was going to win.

I'm back in Boston.

Raphael told me about it in private.

He makes an unfavorable impression.

I don't ski, but I really like to skate.

I am milking my goat.

Laurent dropped out of the competition.


Do you expect me to believe you did this by yourself?

I'm very much against it.

The economy is in dire need of a jumpstart.

I liked what you said at the meeting.

When was the last time you felled a tree?

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He was poor, so he couldn't go to college.

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Del finished his drink.

I made all my family leave home.

I think they will drink elsewhere.

There is nothing as important as friendship.

I'd like to ask a few more questions.


Let me give you a preview.

You're too polite.

This is an elephant's tusk.


Is this chair the same as the others?


Amarth sent Skef's letter back unopened.

Everybody who's anybody will be there.

He has gone to Paris on official business.

I've never gotten a speeding ticket.

What are you going to give Francois?

It looks like the second floor is a banquet hall.

Change this dollar bill for ten dimes.

We will not be beholden to special interests.

She's wearing a hat.

Don't you think you're lucky?

We're both not as rich as we wish we were.

"How is your time off?" "Boring." "My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for! ...Hell, I'm bored too. I'm going to attack Ganon!"

I know a lot about environmental problems.

They'll take care of him.

I'm going to give you two hints.

Who's going to help me wash these dishes?

You can hear the sound of the sea in this hotel room.

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I'm alone here.

We'll make it.

He had a serious illness in the autumn of 1823.

I was planning on going to the beach today, but then it started to rain.

I saw Christine here yesterday.

I've never dyed my hair before.

I'm having second thoughts about that.


Everyone has the right to personal liberty.

You take that back.

We know little of his personal history.

He rang me up at midnight.

The cost of living has shot through the ceiling in the last year.


Laurie's car is parked outside.


I didn't have anything to do with Pratapwant getting fired.

I am planning to make an overnight trip to Nagoya.

Is she more beautiful than me?

I don't take offence at your comments, but really, there was no call to make rude remarks. Let's all be kind and assume good will.

I'll call Amanda in a few minutes.


I went to CoCo Ichiban every week.

I can't draw a bird.

Thank you for the endless support!

I bet that I can finish this task in an hour's time.

It really happened, didn't it?

I could use your help.

Everyone is not honest.

Price heard a big explosion and ran outside to see what had happened.

Andries says he has actually seen a ghost.

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Jill tends to get angry if you ask a lot of questions.

Vincenzo was holding something in his left hand.

Look out for bees.

For one reason or another their holiday in France didn't come up to expectations.

The Karakoram separates China from Pakistan.

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These girls use white skirts.

Raja is the more attractive of the two.

Suwandi saw me give Walt some money.

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Sjaak didn't tell anyone that he'd bought a diamond ring for Tarmi.

The plane took off from Narita at 10 a.m.

Either they go, or I go!

We really enjoyed ourselves.

I want you to ride with me.

Wait here till he comes back.

You own a yellow sports car, don't you?

My teacher encouraged me in my studies.

He has two friends who are foreigners.

Can we go over my options?

Testing Koko's IQ is not easy.

We haven't seen much of Carsten since Barbra committed suicide.

We need some more firewood.

Let me grab my coat.

I cannot bear her endless love.


Jacobson's car swerved into the river.

He will be a Shakespeare in the future.

Mr Togawa was nominated for mayor.

He did serious effort, in order to pass an examination.

Let's not spoil it.


There is a parking lot behind the theater.

His room is untidy.

What was I worrying about?

Mysore wasn't paying attention in class today.

The beggar turned out to be a thief.

He appeared hungry.

First cousins are too close for marriage.


More than 70 percent of the inhabitants are in favor of the program.

Did anybody see you there?

I didn't know I was going to be giving a speech.