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Where did he come from?

Ravindranath is waiting in your office.

I heard Liza.

I thought I told you to stay in the car.

I wish I'd stayed in touch with Kelvin.

He was bribed by the policeman?! Impossible!

They could hardly see.


Douglas used to work here.

It was a gift.

I am familiar with him.

What do you have to say?

Masanobu whispered something into Gypsy's ear and she smiled.

Vickie couldn't resist the temptation to kiss Carisa.

I'll get them a present.

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Though he's not clever, he's a diligent worker.

For studying abroad, I can't decide whether I should go to Australia or Canada.

Team A lost the game against team B.


Strictly speaking, this sentence is grammatically incorrect.

Helge wants to stay.

He might have lied to me.

It's my duty to talk to you.

Where is Petr going to get shoes that fit?

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The thick fog made it impossible to see the building.


Space promised to come, but hasn't showed up yet.

I need a miracle.

Lloyd shot himself in the head last night.

Life is not an empty dream.

She is a self-oriented person.

Raj doesn't have one of these yet.

We don't make many mistakes.

You should always wash your hands before meals.

May I call at around 2:30?

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You should put those sentences in Tatoeba.

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She tore a hole in her blouse.

I have to find Everett now.

I couldn't keep up with him.

He returned home by way of Hong Kong.

I'm tired of just sitting here and doing nothing.

I'm looking for a room for rent.

Let's sit down and talk about it.

What are you referring to by "relationship"?

I learned French all by myself.

It is impossible to account for tastes.

The bag was too heavy to carry.


I also stopped sleeping.

He made a cranberry sauce to accompany duck.

How much should I pay today?

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Sergei went to the tattoo parlor.

That fortune-teller is no better than a liar.

They know very well who we are, and what we can do.

Eric asked me a couple of questions.

Jones is not the first speaker.

They're there.

They were grieved by the illness of their aunt.

That's probably right.

Mozart was brought up to be a musician.

Dominick started talking to Barton as soon as the door closed.

These flowers can be seen around Hokkaido.


Esperanto's grammer is very simple.

Let me tell her.

Ditransitive verbs have three arguments.

How often do you go to the movies every month?

Duelling was in improvement over the thug-gang skirmishing it replaced.


There's no chance of success for lazy people.

When will you stop scheming?

Who are you to decide?

He likes to just sit around and play video games all day.

Is there anyone here who can speak French?

Please, tell him for once.

Did you ring him yesterday?

Both our brothers are teachers.

Donal's family rarely eats together.

He was slow in putting his idea into practice.

The stars look very beautiful tonight.


What he writes apart from his sentences is understandable, though full of errors and stylistic flaws. But when he tackles writing his example sentences, it's just incomprehensible bullshit.

Bill is as tall as Jack.

It is a hall rather than a room.

Permalinks are basically links to items like posts, comments, etc.

Learn to keep time.

We all want you back.

Your country is already beautiful and it has still a potential to be even better.

Maybe you don't want to remember.

Win fought with all his strength.

I was like Part once.

I had an old wire bird feeder that I used to fill often with a square slab of suet.

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Mike said a few words as a suggestion.

He felt very tired.

If he continues drinking too much, he will fall ill sooner or later.

I never thought of it that way.

Deb looked cautiously over the cliff.

He threw away a bunch of old letters.

Although much research has been carried out into the applications of Emmet's theory, little is known about their feasibility.


Adam is the only one who knows what to do.

We don't have time to do that now.

I would like to nominate Don Jones as chairman.

He is fresh from college, so he has no experience.

That feel when no boyfriend.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

I'm grateful for your help.

I'm French.

I don't remember if Neil's car was blue or not.

Murray isn't as patient as Dirk.

You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

We have a test tomorrow.

There's definitely someone out there.

Smog causes plants to die.

I had a huge dog.

I thought I told you I needed your help.

Ken dare not try again.


I thought we could catch up a little.


I can't sleep well in a strange bed.

Arnold didn't know how to solve this problem.

We have had lots of typhoons this fall.

Were you the one who called the cops?

I fell into a hole.

Dan went to London and married Linda.

Shamim is quite dedicated, isn't he?

Be mindful of your actions when in a relationship.What may seem playful to you could really be harmful to your partner.

She is a speech therapist by profession.

Nelken just wants a muffin and a cup of coffee.

No, I don't sing.

Have you seen Kees try to start a fire?

The boat made for the harbor.


I won't quit until we find out who's responsible.


I said the opposite!

Gideon is the only person who paid on time.

Man, being of flesh, is subject to diseases of the mind and after death, to worms.

Don't ask Alastair any questions about his job.

The choice of place for holiday turned out to be a real bone of contention in their family this year.

When he got to the station, the train had already left.

My father told me to rest well.

Call them this evening.

I can do that if you like.

The epidemic has been contained.

You'll never find it.


I can see how you'd call him a famous personality.

Toerless invited me to a party.

My lungs were screaming for air.

Ronni won't be home for lunch.

I've seen her around.

Jelske is a few years older than Stacy.

The dance had already started when I got there.


Raman is prejudiced.

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A man of sense would be ashamed of such behavior.

What do the papers say?

Stranger things have happened.

Frederic sent a picture postcard to Isidore.

Whose plan is it?

He tried to make up for his lack of sleep by taking a nap.

Christie isn't so romantic, is he?

He took my breath away.

Don't ask them where they are going.

Shows that are broadcast during prime time are not supposed to have content unsuitable for children who might be watching.

I still have them.

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They spoke badly of you, but we can't say who it was.

I'm Francesco.

I have nothing special to say.

I waited up for him until ten o'clock.

The price is low, but then again, the quality isn't very good.

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He has testicular cancer.

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That's what Eugene would want.


It would be better to put his troubles aside.


Was Norm wearing a cape?

I cleaned out the fridge.

I'm happy to report that we won.

I bought a cat at this shop.

If you knew, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?


The woman trying to speak to this boy is a teacher.

Which judge heard the case?

Your medicine is ready.


Did you write down the license plate number?