I'll be back within an hour.

Sorrel walked slowly around the room.

I didn't know that babies could have political opinions.

The baby is asleep. Don't make a noise.


Almost all dogs are alive.

We'll be friends.

Go and talk to them.


The school custodian cleans the gym in the evening.

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We'll see you next week.


He must love you.


Let me see some ID.

Stop crying. You have to go.

I'll be back in twenty minutes.


Do you promise you won't tell anyone?


This telephone is connected to the fax machine.

Taro, go and brush your teeth.

The apples he sent me were delicious.


Birds are singing here and there in the park.

Wolfgang couldn't think of Fritz without remembering how painful their breakup had been.

Why wasn't Murray here yesterday?


If I told you, I'd have to kill you.


Reid seems to be reliable.


His lack of self-awareness was sublime. That could be either endearing or maddening.

I have so many stories to tell.

Indeed. He is young, but smart for his age.

Somebody ate all the cookies.

Pratt just wanted to be left alone.

He'll never achieve anything unless he works harder.

I'll tell him so when he comes here.


I need to pick out a Purim costume.

I think Joel used to live in Boston.

Jamie says that he has no trouble understanding The's French.

Hundreds of people were killed.

I'm just looking for Glynn.

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I'll agree to that.

Syd didn't go, and neither did I.

I'm really happy about it.

There was a snowstorm is North Dakota.

There were no laws for people to abide by.

This newspaper article is more interesting than the previous one.

You seem happy.

On account of bad weather, we were forced to call off the assembly.

I thought it was an important decision.

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Today is not your day.


She's the pirate queen.

What time do you take a bath in the evening?

Do you still trust Leon?

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Judith is cooking eggs.

Everyone felt sorry for me.

Have you ever basked in the sun of the Sahara desert?

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Charley doesn't want to live with me.


It seems that this time I'm the man behind the eight ball.

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What a waste of your lawyer qualifications!

I love my kids.

Sanford says he needs to be in Boston next week.

We haven't lived up to expectations.

You can finish your essay now.

She watched the gardens grow, and she watched the apples turn red and ripen.

So, why don't you just go?

Can I ask a question?

Let's give it to Trey.

I met Samuel when I was staying in Boston.

Time for action!


Some newer cars can be a pain to work on.

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I speak French almost every day.

Child pornography is illegal in most countries, but Saeb wants me to make up sentences about it.

Raja is praying.

Ritalynne will be missed by all of us.

Don't celebrate too soon!

My father is too old to work.

Andries opened the file cabinet.

I just need to see them.

Wilson wrote the song that King sang last night at the pub.

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I don't ever plan to retire.

Caroline fell asleep halfway through the movie.

I have been reading this for a few hours.

Is Brandy planning to go back to Boston?

Roger asked me why I didn't eat meat.

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Wearing a suit doesn't turn you into a mature, responsible member of society.

It's been three years since Sedat moved to Boston.

Jane is cynical.


I may not be able to sing as well as Valerie, but I can sing.

They came to ask for peace.

Duty should come before anything else.

What's going to happen tonight?

I've got a bike.

Do you want to end up like them?

I miss the high school days we spent together.


I had no idea anyone lived in this cave.

"You know what I mean." "Actually, Paola, I don't."

Kris is going on vacation tomorrow.


He owes his wealth to good luck.

Juergen crossed the border illegally.

They would not believe me even if I swear it is the truth.

Does Agatha speak French?

Gordon won't talk about that.

It seems like her style.

I was nearly paralyzed.

Leo says he met my father.

She always picks fault with him.

It was a quiet winter evening.

Tahsin said it would probably rain.

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I didn't realize till I visited Australia how small Japan really is.

The plane has hit several air pockets.

I put that in the category about memorabilia.

We won't take it.

Terry wants to know when Chet will go shopping.

I feel there is just no way out.

I'm very frightened.

After putting on so much weight, Briggs couldn't fit into his suit to wear to Jean's funeral.

When he opened the door he had nothing on but the TV.

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What was Maryse like before the age of 20?


This is the doctor whom I spoke of last night.


Can you talk a little bit about that?

You're just the person we need.

Mr Jackson has recently transferred to Tokyo from Los Angeles.


I'd say that about covers it.

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Now, think about England and Wales, and imagine them divided into smaller parts.

Jayant is distressed.

This fence leans to the left a little.

I am from Shikoku.

You take my self control.

There went a lot of people in the line.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Germany in 2017.

Randell wishes to speak with you.

God died. We killed him.

It's important to follow a strict diet.

I asked him with good intentions, but he did not answer.

Read it and weep.

Do you play chess?


She often sits there reading a book.


One of these two boys knows that.

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I folded the towel in half.

Let's always be friends.

What are we having for dinner?

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I think Stanislaw is overemotional.


Stop going there.

Roland doesn't like chocolate.

I had barely got home when the storm broke.


That part is good.

You can take it, I really don't need it as much as you think.

Milky Way is a chocolate bar distributed by the Mars Confectionery Company.

I'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode.

Your efforts will pay off one day.

Melinda often drives slightly over the speed limit.

I have no choice but to do what Gypsy asked me to do.

Where's the nearest art gallery?

The divers can gather pearls with no danger.

We won't lower our expectations.

Colossal experience has been gathered

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We've been married more than thirty years.


Ernst invited Scott to his party.


Some believe that Nessie lives in this lake.

How can I tell him what's happened to his family?

Over 100 meteorites hit the Earth each year. Fortunately, most of them are very small.

I'm not sure if it's love.

His secretary can speak three languages well.


She shut the door on her finger.