Sophie's finger was bleeding so badly, that blood was dripping on the ground.


I'm happy to sit out here and chat with you.


You should tell Paul he was wrong.


Let's make it 3:00.

Mat might go to Boston with Justin.

Harold is the new owner of Chuck's Bar and Grill.

I saw some swimmers floating on the lake in their life jackets.

I have nothing to eat.

Socorrito says that someday he'll do that.

He works hard so that he can study abroad.

You may see him there.

The post office is just past the bank.

An international marriage is not easy to do by only love.

I hope it's nothing serious.

It's really there.

Please tell Bud everything we want him to know.

Instead of complaining, maybe Kent should just help us do it correctly.

I am accustomed to cold weather.

You don't want to do that.

Nici needs a taxi.

The pain is agonizing.

Raul wondered what Manolis was thinking.


I love talking to you.

Knock on the door.

Give me the file.


It looks like Sedovic's been busy.

They will need credit for their mobile phones.

Heather is a very beautiful girl.


The statement imported that changes were necessary.

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I wouldn't want to bother her.

If you can't speak well of the dead, say nothing.

Have you chosen a major yet?

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This box is made of tin.

How do you make the smoke?

Jayesh left his children.


I don't like this hat. I prefer the gray one.

You should eat something a little more nutritious.

I only use environmentally friendly sprays.


The singer's voice is sweet.


Nothing was stolen.

I can't find a single flaw in her theory.

You didn't have to tell me that.


He will pass the upcoming examination.


Do you know what his name is?

I want you to take it.

Tharen had a son named John.

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We prayed together.

He deceased yesterday.

Theo isn't that much older than Myron.

Can we at least try getting along?

Keep your hands off me.

I'm the one who convinced Celeste to join the army.

Pedophilia is a very serious offense.

It's safe there.

Why live if we're going to die?

I can understand him perfectly.

I'm truly flattered!

I think you did a great job today.

Marguerite is really scared.


These trees will screen our new house from public view.


Maria Callas is a famous opera singer.

Can I have some?

You have to get on that bus to go to the museum.

The more you learn, the more you want to.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

I gathered together my things and put them in my suitcase.

This should be one of our top priorities.

One will be judged by one's appearance first of all.

I urged him to quit smoking.

Beckie hasn't been the same since the accident.

She was an excellent student.

The proof is trivial.

He has a well of knowledge.

Esperanto gives little festive hats to some of its Cs, Gs, Hs, Js, Ss, and U's.

Kate is smarter than any other student in our class is.

I'm going to go get her now.

The notebooks should be put in a drawer.

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He got off the bus.


Do you really think Cris would go out with me?

Meiji was beaten by Keio by a score of three to five.

So what's the good news?


It looks like you've got a green thumb.

Get her out of my sight.

It was hard for me to refuse his request.

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Thank you for clearing the backyard.

You have been such a disappointment to your mother.

I will be bald soon.

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Is Merril more intelligent than her?

Can you touch your toes without bending your legs?

My father's a doctor.

Byron is old enough to drive a car.

They'd better beef up their report or it won't be accepted.

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He doesn't own many books.

Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.

It is not possible to record in this media.

I can't eat this.

He took off his clothes.

He looks as poor as ever.

I haven't called Soohong yet.

Two shirts and suits, please. There's a stain here.

I told you that I wasn't going to give up.

You are funny.

I'll love you always.


We think his last name is Jackson.


Wait until I sit down.


The sun is rising now.

It is truly said that time is money.

I'm racking my brains to find a solution.

It's a TV.

I can't imagine why you didn't attend the meeting. Did you have something even more important?

The teacher has the text read aloud.

But you cannot understand. How could you understand what it is to feel old?

Who said life is fair?

It is also a good movie.

It looks like I lack the capacity for loving two at the same time.

She always wore trendy clothes.

What kind of food do you have?

I like curry rice.

This book is both interesting and instructive.

Is it valid to say that all men are created equal?

An old belief is sometimes still widely current.

That's exactly what you're doing.

You're wasting your breath.

I don't think we were invited to Duane's party.

He has had a long teaching career.

The bellboy will show you to your room.

Let me just clarify that.

Niall couldn't contain his joy.


Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that.


Loukas tried on the shirt.


That just baffles me.

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As soon as Pinocchio was in bed, he fell fast asleep and began to dream.

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I can do it again.

What have you discovered?

We did it.


Until recently, the main function of women was to marry and give birth to children.


Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, has the postal code 8000.

Can't you just be nice to each other?

It's a lot to get used to.

Wait. What did you just say?

Where is your garbage can?


Of all these books, this is by far the best on China.

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What fun is that?

Few people understood his comment.

You should take an umbrella.

Takayuki and Clayton have been waiting for a long time.

He did his duty at the cost of his health.

If you're going to doubt everything, at least doubt your doubt.

Kombucha is produced by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY.


I don't drink coffee.


I wonder where she had her photograph taken.

Today, many people receive higher education.

The ring I gave her had a tiny stone in it.

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She was seduced by Raymond.

Has anyone ever told you that you worry too much?

The clock has stopped.


Laura tried to stop me.

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Damone stayed in Malloy's house.


Can we fix it?