They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.

Somebody threw a brick through my window.


I don't want you to die.

I have no doubt in my mind that Randolph will show up at the auction.

I can help him if he needs it.

I will fight.

Betty likes to push the limits.

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There was no need to worry.


I have heard say that she will get married before long.


I must buy one.


How are you, Mrs. Jones?

Your age is beginning to tell.

It doesn't sound natural to me.


Now it's your turn.

Stewart was very arrogant.

Elric has been listening.

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Talking of Shakespeare, have you ever read his work?

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This pen is a real bargain at such a low price.

Are you sure we're doing the right thing?

My wife and children depend on me.

Stewart is being sarcastic, isn't he?

Does this building have an elevator?

A well-bred horse doesn't care about a barking dog.

I managed to make myself understood in French.


She picked me an apple.

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Nadeem sent a note to Hon.


He didn't keep his word.


Jeffery doesn't have to be at today's meeting.

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Rob said I smoked too much.


Do you have a lot of time to relax?

That's an old trick.

Benson wants to change all that.

It's not silly, but it's ridiculous.

Ruth will arrive soon.


I don't like it down here.

Let the game begin.

Jose is planning to study abroad next year.

I'd rather not discuss it right now.

I was happy to see them go.

Now, wait a minute.

I tried to talk to Ramiro, but she ignored me.

Can you read this?

I got it for next to nothing.

I know what she can do.

Amanda has practiced medicine here for thirty years.

Jackye is the luckiest man alive.

My grandfather used to make furniture for himself.

Keep the faith alive!

Moran has changed his name.

Stop seeing me as a "normal" person!

If the weather clears up, we'll go for a walk in the forest.

I'm going to give her a bath.

Why don't we have some dinner?

Mr Baker is not so much a scholar as a writer.

There's only a little bit left.

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My grandfather comes from Osaka.

They make decisions on new policy.

We only have enough food to feed three people.

Someone has to pay the price.

I can't sleep on this lumpy mattress.


There's one cup of warm water on the table.

There are no buses and there isn't a sports centre.

The teacher put a mark next to his name to show that he was absent.

They were happy and had many children.

Alf felt reassured.


I will accept the work, provided that you help me.

Double-click on the icon.

Morgan allowed us to help him.

We started our spring plowing early this year.

You can have a ride on my motorcycle.

How soon can you be ready?

Why do we have to help them?

But still you people do not accept our testimony.

She couldn't be sold for gold or silver, so she just stayed there and watched.

I will be happy to go.

She didn't say a word.

I know I'm going to regret this.

Is Russell here yet?

Why do we care about what Louis is going to do?

I will cross my fingers.

Please note the change in the meeting agenda.

Tell him this is urgent.

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I gave that order six hours ago.

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I told him it wasn't mine.

Jacob started to like Marilyn more and more.

We'll order a pizza.

I wish you'd tell me what to do.

I don't think this is the box that this toy came in; it won't fit in.


We're not responsible.

I would like to learn your language.

Where are you rushing off to?

I'll kill them all.

The man is reading a newspaper.

Why haven't you told him?

Genius and madness are separated only by success.


How was your date with Jesse last night?

She was punished for her crimes.

These are wicked times.

The stairs creaked.

Suzan never told anyone about what he had done that day.


The accident took place the day before yesterday.

In order to distract the population from their true intrigues, the politicians devised some half-hearted reforms.

I expect you know all about it.

I live in North Sweden.

The river is frozen over.

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It happens to all of us.


We must keep quiet.


I have to give the money back to Fletcher.

It is better to lie low until this affair blows over.

I heard someone calling my name.


Hon seems to be a good guitarist.

Can you come up with that kind of money?

Pontus has never seen Devon so angry.

Chiyonofuji carried all before him.

The country bore the yoke of tyranny for two decades.

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The capital of Italy is Rome.


Suzanne is curious.

Why don't you give me a call?

Would you rather come with us?

We decided that we'd go in our car and they'd take theirs.

We started to use Windows 3.1 in the beginning of 1994.


Hand me that thing over there.

How did you embody your idea?

I want to be a daredevil.


I won't tolerate your mistakes again.


Do you like apples?

Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.

He goes to a part-time high school every evening in addition to the work he does during the day.


Who told you the story?

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I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of those iBooks and now I got one as a present. I feel so lucky!

Treat the sprout gently, as you would treat a baby.

Please read this carefully.


Can you describe them?

I'm not dressed.

Abortion is an act, a most violent act.

Let's write a book together.

I have tons of books at the office.

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It's not a pyramid scheme, it's a gifting circle!

Alfred answered his cell phone.

For your information, you are no longer welcome here.

Stay tuned. Dan is coming back after the break.

Do you envy your neighbors?


She removed her makeup and washed her face.

That's what counts.

The dog barked at the mailman.

I would like to speak English fluently.

I need a bigger frying pan.

We live on the planet Earth.

You have to ask him first.


It's thanks to the support of my family that I was able to leave that company and open up this new restaurant.

The saddest thing in life is that you have to commit good actions to prove that you deserve respect, but it's enough to make one little mistake to prove that you're good-for-nothing.

She showers every morning.

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The last name Santos is very popular in Portuguese.

Happy Fathers' Day!

This is always a very busy intersection.

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I was confused by the expression on her face.


They just announced that on the radio.

It's too damp in our basement for a piano.

I don't know why I lied to her.