I'll never speak to Damone again.

My father is a businessman.

You don't have to worry about it.

That'll help.


Kanthan nodded reluctantly.

I must be content with my present salary.

I don't want to get you in trouble.

Wolf will have an answer by tomorrow.

I fear we may have a problem.

This was in Brender's closet.

He pulled with all his strength but the rock would not move.

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List is helping Mann do her homework.

It is because light travels faster than sound that we see lightning before we hear thunder.

The station is between those two cities.

A blackboard doesn't have to be black.

How will this all end?

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What are you doing here? Why aren't you home?

This is my old bike.

I don't know for sure.

Just let it go.

Ritchey looks curious.

No country under the sun is safe in this nuclear age.

She accused him of having stolen the bike.

I should have gone home.

I would rather walk than go by taxi.


He's Taro's younger brother.

The Indonesian government is very unhappy at reports that Australian diplomats have been tapping their telephone calls, cables and other communications.

Jeffery watched television yesterday.

The girl bought milk from the market.

Many scientists knew him.

I'd like to find a way to improve my memory.

I bet Daren never spoke to you like that.


The concert was a big disappointment.


He was excommunicated.

A girl was attacked in the subway. What's the most shocking is that no passanger intervened.

Dan will always be here for you.

I am going to play tennis.

Sometimes I can't really grasp the meaning of a word.

We are brothers.

I didn't care about going out.

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I didn't know you used to live in Boston.

I wish for once I could be something.

Benjamin says that's my biggest fault.

Can we meet a little later?

William has one kid.


"What's happening?", murmured a voice from the other end of the room.

Dark clouds are rolling in. It's going to rain.

I'd better ask Tran.

He jumped off the roof.

John works in neuromarketing.

Sergiu said to stay here.

This is a good time.

Without you guys, my life would have no meaning.

Sanjib hasn't talked to Saiid yet?

Yesterday, I bought a red car.

Get out of the car.

Just tell me her name.

Do you know how to sew?


Jose's voice is so sexy! It gives me butterflies in my stomach!

She will do her best to be here on time.

Juha doesn't want this.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Dori and Barry got married when they were still very young.

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I may try again later.

Your words make me happy.

I need to hoover.

I've been trying to reach Drew for hours already, but his line is constantly busy.

One shouldn't wonder about that as that was to be expected.

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Luc escaped from several prisons.


I don't really feel myself today.

I didn't ask them to come back.

They regarded him as a good scholar.


Roxie has been up to something.

Let's walk to the station together.

Would you like for me to do that for you?

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Dwight told Sigurd that you loved her.

They are running.

It's two o'clock in the morning.

This television set is heavy.

What is the German for 'telephone'?

Sometimes I think I'll never be on my own. Both of my parents always seem to need my help.

That's not even an option.

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With the passage of time, Blair felt less bitter about the situation.

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I had to let him win.

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

Tai made it clear that he didn't plan to go to Boston.

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It's not because I don't want you to laugh at me, it's because I'd like rather to laugh at you.

Among the objects found in the handbag was the photo of a certain man.

You should have come yesterday.


This can't be what it looks like.

When was the last time you talked to Daniele?

I thanked him for his help.


The UK uses more mobile data than any other country.

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I don't talk to anyone who's that status-conscious.

She wore a loose jacket.

The company invested a lot of money in this project.

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Alejandro is very youthful, isn't he?

He had nothing to say, so he left.

Yvonne and Jim have been on bad terms for many years.

Maria looks very pleased.

I started sweating.

A man telephoned me this evening.

I only wish Sanjay could be here.

Well do I remember the night view of Kobe.

Can't you tell me what it felt like?


There are quite a few hotels by the lake.

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How old were you when you moved to Boston?

Kristin is in Boston on business.

Some journalists claim that Russia and the U.S. are in confrontation as competitors in the battle for influence on the development of Ukraine.

I've always wanted to travel through Europe.

Can you meet me in the cafeteria in ten minutes?

One could feel that Mr. Lana Jackson was aggressively anti-American.

What are you doing here? This is my room.

I've never seen so big a dog.

Owen waited for Micheal to say more, but she didn't.

Smoke is coming out of the kitchen.

She bathed her ankle with hot water.

The bouncer wouldn't let him in.

It's sad.

You left your watch on your dresser. I saw it there this morning while I was moving the blankets.

I was just lucky.

I lost another chance.

They have gained weight.

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The problem is whether the plan will work.

"Are reptiles a clade?" "Not unless you count birds and mammals as reptiles."

Unfortunately she only had five dollars with her.


Your effort will surely bear fruit.

Radek probably didn't really mean what he said.

Boredom is the beginning of all vices.

She has a telephone.

He looked for the key.

I went to a concert with her.

Would somebody look after Jwahar?


Let's hope you're right.

You're a horrible singer.

I missed the train.

I'd prefer not to speak French.

When will dinner be ready?

Step 1. Heat the vegetable oil (0.5L) (any grease or a mixture of oil and grease) in the pot on high heat, add sliced onions (400g), fry until the onions take a yellow color, then add meat (any kind) (1kg).

Gordon doesn't wear a hat every day.

Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.

What're you going to do with Carter?

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I'm sure Russ's fine.

Although Eri's suitcase looks heavy, it's actually very light.

They're attempting to contact her.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

I don't think you should quit your job.


Who is that man over there?

Why have you abandoned me?

The huge tanker has just left the dock.

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

There are subtle differences between the two pictures.


After the summit, President Mitterand said that he dissociated himself from the statement.

I'll tell you in a few days.

Naim shut the trunk.

The policeman separated the two men who were fighting.

I haven't decided.


Do you like to run?


I made you wait so long; I beg your forgiveness.

That's quite an accomplishment.

Tell her it's important.


Are you going to be able to do this?

He's got a couple of screws loose.

I'm so tired that I can't go on.

I hurried in order to catch the first train.

Excuse me, could we have some more bread?


Can you remember when the first time you came here was?