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Court is adjourned.


Faroe Islands are still dependent on Denmark's financial support.

It's obvious that Kathy doesn't like Ramneek very much.

We expected the routine, but we got the extraordinary.

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If Joseph goes, I will, too.

I'm not taking advantage of their garden.

I'd like to be in Boston right now.

Let me try again.

I hope these companies will be ready to deal with us in the future.

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular.

My train left at 7 and arrived in New York at 10.

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We'll mail it to you.

He has already started.

The salad is very salty.


May I turn on the radio?

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Bring up a chair for me, please.

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Are you absolutely sure you want to sell your father's guitar?

People regard him as nothing.

I found this column interesting.

I think you should cut Olaf some slack.

You should probably tell Sehyo you can't do it.

It's an old Irish tradition.

I've got pins and needles in my leg.

I'll try to find them for you.

Claudia began to shoot at the police car.


I want to ask you about her.


These kinds of problems are unavoidable.

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He asked to speak to me privately.


what is there to see in malvern?

Mariou is only five, but he already knows how to read.

Bobby handled it well.

All three of them were in love with the same girl.

Don't be naive.


John works hard.

He stayed in London over a month.

Louiqa was hired in October.

When I don't have my cell phone, I feel lonely.

You're terrifying.

He had to take care of his dog himself.

He followed hard after me.


Pickpockets almost always work in groups.


This is my father's.

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I don't want to lose my girlfriend.

Can you speak a little louder, please?

I'm not trying to destroy.


Don't you feel like going to the movies?


Angus and I have work to do.

I love to learn languages.

Linda can dance as well as Meg.

You as well, child.

Ami didn't pick it up.

Are you fond of swimming?

Was this book meant for me?

It's 10 a.m.

I know you helped Mahmoud.

She will cope with difficult problems.

I asked you to leave him alone.

You agree with Shane, don't you?

He was always on the side of the weak against the strong.

There's not much snow on the ground.

Mickey can't hold his liquor.

I didn't know that Warren didn't know how to swim.

I plan to eat as soon as I get off work.

A number of cars are parked in front of my house.

Today's special is fish.

Aren't you in charge?

I can speak your language.

It wasn't a good experience.

We suspect him of telling a lie.


Just wait until tomorrow.


Can you repair my shoes?

That's all I've got to say.

We didn't have many visitors this summer.

Lin hit John and then said that he had started it.

Heinrich made several tries, but failed each time.

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I feel like eating popcorn.

They were interested.

The landlord changed the locks.

I'm only staying an hour.

Could you just please hurry?

I don't know where to buy imported cheese.

Don't make a fuss.

You're not even giving it a chance.

I don't remember when I took this picture.

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Who's your favorite fashion model?

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Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

I hope Vladislav isn't pressuring you to do anything you don't want to do.

My boyfriend seems serious.

Jiri changed his mind after thinking over the matter for a long time.

Have you ever dreamt about Taninna?

I'd call that a coincidence.

One gives away apples and pears, and not gold and green forests.


I thought Tricia had a shot.

Urs tried to make sure that every employee was treated with respect.

Due to his courtesy and his winning smile, Rich gets along well with both men and women.


It may be too late.

He gave a good shine to my shoes.

It's no longer possible to do that.

That's Josh's.

She likes jelly donuts.

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I am in Paris.

Ima didn't like it when Ravindran used his toothbrush.

Dark is an object of fear to many children.

Saul was off duty at the time.

She's terrified of talking to strangers.


We've got to get them talking.


They were marooned on a desert isle.

There's no simple answer.

Taro drew 10,000 yen from the bank.


Are there stars with other forms of life on them?

The Pirate Party could mature into a political driving force.

Spike didn't get married until he was thirty.

Birds are trapped by a lot of villagers.

I hear you've got a new girlfriend.


My brother damaged my new computer.

My vehicle is German.

I've been thinking over the issue for a long time.

At the city center, there are many tall buildings.

If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

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He was the last person I expected to see.

The work is very dangerous.

Something wrong was about to happen.

Bill was careless in handling his pistol.

What do you want to buy?


Should that happen, what will you do?

I loved the fish pie my mother used to bake.

You have just stepped on a hornet's nest.

What should I do with that?

It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

Would you like to hear about what I did last summer?

I've seen an article on the Tatoeba blog about a new version coming soon. Have you read it?

Get them out of there.

I know one thing we could do that might help.

They fought for the honor of their country.

Cristopher didn't want to break Ilya's heart.

Izzy is pretty unhappy, isn't he?

He felt himself lifted up.


I told Roxana to leave you alone.


We enjoyed ourselves at the picnic.

We don't really need him.

Nate would've given up.

This radio is no bigger than a matchbook.

I'll gain weight again!

Ancient manuscripts were copied by hand.

Anthony was allowed to do that.

Rudolf is wrong to lay the blame on Hilda.

There's not enough room for everybody.

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Not only were we hungry, but we were also suffering from thirst.


I'll be ready eight months later.


It was a true story.

Yamada caused the accident.

His pencil has been sharpened.

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Now Marina was a romantic, she had not yet fallen into that passive state of mind which accepts that one should find a corner to live, anywhere, and then arrange one's whole life around it.

I spend a lot of time with them.

What does Clare need to say to get Hitoshi to forgive him?


Looking outside, it's beginning to rain.

When are you coming to Boston?

I actually haven't finished my homework yet.

Allen stood by.

How cold is it going to get?

Everyone had to learn English.

What did Marc say he needed?