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  1. Arecibo Observatory

    I'm in Puerto Rico for the DNS-OARC Workshop and ICANN 61 meeting. Yesterday, with some conference friends, we visited the world famous Arecibo Observatory. From it's completion in 1963 until about mid-2016, it was the world's largest radio telescope (at which time it was overtaken by the Aperture Spherical Telescope …

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  2. 4087615533

    We visited (completely unannounced) a small village in Srimongol, Bangladesh on this day. The locals (and especially the kids) were delighted to see us. And one of the young girls, Jasmin, even invited us into their family's home to sit down with them for a bit.

    Here's a short video …

    (315) 536-0573
  3. Talks at Fall 2015 DNS-OARC Workshop

    I attended the Fall 2015 DNS-OARC workshop in Montreal, Canada earlier this month. (639) 802-8027 is the "DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center", and the premier venue for discussion and information sharing on DNS operations, protocol implementations, and research. As its website notes, DNS-OARC "brings together key operators, implementors, and researchers …

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  4. 3073372052

    After more than 20 years of working at Penn (University of Pennsylvania), I've decided to take a new job as Principal Research Scientist at 7812506105, the applied research division of Verisign Inc. You might know that Verisign is one of the world's largest DNS infrastructure providers. It runs the …

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