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Enfield Council wants to hear your views and priorities as it starts the task of setting its budget for 2019/2020 against a backdrop of needing to find savings of £18 million.

To give you an indication of the scale of this challenge, £18 million is more than our current combined net spend on Housing Services, Leisure, Culture, Libraries, Parks and Open Spaces.  

How would you tackle the challenge? The simulator shows you front line services where the council spends money, gives you a chance to say if you would spend more or less on these services, and explains the impact of any budget changes made. You also have the opportunity to leave comments to explain your decisions.

Show us how you would find savings of £18 million to balance the Council’s 2019/2020 budget. The simulator will give you an opportunity to experience the scale of the financial challenge faced by Enfield Council. We encourage you to reach the full target. We appreciate this is not an easy task, so you are able to submit your budget at any time.

Since 2010 Enfield Council has had to save £178 million because of Government spending cuts and increasing pressure on services. The core funding the Council receives from Government to provide vital services for its residents has been cut by an average of £800 per household in Enfield.

These cuts, coupled with increasing pressure on services from a growing population, mean that difficult decisions are having to be made by the Council on the future of many services.

Much of the Council’s annual budget is ring-fenced for spend on specific services such as schools and housing benefit payments.  As a result, Enfield Council is limited in where it can make savings.

You can also have your say by completing a short questionnaire which is available via the following link:


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